Toy Planes

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Submitted: May 12, 2012

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Submitted: May 12, 2012



Toy planes

I was trying very hard to keep my eyes open but the several nights worth of sleep deprivation was weighing down heavily on my eyelids. Cab driver had already switched on the air conditioning system and the synthetic cool breeze was acting as a catalyst in my situation. I was about to slip away into the world of dreams when I heard someone knock on the car window from outside. I opened my eyes to see a teenager with a set of airplane toys in his hand, uttering words in an alien language. His clothes were looking surprisingly clean and hair well combed. He was not looking older than thirteen or fourteen years but the depth of in his eyes said otherwise.

I lowered the glass panel of the side window. He immediately thrust forward one of his toy planes towards me urging me to buy at least one, almost pleading to me through his innocent eyes.

I said: “I dont need the toy but I can give you some money”. He could not fathom the meaning of my english sentence so I asked the driver to help me out. The driver explained to him that I was ready to spare some money but I was not interested in buying the toy. His eyes lit up and he instantly put his palm forward towards me. I searched for some lower denomination rupee notes in my wallet and pulled out a 10 rupee note.

He happily took the money and moved on with his toy planes to the car behind us. The signal turned green and suddenly a whirlwind of thoughts stormed into my conscience.

I thought “What circumstances can drive you to face the adversities of life at that tender age?” 

“Why was I spared of such a life filled with struggle in my childhood and what had he done wrong to deserve such an existence?”

“Isn’t a classroom a better place for him rather than the traffic signal?”

I felt a strong urge to ask the driver to take the car back to the signal. Isn’t it the responsibility of the elder bother to take care of his younger brother? 

But then I saw the digital clock on the dashboard and it was already 10:30. I needed to be in office by 10:15 for a crucial meeting and I was already late. Hence I pushed the thoughts of the toy planes away from my mind as I needed to prepare for the presentation meanwhile convincing myself with some self cooked philosophies like:

“It was the boy’s fate that had driven him to traffic signal and nobody could really do anything about it.”

“May be his dreams are never meant to take flight just like his toy planes.”


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