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who would you be and what did you say?

Submitted: December 05, 2011

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Submitted: December 05, 2011





how ya doin'? i'm so-so, still pretending to like the kinks and the importance of chinese symbols. thanks for detering those bilingual drunks after the irish got thrown into the paddy-wagon. do you still think 48 hours was enough to make everything last and keep it all together? well, the beach is waiting, i hear polka dots and mountains in the hour glass.

yours from scandanavia,

Helga the stripper.


did you ever see 'the perfect storm'? my beard was represented in perfect cartoon form - three lines that shaped me. so anyway how's your mind? i hear those devils are strong, detering you from remembering that boiling water is actually very hot and you need mittons. plus, man, those spaniards take care of themselves, you don't need me - i'm only here for the free meal.

but best be off,

meet me in the dormitory?

The Cookie Monster, in trust and love

...for now.


i'm plain, i get it aight - but you didn't have to embarress me at that cocktail party with Carol and Lenny watching over your words. theyz all judge me. the umbrella inverted and huge drops soaked through my clear poncho like a plague, man! i have different compartments, you know this. i don't hold doors open for large groups, i don't enjoy it/ but i do dig this and i wanna make it work.

open the door i'm standing and waiting,

ben Plain


how many times can you play the same song? i mean, nuns need variety in their lives/ they can't ride the carousel for eternity/ and plus, two different people can't co-exist in a room where a piano is present. i was polite, but as you know i have a echoing voice/ and i don't wanna hear the song called 'you know the one i always play, everyday' with your head tilted like a concrete gargoyle on a fence post at Mayor Wests. i don't want to be rude, so i put the wrong address on this envelope.

forgive me?

Joe Dirt


to answer your question yes we do have a word for pigtails in german/ but it's the same word for sausage - imagine the dilemma! on the street i saw a coup-la oldies on the Ridlerstrasse buying cappuccinos and instantly thought of writing a few words on a sevillan postcard. do you have a typewriter i can use?

thanks a bunch,

Otto from the Geldautomart


i'm telling ya, mate, i can't get adequate sleep living next to a strip club/ all the shimmering lights from a 12 cm dress always makes the world disappear. tell me what you see in the stars where you live. i'm interested and want to know infatic details. anywho, my suit needs an quick iron so i should probably grab the bleach. skype dinner date soon? i'll bring the humour.

your robed sri lankan,

Lien Divad


when u get bak from Calli do you want to have a cigarette with me in my new bathroom? the builders didn't even piss on mah floor! but in fact i have all new interior now, IKEA gave me the tools so i could take control of my own life. so how are the palm trees? i don't fance retro rollerbladers so much but dogs i can do/ can you buy some pigs ears from duty free at the airport?

enjoy the packet peanuts,

Nelson Mandella


man, i just dig her personality, and their arse's make heads turn double! can you see institutionalised Pete and get an A4 printed image for me? they do it free from four 'till six on a tuesday. but lunch is at five, even though there is too much importance on time all the time/ save me a quarter milk and tell that black rentboy to not put an egg on my head this time okay!

from the bars of sector 7G,

inmate number twenty


howz it garn?

is the big city answering those questions you 'ad about spirituality? it's well cold 'ere, being an inuit definitely has its downsides. like, where are my friends? my parents are stalagmites and tims' tounge is permanately stuck to a block of ice. i'm angry, man/ i think my breath tells me that everyday. i'll use my husky to cruise down to lands end for a coffee and cake offer and then morse code you.

see you january second,

inuit Ian


i wondered whether you knew that sometimes i say 'danke schoen' to people when they hand me a slice of bread. worried still that my sentences are all the words i know in different pieces of ideas. am i crazy or a wizard of pleasantries? how are the italian impressions coming along? i hear they may need interpretive dancers at that massage club in stokes croft. it's seedy but the cranberry juice is free.

send me a penny postcard sometime, cowboy.

Jack K.


don't you dare try and tune me with your words, sir. i don't mind that you are a navy officer, your desperation is clearly transparent to even babies in prams. but i don't have time for this confusion anyway. i just bought new slippers and luke is kind of dead or something.

help me see the light?

Sister Mary


i'm afraid this will be the last time i say goodbye. it's not so much personal, but definitely in your interest. you need to better yourself - run the whole race. i saw you stop and cough when i turned to a street vender. but who am i to talk, i'm the one who poured coffee on you last summer.

still wanna start a watercooler show with me?

mayor west

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