The Power of the Hug

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Submitted: March 24, 2008

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Submitted: March 24, 2008



People always say that a kiss is one of the most powerful thing ever. I can agree but the one things people should know is how powerfull a hug could be.

If you are not satifyed and don't give a crap don't bother to read on. But if you want to know what i have to say then read.

Lets start shall we:

The caring Hug:The caring hug everyone should know. It's where you see someone who is emotionally or phisically hurt and you give them a hug to let the m know everything is going to be fine or because you just care and are worried about them.

The Missing hug:It's like when you are gone for a really long time and you or someone close to you really misses you, and just can't help but to give you a huge hug.

The Hate hug:It is when say you and your enemy act like you missed each other when really you despise each others guts, and you hug to make it seem like everything is ok.

The hug of love:See most people when there in love they give a short peck on the lips or if your a more phisical couple a bit longer, but when doing so you are also giving them a hug. Or when your wrap your arms around someone you love and ask them to never leave you or something, yet again a hug.

The Hug Goodbye:When you are saying goodbye to someone close to you, most people give them a hug goodbye because they know this could be the last time to see them. Or they're just leaving for a long time.

The safe Hug:Say if you were in one of those horror movies where the friends are together and one gets really freaked, someone usually gives them a hug to help them feel safe. That can happen in real life.

Sensation Hug:If you are girl and you are reading this, to tell you, there are guys out there who just want to hug you because they either want to know what it is like to have a girl around them or because they want to feel you against them.

See a hug can resemble more then just something friendly.  I find it equal to a kiss.  Oh and don't think that is all that a hug can mean because there are tons more meanings.

There are some of a hug's powers.

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