Dreams of a Young Girl

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A short story about what one little girl is thinking about before she falls asleep. This will make much more sense if you are familiar with Disney movies.

Submitted: March 31, 2007

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Submitted: March 31, 2007




Her mother whispers goodnight from the door and switches off the blinding white light. The small lamp, used as a nightlight, has been supplied with a new, blue light bulb. Cautiously, she peeks out from underneath the blanket and observes her newly colored room. Ocean waves on a summer day are reflected upon her walls. Visions of a girl with fire engine red hair and a shimmering green tale come to mind as she pictures exploring the hidden cities deep beneath the surfaces of oceans all over the world. Sunshine colored fish with royal blue spots swim circles around her imagination.

Focus shifts to other idols. A blonde beauty wearing a sky blue gown and glass slippers that glisten in the light from the crystal chandeliers dances over pale marble floors that have been polished to perfection. Her dark haired prince leads her gracefully around the pastel swirls that are the other guests. Earthly instruments play heavenly lullabies while the dancers sway too and fro. The two stroll through a garden with luscious, deep green grass and pause to look at roses ranging in shade from the purest white to the most seductive red.

Red lips on a pale, snow colored face rimmed by jet-black hair tremble as she darts through the woods. Nervously roaming eyes seek shelter. Finally, over a mossy brown bridge across a clear blue stream, she spies a miniature cottage. Small men with neglected salt and pepper beards and simply styled clothes made from primary colors play her golden music to complement her silver laughter. They try to keep her safe, but a blood red apple and a gray skinned hag cause complications until the handsome prince arrives under a pale yellow sun.

The sky, burning with reds and oranges, silhouettes a lone palace, stuck in among the murky buildings of the town. A princess with tanned skin and hair like a night without a moon promenades slowly through the palace grounds with a feline whose stripes are the same color as the sunset, dreaming about a glamorous life outside her prison. One night, she covers her billowing, aqua garments with a plain, tattered, robe and ventures out. She meets a man whose skin has been burned by many days in the sun and whose hands are callused from much manual labor, and his scrawny, tawny monkey with an eggplant colored hat.

Auburn ringlets cascading around a pink flushed face gently touch upon a yellow dress. She takes the hand of a gargantuan figure with chocolate fur tufting rebelliously out from underneath his creamy, silken suit. His piercing, pale green eyes are the windows to his kind soul that is sometimes overshadowed by his gleaming, pearly white fangs. A flash of pink and purple smoke transforms him back to his princely form because true love makes everything turn out right in the end.

With images of her future prince charming lulling her to sleep, the little girl isn't scared at all. When her mother checks in on her, she finds her baby sleeping peacefully in the calming glow. Quietly closing the door, her mother locks the house up and goes upstairs to dream of her own happily ever after.

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