A Little Demon Blob

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A little story about the Demon Blob named Zalgo.

Submitted: April 23, 2014

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Submitted: April 23, 2014



There was once a Demon Blob named Zalgo. He was such a sweet little blob, eating and noming on hats cutely. Everyone loved him. But there was one person who didn't. His name was John. John thought Blob Zalgo was stupid and "offensive to christians" for some reason. John started to create "hate art" of Blob Zalgo. Well, you see, Blob Zalgo did not like this one bit. So what Blob Zalgo did was very weird.


Blob Zalgo walked into John's house, looking for hats. He found John's hat rack, which all of the hats were hung high upon it. Blob Zalgo knocked it down, trying to be as quiet as possible so he won't bring attention. Blob Zalgo quicky gathered all of John's hats and left out of his house quickly.

Now John knows not to call Blob Zalgo stupid, nor "offensive to christians" anymore.

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A Little Demon Blob

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