The Mysterious Dog

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This is a Tabloid Tale I had to whrite for school, it is funny toh.

Submitted: January 18, 2008

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Submitted: January 18, 2008



It was a late summer day in Ohio, the year is 1940. A boy named Bill, a 10 years old was playing fetch with his dog. Bill threw the ball in to the woods. Scuffles, that is the dogs name, ran out to get it. About five minutes past, no Scuffles. Bill was worried so he went looking after him. He spent hours out there. After about six hours he went home, no Scuffles. Some say he fell in a hole and could not get out. Some say he was killed and turned into a ghost. Most of them where clueless. Bill put up lost posters for miles, almost to Kentucky. He even had them on the news. Still no luck.

After ten years Bill still on the hunt, he knew he could and will find something to lead to Scuffles. After many, many, many years of searching be for he knew it, the year was 2000! Now this 60 year old man still thinks Scuffles is alive. He lives with his son, Nathan, still he and his son on the hunt for a clue.

50 years after the summer day Scuffles went missing, someone or something called Bill and said “Scuffles…..i…s…he….re.” He was scared, happy, and shocked about that and what happens in a month.

One month later Bill was having dinner outside and heard something, something like a dog. It came running in. It had lots of missing flesh, a missing eyeball and ear, many things was wrong with it. Scared as Bill looked at the name tag. It read Scuffles, if found please call Bill at 5894. On the back it said born in 1935. Scuffles was alive, but how?

Bill went and told his son and when they can out Scuffles seemed to be glowing, slowly he began to heal him self. Now he looked like a new dog.

After about a year Bill died, and so did Scuffles. At the funeral, people clamed to see a dog run around sometimes. Some say that was just a guard dog. Others say it was just the mind pulling tricks, but the people that where right where the ones that said it was Scuffles.

Now it is said Scuffles guards Bill grave 24/7, others say he plays with Bills ghost. Other still clueless. None is sure what happened, but this is going to be talked about for years to come!



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