Sorry for being me.

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I am in year 9 in secondary school and I've had a tough time involving peer pressure and loosing some of my closest friends because I do not follow the crowd.
I wrote this one night after I got upset about a situation that happend.
I previously used this as a project for my english homework.

Submitted: July 10, 2012

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Submitted: July 10, 2012



I’m sorry if I don’t look the part,
I’m sorry if I’m not that smart,
I’m sorry if my hair isn’t perfectly straight,
I’m sorry if I catch on too late!

I’m sorry for not following the crowd,
I’m sorry if I laugh too loud,
I’m sorry for not being a slag,
I’m sorry I don’t try and pounce of every lad.

But wait why should I apologise?
Why am I the one who you despise?
Because all I’m doing is being me,
Maybe I’m not perfect but this is who I’m meant to be!

But do you want to know what I’m really sorry for?
The thing I should have done a hundred times before,
Is to stand up for myself and say what is true,
That the person who should really be saying sorry is you.

For every mean thing that you’ve said,
That makes me question inside my head,
Should I start to follow the crowd?
Because being me obviously is not allowed.

But then that would make me the worst of all,
To drop down to your standards I’d be ever so small,
 I’d rather be hated for who I am,
That loved for something I’m not.

So before you open your mouth, stop and take a look at yourself.
Because not everyone is perfect, neither you nor me.
We are who we are for a reason and no comments will change me,
And now I realise that I shouldn’t be sorry, just for being me.

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Sorry for being me.

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