China and the Magic Step Shoes

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China has wanted to be a ballerina since she learned to walk at the age of two. Nobody believes China will make it until a mysterious ballet group resides in the small town of Tally. Will this be China's one and only chance to be a ballerina?

Submitted: March 30, 2013

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Submitted: March 30, 2013



  China was a nine year living in a period of time known as 'The Great Era'. She had many aspiring dreams, but one stood out differently then the rest. China wanted to be a ballerina. Her parents didn't have the money to out her into ballet classes and they thought she couldn't juggle it between school and chores at home. China knew they were wrong.

  China was going to show to her parents she could do it, even if they didn't believe her. On the way to school one day, China saw people puttoijng a building up. She noticed a large tent with flags flowing atop it. On each flag, there was a small picture of a pair of pink ballerina flats. 

  China couldn't wait to get home to tell her mom what she had seen. Her mom smiled and shrugged off what her daughter was telling her. China insisted it was a sign that maybe they came for her and that she must practice. China's mother told China she didn't think it would have tryouts if there was a tent and that it was probably some show. 

  When China's dad got home she told him what she had seen. He touched her nose, smiled, and then told her it was time for bed. China went to her room but stood by her cracked door. She heard her parents talking about her and China knew her mother didn't believe her and her father only thought it was a stage most girls go through.

  China went to bed that night with tears in her eyes. In the morning, China awoke to find a pink pair of slippers on the ground with a flyer. She recognized the tent on the paper as the one in which she saw a few days before. She didn't tell her mom but instead hidn it in her clothes. She put the slippers in her bag and decided and to stop by that afternoon since it was the only day to try out.

  China couldn't sit in school and when the bell rang, she fled the classroom. When when got to the tent, she looked and saw a bunch of girls she knew. China saw them in their worn out tennis shoes and flip flops, but none had the same pink slippers in which she had. China took off her shoes, and not showing off, put the slippers on her feet.

  She got in line behind the other girls and waited as the line proceeded to fall up. It was almost sunset when it was finally her turn. China walked in and saw a small panel of three people. She smiled and presented herself. They nodded and turned on some music. China spun and danced in a way in which she never had before.

 After she danced, the judges looked at her feet. They looked at each other and smiled then looked back at China. China was given a certificate to join the Ballerina Academy of Ballerinic Arts. China smiled at the slippers and couldn't wait to get home to tell her mom and dad what she had done during the day.

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