Her Unknown Daddy

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Bethany is a 15 year old girl going through regular everyday teenage stuff

Submitted: November 13, 2011

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Submitted: November 13, 2011



Her Unknown Daddy

By: Ashley Barlow


Chapter 1:

I love you. It was a basic lie I told all five of my ex-boyfriends. Now I was single walking around flirting with all the boys I saw. Most of them laughed at me and walked away. Even my so called "friends" walked off on me to hang out with their boyfriends.

It doesn’t matter, though. Davy, Bobby, Kevin, Shane, and Steve weren’t that good. My two really good friends Mila and Kitty told me I was more of a hoe then an actual friend. I did at one occasion try to ask out the ugliest boy in school, but when he said "Yes!" I became kind of scared.

To me, that wasn’t normal. Yet, there was something else. Well, at least I thought there was. Something in my gut kept telling me, or trying to, that something was not right. Was it my weight gain or my obsessive eating? I haven’t really related to this.

The last time I did actually do it was when Shane had come from football practice and we met up at the lockers. Who cares? I just wanted some fun only to find out that Shane had dumped afterwards. Now, he was out screwing the cheerleading squad/

Actually, it started with Davy, then Kevin, Booby, and lastly, Steve. They got what they wanted then left me hanging. I managed to get the pregnancy part out of my head, including the constant eating. So, my list was empty.

I kept sitting there, staring at the word pregnancy. Could this really be happening to me? Well, ha, but no! Five or six times couldn’t do any harm. Plus, after I broke up with Kevin, I started pooping pregnancy pills I stole from people.

I was hungry and this put stress on a fifteen year old girl. I decided to put my mind on school, and work. Ugh! My parents were supposed to kick me out three years later, not before. All they did was just yel at me and tell me what they thought they knew. In my opinion, I thought what they were saying was stupid.

They always told me that I kept letting people "come into me." What exactly do they know? All they wanted was some four eyed, brace girl who was a geek and spent her time reading fiction books! No, I’m a girl who wears half shirts that show cleavage and short shorts that shows my as through the leg part. Yeah, I’m that kind of girl.

I never actually listened to my parents. They tried counseling, punishments, anything that came to their mind. They just needed to let me be. I mean, ugh! I’m just glad I’m gone. Though, the thought of a baby, still haunts me.

I went over to the computer with my food that felt like forever to cook. As I chewed the noodles, the hardness told me that they weren’t done. I got up and threw them away because I know I wasn’t going to eat them.

It was lonely around here. I didn’t feel like the average teenager. I had a low-down house, very little money, no boyfriend to help out, and possibly a child. This was so unfair. Why did I do this?

I had to drop out o school, and my internet hasn’t been paid for so I couldn’t get my online education. What else could go wrong? I walked out to the mailbox to find a collection of bills. As I went through them, I found one from my rent collector. I opened it and read the long letter.

Fantastic! I’m being kicked out. Now what am I supposed to do? My parents kicked me out, I have no friends, and I’m single. Ugh! I have to sell my car. Plus, get a job. Oh well, I hated that rent collector anyways. I got dressed and went to find a job.

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