A Modern Fairytale - For Taylor

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A Panic! At the Disco Fanfic I wrote as a birthday present for my friend Taylor.

Submitted: March 27, 2012

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Part 1


As we pulled up to the venue, butterflies filled my stomach, and I couldn't believe it. Had it really been almost a year since I last saw them? The building flashes by as we try to find a spot. Tons of other fans, proudly strutting their hand-made Panic! Shirts. Their hands clutching their signs and cameras, run in front of the car, hustling to get their spot in line. I look down at my own hand-made Panic! Shirt, with it's lopsided puffy paint and uneven cuts in the soft fabric. Even with its flaws, I loved it just the same. My mom pulls into a spot, and I take a deep breath. I looked over at Karina, who was sitting right next to me. Damn those green eyes of hers get me every time. “Are you ready?” I ask her. She nods her head; we are both very speechless, and I begin to breathe quickly because of how excited I am. I open my car door and try not to slam it too hard; my mom hates it when I slam the door. I look around again-my heart is literally doing flips in my chest right now. Looking at all of this Panic! stuff makes my heart race. Brendon Urie, Spencer Smith, Ian Crawford, and Dallon Weekes are all currently inside getting ready for this concert. They are probably as excited as I am right now. We walk over towards the door in complete silence-this is so suspenseful. My mom hands me my ticket. I clutch it as if my life depends on it; my eyes start to tear up. I am actually here to see Panic! again! I look up at Karina and see that she is also trying to calm all of these emotions as well. We stand in line for hours it seems like. Karina and I make small talk, with a few sentences gushing about how hot they are, but we both know that we are going to have the best time of our lives while crying hysterically.


“Ticket please?”. I hand my ticket to the guy, who looks so excited to be here. He scans my ticket and we are off! The race to get the best spot in the pit had just begun. Karina and I ran for our lives; my mom was lost in the abyss of people. Oh well, I'll find her later; she did bring a book anyway, maybe she'll find a nice bench to sit on instead. The security guard directs the rushing crowd of people towards the arena, “No running!” he shouts after us. Does he really think we would just walk to the stage? I can see the stage in the distance, but I begin to run out of breath. Maybe eating all of that Chinese food while waiting wasn't the best idea. My stomach drops, we are getting even closer. I can't believe we are actually here. The pit keeps coming closer and closer. Thankfully Karina and I managed to become first because, surprisingly, we were the fastest. The stage is right in front of me now, I stick my arms out and the wood just brushes my fingers. I jump forward and I clutch the stage as if my life depends on it. Karina looked over at me and we smiled and started laughing hysterically. We got it! No one is as close as we are, they have to notice us now!


The lights go dim and I snap out of my daydream and start screaming instead. The opening act just finished, now it is Panic!'s turn. I look around frantically trying to catch a glimpse of Brendon or Spencer before everyone else does. Someone steps up to the mic, the lights flash on. It's Brendon! He's actually here! I look around at the rest of the band, Spencer was on drums and Ian and Dallon were still on guitars. They were all so beautiful. I love them so very much and they don't even know who I am. I look up at Brendon, his dark brown hair was perfectly in place, the colourful lights glisten off of his pale skin. The music starts and he opens his mouth, the voice of a god comes out. I start bawling and the butterflies in my stomach begin to flutter so much that I might just explode. Brendon looks down at me and Karina while he is singing and winks. I might just pass out! I loose all the feeling in my body and I just stare at him, crying. They finish their first song, and sing a few more songs from their new album. After they sing for a while, the band goes quiet and Brendon mentions that he has to tell us a special announcement.


My throat goes dry...what would this announcement be? The room goes silent and he begins, “So...you guys know how we originally had band members Ryan Ross and Jon Walker? WELL THEY'RE BACK, GIVE A WARM WELCOME TO RYAN AND JON EVERYBODY!”. Once I hear the news, my knees buckle and I completely collapse, thankfully Karina was there to catch me. Ryan Ross is here, my Ryan Ross! He is my all time love, every time I hear his name I get giddy. I stand back up, and I see him walk out onto the stage, guitar in hand. Ryan is in the band again? This is the best day ever! I look up and see my baby. His brown hair swishes as he moves, and his cute teddy bear cute face looks even better in person. I love this man. The music starts up again-this time with Ryan and Jon accompanying them. Ryan's fingers slide over his guitar strings, man I wish that was my body instead.


After a few more songs, Northern Downpour starts. Brendon comes up to the mic and says, “Now we are going to have a few pretty ladies come up on stage with us so we can sing to them”. I scream and put my hands up, reaching for them. Brendon glances over the whole audience and points to me. I scream and start to cry. Ryan reached down his hand to help me up and I grabbed it. He pulled me up onto the stage, into his arms. His soft skin brushes mine. I looked deeply into his eyes, their hazel tint was shining brightly. He is so handsome. The cheering and screaming from the crowd snaps me out of this surreal encounter. He leads me to one of three stools sitting on the stage, and goes to help up two other girls. A blonde girl with a ton of dark eye makeup comes up next and she sits next to me. “Can you believe we are this lucky?” she asks me excitedly. I couldn't believe it, actually. Ryan helps a beautiful brunette with shimmering lips up on stage next, so far from what I could tell, neither of these gorgeous girls got the same type of reaction from him that I did.


Ryan turned around and looked at me again. He had the most wonderful expression on his face, a half-smile that was quite obviously aimed at me. I looked into his eyes. He quickly winked and turned back to concentrating on his guitar. Brendon starts to sing the song to us, I look over at the other girls, they both look as excited as I do. I can't stop crying. That encounter with Ryan has seriously affected my mind. I looked at the back of him, his perfectly coordinated outfit fit the mood perfectly. Brendon got really close to each of us, I could feel the heat radiating off of his body, I could see beads of his sweat fly everywhere.


The song eventually came to an end. I didn't even realize it, I was completely on cloud nine the entire time. The song was over, and I didn't want to leave. Not now, not after this. Ryan came over to me and the sweetest voice came out of his ever so perfect mouth, “I'll help you down, if you want”. I nodded my head so fast that he probably thought I was crazy. We walked over to the edge of the stage where Karina was, he grabbed my waist, while I put my arms around his neck and he and slowly lowered me down. I caught a whiff of his sweet cologne, I didn't want to let go. My feet touched the ground and he let go. I looked up at him, while he looked down at me and said “It was nice meeting you...” “Taylor” I filled in for him. He smiled and walked back to stand with his band again.


I turned to Karina and we started shrieking, and hugged each other while jumping up and down. That actually happened! Brendon sang a few more songs and then, sadly, the concert ended. “Goodbye, and goodnight to you all! I love you!” Brendon shouted at the top of his lungs. Little did he know how much these two fans actually loved him. I heard a rumour that if you stay after the concert, you will see the band leave in their tour bus and get autographs if you wanted them. Karina and I decided that we would stay as late as we could, we just had to convince my mom-after we found her, that is. We walked out of the concert area, and I called my mom. “Why did you girls ditch me, I thought I lost you,” she scolds us. “We're fine, mom.” I tell her, “We had a great time. Let's meet at the car, alright?”. She agrees, and Karina and I head out of the arena. “I really, really want to go meet them,” Karina sighs, “Oh well, maybe next year. Not all of us are as lucky as you were.” I glance over at her and feel instantly guilty. She's right. Brendon Urie is her man and she didn't get to meet him, I did. I also made a promise to her that I would make her meet Brendon Urie, even if its the last thing I do. “I'll ask my mom when she gets here, Karina. Then if she says yes, we can walk over to the back of the building. Okay?” I offer. She nods in agreement, and we walk out into the huge parking lot and begin to search for a car among fellow Panic! fans.


“Yes, you may.” my mom sighs, “as long as this means you never have to come back to see this band,” she whispers under her breath. “You've got till midnight, if they aren't out by then, we are leaving.” Karina and I spazz out and run out of the car, screaming thank you over our shoulders. We jog to the back of the building and wait with other Panic! fans. A few security guards are posted by the doors, controlling the crowd just in case anyone decided they wanted to sneak in. Hopefully they come out before midnight. Karina really needs to meet Brendon. I wouldn't mind catching another glimpse of Ryan either. That experience was just so...surreal. I can't believe that even happened. Ryan Ross winked and flirted with me.


After about a half hour, the security guards whisper into their walkie-talkies. Is it time? Are they coming out yet? The door opens a crack and the guard talks to whoever is inside. I can't hear what is going on above the screams of the other fans, so I decide to just join in with their screaming. The door opens even more and the security guards push people out of the way. Girls launch themselves at the door, trying to brush their fingers on who was coming out of the door. I can't see the door, the security guard is blocking my view. I shift over to the left a little bit, and I see him. Brendon Urie just stepped out of the door, and begun the walk to his tour bus, signing papers and taking pictures as he goes. Karina pushed her way to the edge of the crowd, shoving her CD in his face, asking for him to sign it. He picked up her CD and took out a fat black sharpie from his back pocket, and signed it. He gave it back to her, and gave her a little hug, since she was bawling by now. I pulled out my camera and took a snapshot of it quickly. She'll thank me later. The rest of the band walked out and continued to their bus. I wasn't as interested as them though. I was interested as to when Ryan was coming out. The other fans start to pile out, since the band was in the tour bus now, they headed to their cars. Little did they know, Ryan wasn't out yet, and he was the main reason why I was staying. I had to catch another glimpse of him before I left. I had to.


We waited for another 10 or 15 minutes, then the door opened again. I stand on my tip toes and, since we were closer, I could just barely make it out. It was, with his brown hair and beautiful eyes, my baby, Ryan Ross. He walks even slower than Brendon did, making sure to sign each fan's paper and take a picture with them. He makes his way over to me. When he sees me and recognizes me, he smiles. Not just a “oh I remember her, she's the girl that I helped on the stage” smile. It was a “good to see you again, you're really attractive” smile. He said hello to me and signed my CD, even though he technically was not in the band any more. He looked at me, looked deep into my eyes this time, and began “Umm..I don't know how to say this..but..I think I noticed a connection between us when I pulled you up on stage. You are the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen and I think we could become good friends, if not more. May I have your number, Taylor?” He remembered my name, he remembered me. He just asked me for my number. I was shocked at first, and very caught off guard, but I got my phone out and gave him my number. He did the same and gave he his in return. I have Ryan Ross's number in my phone, and he wants to text ME. He put his phone back into his pocket and smiled at me again. “I hope to see you soon, and I'll definitely talk to you later,” he told me and walked away. Whoa. Did all of this really just happen? The stage incident, now this? I have his number. What is this nonsense? As crazy as it seems, I am completely okay with it. Karina and I walk back to the car, bursting with excitement, discussing every little detail from that night. We talked all the way on the ride to our hotel room. When we walked into our room, I quickly brushed my teeth and got ready for bed. I crawled into bed, my head hit the pillow and I was out. The bed felt like heaven, it was so soft and comfortable.


Part 2


I wake up to the lovely sound of an alarm clock beeping in my ear. Well, time to get up I guess. Today's the day we have to drive back to Maryland, and I get to go home. Lucky me. I don't want to go back, I want to stay here and relive the concert every day. I hate being in post-concert depression. I was depressed last time I went to their concert too. It was just that good. The whole day goes by, we drive home and drop Karina off, then we are on our way to my house. My mom pulls into the driveway, and I grab my bag. She turns off the car and I open my door. As I step out and shut it behind me, my phone starts to vibrate, I quickly rip it out of my pocket, expecting it to be Ryan. I check the screen, nope. Its only my friend Liz. Why is she calling me? She never calls me. I answer the call with a “hello?”. She screams at me “You met Ryan Ross, but you didn't tell me about it?! I had to hear about it from Karina! Why didn't you let me know when it was happening? I WANT TO KNOW THESE THINGS TAYLOR DAVIS, we are wives, Spanish buddies, homeroom buddies, retirement obese buddies, and you are my spazzy, and I am your ducky. I am deeply hurt”. I say I am sorry, and that I was caught off guard, and I didn't even come to peace with it yet. I still can't believe it actually happened. After I explain this to Liz, and after a little bit of freaking out, she says that she understands and is glad that I had a great time and met the love of my life. I love that girl so much, I swear. I snap back into reality and pick up my bag-which I dropped while trying to get my phone out of my pocket-and continue on into the house. I open my front door and go upstairs, putting my bag into my room. I sigh and look around my room. Why do I have to be back here, can't I just follow Ryan around everywhere he goes?


Later that night, the ringing from my phone startles me and I dive across the room to check it. This time, I can't believe it, it is Ryan. I scream and dance around for a few seconds, then calm down and think of what to say, then I answer it. “Hello?” I ask. “Hey Taylor, it's me, Ryan...Ryan Ross. How are you?” he asks. Just the way he says my name and reminds me of his, as if I would forget, makes me really giddy and super happy inside. “I'm really good”, I answer, “and how are you?” He said that he was really good also. He explained that he loves touring and meeting new people, especially me. He mentioned that he wants to get to know me really well and asked what state I was from. I told him Maryland and he said that next weekend, he would love to try and stop down. I am so glad that he can't see me, because if he could, he would be very turned off at the ungodly face that I was making right then and there. He then asked me if while he was down here if I wanted to “go catch a movie or something”. Of course I would! I said sure, trying to sound all cool and that I wasn't secretly exploding on the inside. We talked for a little while longer, but then he had to go. I now know that being on tour makes you a very busy person. While we were talking, I realized that he is even more perfect then I thought he was. We, honest to God, clicked when we talked. I think he might just be my soul mate. It got late, and I turned off my light, climbing into bed and smiling as I drifted away into my dream world.


I walked up to the mall. As I see my breath in the cold crisp air in front of me, I quickly tuck my hands in my pockets. Today was the day I was meeting Ryan. He doesn't have a large fan base, so it is easier to see him without people trying to stalk him for an autograph. I slowly walk over to the first column, where he told me to meet him. The column stood empty, no man in sight. I look around me, thinking about where he is. Suddenly, a pair of hands cover my eyes. “Guess who?” a sexy man's voice asks from behind me. “Ryan?” I guess. “Yes, its me. Good to see you again, Taylor.” He removed his hands from covering my eyes, and I turned around. I looked up at him, and he smiled back at me. “How are you, dear?” “I...I..I'm good, thanks” I stutter. He called me “dear”. He put his warm arm around me and we walked into the mall. The strong scent of cinnamon pretzels and buttered popcorn overwhelmed me as we walked in the door.


The elaborate movie screen goes dark. I quietly remove my hand from his, breaking the connection between us. I run my hand down the side of my theatre seat, the velvety red material brushes underneath my hand. I raise my head and look over at him, his eyes still fixed on the credits from the movie, trying to find a good time to leave. I realize that during this movie, we had a connection, a bond almost. When I ripped my hand from his grasp, he took that offensively. As if when the lights came on, I didn’t want the world to see us together, almost as if I was ashamed of our relationship. I slowly stand up, the blood rushes to my legs. He is now standing too, and we make our way to the exit of the theatre I don't even know what went on entirely as we watched the movie. Before I knew it, I had already leaned onto him in the first five minutes, then my hand was suddenly intertwined with his. When did all of this happen? We walk out of the theatre and into the mall section. He turns around and tells me “You know, we can't just pretend like nothing happened in there. We have chemistry, there's no denying it. I really am falling for you, Taylor Davis, and I’m falling hard.” With those words coming out of his lips, he leans down towards me and kisses me on my lips lightly. I blush, I'm glad he can't see, and then I kiss him back. I really do like him. I respond to him, with words not as beautiful, but still meaningful, “I want to be with you too.” We walk out of the mall hand-in-hand, and with his arm wrapped around me, we embrace the cold air that inhabits the parking lot.


As the weeks fly by, Ryan and I get closer than I could ever imagine. He is the closest I have ever been with a boy. He is my confidant, the only one I go to when I have a problem. He listens to me, he cares about me, and most of all, his kisses are like little gifts from heaven. Every time he pulls me close, my heart soars and every part of my body gets excited. My mother approves of him, my father even invited him over to dinner one night! My parents actually like this boy, my mother even claimed that if he asked me to marry him, she would let me. I am only a child yet, though! They must really want me to be with this one man. He is great though, if he asked me to marry him, objecting is not even a considerable option. He calls me late one night and asks if I can come over to his tour bus the next day. He says he has a surprise for me, I wonder what it could be . . .


Part 3


I opened the door to his tour bus. The wafting smell of Chinese food and cheese pizza filled my nostrils almost immediately. I look around the room, there is a faint light on in the back, I see through the almost complete darkness. There is a table and mini kitchen to my right, along with the drivers seat. I step inside the bus and I can hear quiet Panic! music. Its beauty fills the air, and it slowly gets louder. The voices from the music sound like they are singing into my ears softly. I turn around just to make sure no ones there and that I am not actually imagining this. I begin to head towards the dimly lit room in the back of the bus. this is beginning to feel like a scary movie. I look around frantically and run towards the mini kitchen, my hands searching on the dark counter for a weapon, just in case. My hands find and rest on some sort of a small knife. That will do. I turn back towards the dimly lilt room and head down the narrow hallway. The light in the room flickers, almost as if it is a candle. The music keeps getting louder and louder as I walk down the hallway.


A loud crash from the other side of the bus startles me, which caused me to jump and drop my knife. I panic and search the ground for my knife, but its not much use, I’m as blind as a bat right now because nothing is visible in this bus. Someone grabs me, picks me up and runs down the rest of the hallways with me. I try to scream, but their hand is covering my mouth. I flail my arms violently, trying to hurt the culprit who wouldn't let go of me. The hallway comes to an end and we are in a bedroom now, the last room on the bus. I can see what looks like a small bathroom to the left of me. The culprit throws me on the large double bed. I look up at this person who might just try to kill me. It is definitely a guy, I can tell by the way he stands and the bulge in his pants. He is wearing all black with a ski mask on, covering his face. "What do you want from me?!" I yell at him, trying to figure out an escape plan in my head. He grins and reaches for his mask.


He begins to peel it off, all while saying "I want your virginity." I gasp as he pulls off the mask, it's Ryan! "What, what is this? Is this your idea of being sexy and spontaneous?!" I shout at him. He literally just scared the living daylight out of me, I thought I was going to die. He grinned again and whispered maybe. I am still laying on the bed, he is standing next to the bed, but managing to tower over top of me. I begin to sit up, and Ryan quickly crawls onto the bed and straddles me. He stares into my eyes and says, "I love you Taylor Anne Davis, you are my world, the only girl for me. I want to be with you forever, okay? I will never leave you and I hope that you will go on tour with me, and come to every one of my shows. The boys would like it too, they think you are great company. We could be like a great big family. One day we will get married too. Just not yet, you are too young, you still need to finish school. But afterwords, we are getting married however you want us to. Will you do that with me?" I look up and gaze into his hazel eyes and answer him, "Yes. with all of my heart, yes!"


He leans forward and his soft, gentle lips touch mine. He kisses me gracefully and smoothly. It's the most amazing feeling in the world. His passionate kisses though are not enough. We are going all the way tonight. I slowly reach for his chest and unbutton his top button of his shirt. Then the next one. And so on until his shirt is completely unbuttoned. I pull it over his shoulders and toss it aside. He puts his hands on my the bottom of my shirt. We stop kissing for a moment and he pulls the shirt off over my head. I look down at my green lacy bra, its a good thing I wore a sexy one today. He leans in again and we continue to make out. I pull him onto the bed and roll over onto him, so that I am on top of him. I am now straddling him. I quickly unbutton his skinny jeans and slide them down his legs, revealing his plaid boxers. He kicks his pants off onto the floor. He reaches up and unbuttons my jeans now, slowly slides them down my legs and I also kick them off. He sees my matching green lacy panties. Thank you Victoria's Secret! He kisses my neck and I can't help but to let out a little moan. I pull back and look down at him. He winks and unhooks my bra, then moves on to take off my panties...


I wake up and my vision is blurred. Sunlight is just beginning to creep through the window and into the room. I look around the room, trying to figure out where I am. I look to my right and see the man that I love sleeping right next to me. Oh yeah. That's right. I put my head back on his chest and, with a smile on my face, I slowly drift into a state of melancholy serenity. 


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