Memories Are Bliss

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A scene that just randomly popped into my head one day.

Submitted: April 01, 2012

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Submitted: April 01, 2012




I opened my eyes and glanced at the clock, 7am. Then I turned my head and looked at him, he looked so peaceful sleeping there. I brushed my fingers through his dark brown curly hair and lightly kissed him on the lips, but light enough to let him keep sleeping. I quietly got up and headed to the bathroom to take a shower. I just could not believe today was the day. I grabbed my towel out of the linen closet and turned on the water. I took my clothes off and stepped in the shower. All I could think about was how today was the day he would leave.

I turned the water off and stepped out of the shower. By now, I could hear him moving around, he must have gotten up while I was in the shower. I put on my clean, fresh clothes and opened the door. A wave of cold air hit me and I shuddered, I guess that's what I get for taking hot showers. I see him sitting there on the bed, shirtless, looking out the window. “What if I never come back? To you, my family, this place...?” he asked as his eyes filled up with tears. I ran over, kissed him, wiped away his tears, and held on to him tightly. I whispered, “Don't worry, I know you will”. I wasn't very good at comforting sad people, but I tried my best. “Don't be afraid,” I continued, “When you come back, which you will, I will be waiting for you, right here, ready to raise a family”. He looked up into my eyes and I looked into his, he whispered back, “Don't worry babe, I'll try”. We just sat there for a minute still in each others arms, then I suggested he get changed, he has a long day ahead of him.


I drove him to the airport. We found a parking spot and got out of the car. As we walked into the airport, we held hands, with our fingers interlocked. I read some where that if you hold hands this way, it means you really love each other and now I believe it. We walk into the airport and our noses are filled with the scent of freshly brewed coffee and we can smell the newly painted walls. Then the reality sinks in. He is leaving and I won't be able to see him for months. I look up and picture him in his uniform, he really would make a great Marine. Little does he know, I am as scared as he is right now. What if he never comes back home? I just get sent a letter and his dogtag and we never have children, or grow old together? What happens then? I think of all of this while he is checking in his bags and finding the terminal. We walk over to the waiting area. I realize it is time for me to go. I look at him and he understands I have to go too. I give him one last hug and a quick kiss, with tears rolling down my face. “Be safe,” I told him. “Don't cry babe,” he said, “I will be back soon and we can be together forever.” I did not want to go, but I had to. My heart was breaking as I looked at him, said goodbye, and started to walk away.


I walked about five feet when I head a “wait”. I turned around and I see him right in front of me. He holds me in his arms for the last time and leans close to me “I love you” he whispers. He then tells me he has something for me. We are both standing awkwardly and a crowd seems to gather around us, who wouldn't love to watch a couple as the boyfriend leaves for war? He then gets down on one knee. My heart is racing because I know whats going to happen next, I feel like I might faint at any time. He pulls out a little black box that, of course, would contain a ring. He opens the box and inside is a beautiful and sparkly expensive looking ring. It is a gorgeous diamond, it is perfect. “Will you marry me?” he asks me in his sweet voice. I respond, “Yes! Yes! 100% Yes!”. He then gets up and slides it on my finger. His lips then meet mine and we kiss for what seems forever, then we pull away. I still don't know if I can leave him. Before I walk away I tell him to write to be every day and he promises that he will. I say my final goodbye and walk out of the airport doors...

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