The Masked Dance - Prom

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A story from about a year ago, so it is not my best work, but I like it.


Prom. The biggest event in high school that always seems to screw some people over. I mean come on now, so much preparation and stress over just one simple dance that you're not even going to remember when you are 40. But then there are some people who remember EVERY EXACT DETAIL of their prom because it was just that awesome. I am glad to say that I am one of those people, one who had the best night of her life. This is my story about the whole event. I promise you, it's not one of those gushy stories about how guy meets girl, they flirt, he asks her out, then they go to prom. and then its the best night of their lives. Okay, I lied. It is that kind of story. Here goes nothing.


Brad looked at me with those gorgeous blue-green eyes of his, blue-green eyes, brown hair, that is my kind of guy. We were just chilling in his house watching the live football game. That is the kind of guy Brad is, he is laid back and always thinks i am beautiful without makeup on (even though i think i look like a man). Prom is next weekend and we wanted it to be really laid-back this weekend so we wouldn’t be stressing about finding a dress or finding a matching tie. All of that was done already. I got my dress last week, a satin blue and princess-y dress. And of course, we got him a matching tie. We are excited to see our friends Taylor and Scott, since they always seem to have fun adventures with us wherever we go. Prom is the time that young girls long for. Dancing the night away with your date that you are supposedly in love with, even if that is not always true. Prom is a beautiful thing and I can not wait to experience my first one.


I wake up to the beautiful sound of my alarm clock buzzing, how lovely. I then remember that its the day of prom! Already! I get up and go take a shower, so many thoughts and scenarios about tonight rush through my head. I always have deep thinking sessions in my shower, now that I am older, I make life changing decisions in there. When I was younger the most important decision I thought about while taking my shower was what song to sing while I was lathering up. I get out of the shower and dry off and put on some warm clean clothes that came right out of the dryer. They smell so fresh and like clean linen. My mom pops her head in my room and asks if I am ready to go yet to get my hair and nails done. I say yes and we head out into the van. We drive to the hair and nails salon. As I walk in the smell of straighteners and strawberry shampoo fill my nose. There was a long line, so we had to wait. I picked up a Seventeen magazine that was lying on one of the tables and started flipping through it. I saw all of the pretty prom dresses and realized that indeed, prom really was today and I am seeing Brad tonight. I love it when I get to see Brad, he just brightens up my day and makes me supper happy. The salon lady then calls my name and I am off to get my hair done. They wash it first and then they seat me in front of a mirror. The lady dries my hair a little, so it's damp and not dripping wet and puts it in curlers. Then I walk over to the other part of the room and they do my nails. After my nails are done, the then have to take out the curlers and put hairspray in my hair, to make it stay bouncy. They pull out the first curler and my hair springs up into a beautiful golden ringlet. They then pull out the rest of them and my hair has never looked so pretty. My natural blonde highlights really came out with this hairstyle. My mom paid and we drove back home in enough time for me to get ready before Brad comes.


I hear the doorbell ring. Thoughts rush through my head, "Oh god i hope i look beautiful" "I hope he likes my hair" "What if he doesn’t like it?". "NO!" I thought and shook my head "he will like me no matter what!". I hear my parents let him in as i anxiously wait upstairs. "Honey, Brad is here, are you almost ready?" my mom yells up the stairs. "Almost" i yell back, still a little afraid to see Brad. I am afraid of what he will think. I look at myself one last time in the mirror, my golden hair is in ringlet curls and my dark, yet elegant eye makeup stands out against my slightly tan skin and highlights my sparkly hazel eyes, my lips shine in the light when i move them. I smooth my dress down and i feel the satin material as i pat it down. I walk out of the bathroom and I think I am now ready to walk downstairs. I start walking down the stairs and then look over at Brad. His facial expression is indescribable. He looks happy and looks at me in a very special way. He looks like he is about to cry, it makes my heart turn to mush and i start to feel the heat rising in my cheeks. He whispers to me "you look beautiful tonight". I whisper back "thank you, you look great too." I am so nervous i can barely talk, but once i look into his eyes, i realize that he really does think i look beautiful. I slip on my sparkly high heels and stand up, still nowhere near being as tall as Brad, just the way i like it. "Picture time!" my mom yells out obnoxiously. Of course, my mom decides to embarrass me in front of my boyfriend, i should have seen this coming. We get our picture taken and head out the door. We walk down my driveway and he takes out his keys to his car, they jingle as he takes them out of his pocket and says "you really do look amazing though". He then kisses me lightly on the cheek. My heart is soaring right now, Brad makes me feel better than any guy ever has. He pulls away and gets into the driver's seat and i get into the passenger's seat and we turn on the radio on and drive away to prom.



We arrive at the hall. Pretty girls in pretty dresses are everywhere, arms intertwined with their own handsome dates. Brad comes around the car and opens my door, its good to know that chivalry isn’t dead. He holds my hand as we walk in, my heart is still racing and i feel warm and giddy all over. I check in my purse and sweater and we head to a table where Taylor and Scott and our other friends are sitting. We talk for a bit and then my favorite song comes on. "Hey Brad, come dance with me, this is my favorite song!" i yell to him over the music. I drag him out to the dance floor that is filled with other couples slow dancing and the song, Lips of an Angel by Hinder, is blasting through the speakers. "So, have you been having fun so far?" Brad asks. "Its been pretty good, I love spending time with my friends and most importantly, you." I answered him. I look deep into his eyes and realize that i am kind of in love with this kid. He puts his arms lower around me and pulls me closer. I rest my head on his shoulder and we sway to the music. "So, i have been thinking" he says "that i really really am starting to like you. A lot.". Did he really just tell me this? I take my head off of his shoulder and look at him, "Like as in love? because i think i might love you too, if that’s what you are saying." "yes, I think i am." When he says this, he pulls me even closer, and we lean onto each other. I look him in the eyes, put my head closer to his and we lean even further. Our lips meet and i feel an electric shock go throughout my body. Is this really happening? Are you sure this is not a dream? He softly kisses me and i kiss him back, gentle at first, then a bit stronger and more passionate. Honestly, this is my first kiss and i really don’t know how to kiss a guy, even though i have seen it in the movies. Just the feeling of his lips on mine makes my heart soar. It is way more amazing then they show in the movies. We pull apart ever so gently and our faces are still inches away when he says, "Yep, i definitely think i am in love with you" as he tucks a strand of my hair behind my ear. The song ends and we slowly go back and sit down at our table, for some reason i cant stop thinking about that kiss... .


Prom is almost over and the last song, Rhythm of Love, comes on. Brad turned to me and asked if I wanted to dance, since it was the last song. Of course I accepted, so we got up and head to the dance floor. He pulls me close and we start dancing. I see my other friends and invite them over to dance with us. We are in a giant circle just dancing and having fun. I look around and see all of my friends, I am really going to miss them when I go off to college. The song ends and the DJ wishes everyone good night. Brad gets my purse and sweater from the check-in while I talk with my friends and tell them bye. Brad and I head out to the parking lot. While we walk to his car, he asks me “So, did you have a good time?”. I answer with “Yeah, tonight went really well”. And I look at him, I can see in his eyes that he agrees with me. “So I have a surprise for you”, he continues, “I thought tonight was going to go well and I got you something”. Oh God, what could he have gotten me? We get into his car and he pulls out a little black box that looks like it would contain a ring. I feel the heat rush to my face, I hope it is not red, that would be a great way to ruin the mood. He looks at me and pulls the box open. I look inside and there its the most beautiful and sparkly necklace I have ever seen. He slips it around my neck, closes the clasp, and says “I really do love you, when I look into your eyes, I feel that I am meeting you all over again. I love you, I really hope you believe that”. By this time, I am nearly hyperventilating. I am so surprised by this all and I can't contain myself. I really hope I don't pass out in his car. I shakily respond, “Um, I love you too. This is unbelievable and I honestly can't believe this is happening right now. I do believe you love me, I can see it in your eyes”. We just look at each other for another minute and start to lean in, again. Two kisses in one night, this just might be my best day ever! Our lips met and this kiss wasn't gentle at all. It was very passionate and rough, but it was still nice and amazing. His lips were so soft and he smelled so sweet, sort of like axe, but it was the perfect amount, not too overwhelming. We pulled away and started the car and drove off.


We pull up to my house. “I don't want to go to sleep and have this night end” I told him. “Yeah I know, me neither, but I promise I will text you in the morning” he told me. “Alright, that works.” “I'll walk you to your door”, he continued. We both opened our car doors and got out. He walked with me up my driveway and told me goodnight. I kissed him on the cheek and told him “Goodnight, I'll talk to you in the morning”. I then opened my door and turned on the light, I waved to him and smiled. He walked back to his car and drove away. After he left, I screamed at the top of my lungs with joy, it's a good thing my parents aren't home. I walked in my kitchen and my bunnies were scared because of my scream, oops. I set my stuff down on the table and walked upstairs. I closed my door and leaned against the wall, I slid down until I was sitting on the floor, I started crying, but with tears of joy. I couldn't believe all of this happened tonight, it was like a fairytale. I looked in the mirror to see how bad I looked, and surprisingly, my hair and makeup are still in tact. I take off my dress and put on a tank and some shorts, the perfect sleeping clothes. I then put my hair up and wash my face. I then turned out the light and got into bed. What a great day, I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings me...

Submitted: April 01, 2012

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