Fades To Black

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Sink your teeth into this....

Table of Contents

Fades To Black

Sink your teeth into this.... Read Chapter

We used to think we were the hunter's and he our prey. Fools. Today, I'd worn a thin white shirt over my new bra, unbuttoned a little far... Read Chapter

A lifeless drone, so seeped in dept and disappointment that I'd stop allowing any reactions; I simply carried on. Work. Home. Eat. Sleep.... Read Chapter


"That is the reason she refused me." He confirmed, with a lift of his glass. "but you won't refuse me, will you?" "Immortality doesn'... Read Chapter


And then, I nearly lost consciousness. I tingled all over, felt light-headed, euphoric. I've never felt so much at peace, and yet so high... Read Chapter


Soul for my soul. I know the Shelley poem, the authors fixation with a lover. I also knew the reality behind the poem. Shelley had fallen... Read Chapter


I woke up in the dark. So dark I couldn't see anything. I could feel that I was in bed, in a cotton gown, but not my bed nor my gown. Hos... Read Chapter