Desire to Hope

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A young adult on his way to an emotional decline finds himself stumbling through his past, present and future to try and discover who he is.

Submitted: August 14, 2010

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Submitted: August 14, 2010



A sound woke him from his slumber, a vibration that he swore came from a distant world but then the familiar ringtone of a message rang through the air. His tired eyes peering through darkness, he grasped the phone on his bed head.
“Hey John what u up to? I was juz thinking about u and wondering if u want to hang out 2night?”
It was a girl he’d been seeing, another meaningless girl in his bleak existence. John had been through the motions before, dating them for a while; seeing their flaws, seeing how they weren’t compatible, seeing how they fought.

Not this time, he was just seeing this girl for the emotionless sex. The nights of carnal pleasure were a memory that brought a smile to his face and one he wouldn’t soon forget. But it didn’t matter how many night’s he spent in the comfort of another girl’s bed, nothing could get his mind off one woman. He had loved her and that was probably what had scared him the most. He had scared himself and broken up with her all because he was scared of how she made him feel.
He let out a low moan, rolled onto his side, his fingers moving with the dexterity of his generation.

“Sure babe, I’ll b over in 30” He threw the phone back onto the bed head and sat up.

What time was it? He thought to himself. Looking over at the curtains he saw the sun-light creep out the edges flickering with the movement of the tree outside his window. His nights were long recently, he found himself falling asleep when the rest of the world was starting to wake.  Sliding on his jeans, the same pair of pants he’d been wearing for 3 days now.

He touched the panel on the bottom of his computer screen, the display coming to life.

3pm. He’d slept all day.

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