Aqua Daughter

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
My first ballad...and also the first poem I have ever written that I was really proud of!

Submitted: August 15, 2012

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Submitted: August 15, 2012



Aqua Daughter

Drips of time are slowly dripping
An hourglass of mystic water
A tension in the droplets, quite so gripping
A serenade of tune
Came from the Mystic Aqua Daughter

Floating in the swaying blue
A laugh of sureal serenity
Vanished into submerged subdue
Into mystic blue infinity

An underwater wasteland
of sights so pleasently disturbing
and the Aqua Daughter
swiftly into the misty blue, is blurring

Gliding through the dark blue shadow
Unknown dangers dwell beyond
But seldom is the Aqua Daughter
Intimidated and eager to respond

The brightness of a radiant lagoon is seen
The fiery radience of the sunshine shore
And the Aqua Daughter dashes from under
Blasting through the silky blue
Tiny crystals of sun-filled colours, gracefully galore

Her silver hair with grace had swished
And her emerald eyes had brightened
As a surf of water, upon the shore unleashed,
her reverant beauty, deliriously sanctioned
awe and wonder of her presence

She swayed upon the sun-filled water
In the brightness of the day
And the pale, pink skin of the Aqua Daughter
Glistened and the sun reflected, as she lay

A crimson charm upon her breast
It sparkled upon the beaming sky
With such a treasure she was blessed
A token of the heavens, beyond her heart, so high

She sang in hypnotic trance
A serenade of pure seduction
Her voice was as soft as cotton
To hear it once, was an addiction
A sound of pure serenity, not soon forgotten

A smile of delighted pleasure
As the waves hit of her feet
She lay there on the blue in leisure
As the sun shone in deceit

For it would soon be setting
and the waters shall turn murk
A place not suited for the Aqua Daughter
The misty gales will soon prevail,
and peaceful waves shall go berserk

The Aqua Daughter dives again
Into the blackness of the deeps
Through the blue-black shadows
Her timeless waters, again she seeks

Her emerald eyes now shine in the darkness
Her crimson charm, bound to her breast
But a sad reef upon the water depth
Strikes the maiden in the darkness
And ripps the charm off, of her chest

Unnoticed it floats toward the blackness
It shall reside there, forever more
It's Loss, shall cause the Aqua Daughter
A frenzy of despair and madness

She now sways in her timeless waters
Regret is weighing down her soul
Sadness shall not overcome the Aqua Daughter
For the sun will shine again,

In the lagoon she shall lie again
In the radiance of the sky
In that lagoon under the misty glen
where her heart goes up so high

Floating in the swaying blue
A laugh of sureal serenity
Lying in the submerged subdue
In the mystic blue infinity

Drips of time are slowly dripping
A cove of mystic water
Smiling as the waves stroked her presence, never sleeping
A serenade of tune
Came from the Mystic Aqua Daughter


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