Beware, My Son

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Not entirely sure how I thought of this one...but it has a good rhythm! :)

Submitted: August 15, 2012

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Submitted: August 15, 2012



A man dies but once, a wise man said some time ago
A man lives but once, yes, a blade had proved me so
Yet when he's leaving, forever to be dwelling, far away
Nor dreams nor tears nor yelling, do not your soul be selling
The Devil is a clever beast, naught could bring them back nor make them stay

Yet temptation is persuasive, your anger not evasive
Feelings that go wild, tear the skies however mild, they may be
Hope your hope the heavens reached, beg, the Angels do beseech
Ask them for another chance, may they upon your sadness glance
And even if they answer nay, important reasons of their own they say
Leave not your pride nor dignity, they refused had thee, to other Gods you'll pray

For they may grant your vision, and help you make the just, the right decision
You shall ask and plead, until a deal's agreed, yet broken it can be not, a mortal man's deed
Yet there may be a price, for free there is no sacrifice, ye must pay the dead man's fee
For every soul that's gained, a soul must be banished, slayed!
To replace the one that vanished, a curse upon it brandished, for the fee has to be payed

And if the deed is failed, your courage not prevailed, a soul too many dwells
All hell shall break loose and free, bring their misery upon thee, and devour all your memory
You shall be lost amongst them, you shall walk amongst them, and loose your ability to see
For you shall be blind, you found your courage hard to find, useless sight is, appearently
And your false gods will grin, they care not for sin, only a favour to be repayed, within

For punishment is not for pain, it is for you to something gain, to remember, to feel ashamed
And to give you time, to think about your crime, and all the mistakes you've made
Then, when your soul is finnaly let free, released from all your misery, you will die
Prepare for death and eternal doom, you're screaming not, but you will soon, beware my son

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