Imaginary Thoughts

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Sometimes, thoughts and dreams are so bizzare that they are entertaining.

Submitted: August 15, 2012

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Submitted: August 15, 2012



Place your heart within your soul
Never let it die
Let it shield you, let it cloak
Your heart which is inside

Feel the warmth of fear within
As the arrows pierce the veil
Lit with fire, hate and wrath and sin
The morning sky is blackened, shut, as upon us arrows hail

And that morning I awaken
My skin if filled with steel
And the blood I never knew I had
It makes it it's ordeal

I stand, arisen, amongst the bodies of my friends
They all are just the same as I
Yet I am different still, in ways I wish forget
But standing still is all I do, and sometimes, rarely, sigh

I stand in a baren desert
Sand and sand is all I see
A snake upon a snake of hills
It is the horizon that I seek

Place your soul within your lust
Shield it from the sand
The sandstorm rages, everflowing
As you eye your life, held inside your hand

I awaken yet again, yet under water stranded
Drowning within water which I breathe
Yet it only burns my lungs
It restrains from killing me

Swiming, floating, sinking
This water is like air
Soft and colured invisible
But, as I embrace it, it stings with a passion, flare

I gasp for air which is not there
As I float to the bottom
Now one with the icy surf
I look upon the rainy sun, at pestilence I stare

I scramble through the oceanic shine
To reach the shore of thought
To survive this mindless dream
I wish my mind, to once again, be all my mine

The rain is falling from above
Splashed with shades of red
The gods are crying tears of blood
Yet it's all inside my head

Never, ever, have I thought
That thought was something I could see
Something I could touch, joyous, free
And I could make thoughts of things that I adore
Dance and prance around with glee


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