Remembering Memories

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My thoughts on memories :)

Submitted: August 15, 2012

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Submitted: August 15, 2012



Happy, yet I'm weary
from last night's tune and song
yet some were gloom and dreary
as time they dragged along

Mistakes that fill the past
and you dread to meet again
To find your peace at last
and shine the sun, on the misty glen

Empty time is filled with memories
Bad and good and woeful
And some sting when we remember
while at the time they were so joyful

So happy, yes and weary
From last night's fun and game
Danced, with feet so cheery
And my hands had clapped the same

Yes memories, of love and sparks
Engulfed in warmth and shyness
When your loved one is near
and your dizzy with fear
You then thoughtlessly state a stupid remark

Its quite the laugh, when you look back
There and then when thoughts were shared
And hearts had broke asunder, only to be mended
Again, and again, and again, and again
There and then with mistakes, friends are made and souls are paired

Oh happy, yes indeed, happy to the sky
Tired I am not, nor dreary nor despaired
Regret is just the past, a distant darkened light
And memories of the thoughts I shared
These beautiful memories make the heart so bright

Happy, yet so weary
From last night's dwelling in the past
Memories are never dreary, if chosen not to be
And as you ask yourself and ponder, how it could have been
How, if you'd know, could mend everything so easily
Yes, Memories are quite a frenzy, a lock of questions without a key

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