The Chant of Freedom Sly

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My attempt at writing a poem with a regular rhythm. I kind of got lucky with how well it turned out :)

Submitted: August 15, 2012

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Submitted: August 15, 2012



Wishing our souls were free
Like the shadow of a tree
A mere reflection of the sun's existance
Reappear and disappear as pleased
Able for the distance, our troubles ceased

Wishing our lives were thoughtless
And our struggles painless
To truly live in paradise
Forget, decline all our misery
Thril is freedom in disguise, to truly feel and see

Wishing our perils vanished
Our fears and discomfort banished
Our thirsts for freedom quenched
A passion, a fire burning in our lives
Our hands together clenched, our hope together strives

Dreading when the darkness comes
And the shadows bang their drums
Joined and bonded in the night
Spawning mischief, spawning chills
Playing tricks on our sight, evil our nightmares fills

Dreading when our hopes disperse
Our hopeful dreams turn into blurs
When time goes on without our consent
When madness claims our throne
Our homes become tight and unpleasent, in darkness left alone

Dreading our lies to haunt us
Buried, and unburied, thus!
revealing our nature true
Our coffins filled with unwanted truth
Chilled is the wind that blew, bewildered in our spirit's youth

Hoping that our luck is near
Roads to heaven staying clear
Salvation hides around the bend
Yes getting there, a distance great
Seeking answers till' our end, endless challanges we await

Hoping our love is close
Nevermind the dangers we oppose
Burning through our fear like fire
To achieve a purpose in our given time
Fill our hearts with grave desire, waiting is grave a crime

Hoping that our dreams come true
Our prayers heard, by the time our ambition grew
Seldom taking things for granted
Often asked to ponder upon our choices
Asked to grow the seeds that we have planted, and hear the angel's voices

Realizing hope is madness
Sometimes turning joy into sadness
And awaiting our dreams to spawn
Whilst doing nothing to help their roots grow
Waiting from dusk till dawn, waiting for our light to shine, to glow

Realizing dreams are pointless
Just turning truth into darkness
All the comforting that we embrace
Damage to our growing soul
All the thrills that we face, we take our pain in whole

Realizing our souls are chained
Our spirits, bloodied, stained
All the lies, false truths we see
One day, in ourselves we'll drown
And just like the shadow of a tree, we'll disappear when the sun goes down

Yet all hope lost is not, for darkness seldom comes
Dread shall never fill our hearts, and shadows seldom bang their drums
And truth is all 'round us we see, and wishing part of living free
Realization of our virtues bright, bright as fire in the night


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