The Sorrow Rain

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It was raining outside, and I was feeling depressed.

Submitted: August 15, 2012

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Submitted: August 15, 2012



Water falling from the heavens
Weakens me and my emotions
It is thudding up against my heart
Turning lakes of ripples, into oceans

Drops of sorrow tapping up against my window
The crying wind is sobbing, breathing breaths of icy dampness
The moist heaviness of the air around me, is weighing down my mind
My eyes, my soul and my emotions, all are whithering and blind

A feeling of depression, blends with the touch of the frosty gale
A hurricane of darkness, brings light upon my sight
Yet a foggy heartbeat, somewhere in the distance, is crying out for help
A soul yet to be awakaned, underneath all of what is wrong and right

Rain is but a sign of sighing, in the otherworldly sky
Where future has no past and present time is frozen
And gliding through the spacious airful mass of cloud
Are feelings, gestures and emotions, for which we cry aloud

I look up and see, the emptiness around you and I
The desert dry and heartless touch, defying all we share
Compassion for the slightest pain inflicted upon our spirits
Is weakening our lust for freedom, and awakening our ignorance to care

We wish to be misguided, to be told what we should think and say
As we realize that the sun is yet to rise, and darkness is crawling in
Slowly, ever gracefully, we are blinded by the dark
Only then, control is a desire and courage is what we seek, as night turns slowly into day

And rain continues, yes, to fall
Upon the earth so rough and upon the soul saplings ever small
Growth needs sunshine, yet banished was the sun
My murky feelings and emotions, cloud the sky and finish off what the darkness had begun

So now I linger on, in a world of sorrow ever after
Wishing but to live a life once flooded over, a void of pitiful and meaningless laughter
The rain of thunder and of lightning had weathered all my heart's content
Now just a dream of hope and warming smiles, are the rays of light that the sun had once sent


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