You Said, Deathly Lies

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Broken hearted, and left alone.

Submitted: August 31, 2012

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Submitted: August 31, 2012




You said we’d live together

A dream come true

You said we’d breathe together

And inhale the air that is you


You said we’d walk together

And enjoy the frosty morning breeze

You said we’d sit together

On a mountaintop, overlooking the crimson seas


You said we’d run together

So neither would ever get hurt

You said we’d hide together

From the many dangers of this earth


You said we’d sleep together

Our nightmares replaced with delight

You said we’d dream together

Of heaven, and heavenly light


You said we’d plant together

The seeds of fruits we enjoy

You said we’d protect them together

So none the storms could destroy


You said we’d harvest them together

And cherish the treasure we’ve grown

You said we’d eat together

A platter each of our own


You said we’d listen together

To the chirps of joyous birds outside

You said we’d sing together

Along with the tune of the pleasant vibe


You said we’d be young together

Enjoy life in our freedom’s youth

You said we’d grow up together

Witness the wisdom of elders as truth


You said we’d die together

Our hands together tightly clenched

You said we’d breathe out our last breath together

Our thirst for water and heaven quenched


That night all those things to me you said

You ignited my heart, prepared I was my life to you devote

That night, however, never to return faraway you fled

Next morning I awoke with nothing left to live for

And wishing for a noose around my sobbing throat

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