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part three

Submitted: January 16, 2019

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Submitted: January 16, 2019






The dawn awoke slowly with a huge hangover.  Along with every resident on Panda Street.  Sky News began to pack up, after the Pandemonium had ceased.  The ‘fun at the fair’ had ended.  Thanks to the effect of the sunlight.  As well as the people at number 22.


A wasted gorilla lay on the doorstep, fazing back into a man.  Yet, he still scratched and growled, like the ape he had been.  Men in white had peeled off the radioactive pyjamas.  And sealed them in a silver canister. 


The leader of the SAS crouched, hands on his face, shaking his head in relief.  His team had pinned down the last of the occupants.  Ten savage animals and two furry pets, a 6 foot tall white rabbit.  And a giant hamster.  The size of a man.  Both quite mad.


Steve gathered his mind.  He remembered smashing into the sofa.  He was covered in tomato from the pizzas.  The ape inside him had wiped his face in the hot feast.  The door had been ripped off by Dan the man, who had found the top secret box. He had been the hip swinging baboon.


Prowling down the stairs lay Tina.  The sexy panther, as black as the night.  The part-time Goth smiled leeringly. Teeth gleaming and dripping with blood.  She had bitten the tail of the snaky milkman.  Who had a bad left leg.  With fang marks.  He hobbled out past the film crew.  Banging his head on his milk float.



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