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a Bloodman returns

Submitted: July 22, 2016

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Submitted: July 22, 2016




Part One

The Shadow

Deal Hunter romanced his newly found love, on the holiday isle of Corfu.  He had gone away for two weeks with his workmate Tony Reed, a heavy drinker.  Halfway through the first week, the average guy sunbathed alone, on a hot sandy beach.  While Tony had gone for a long walk, a vision of beauty bestowed upon Deal.


The slender brunette lay near to the sleeping UK Northerner.  Both oblivious of the other, at first.  Boxer short clad Deal was aroused by the sound of Rave music, blaring out from his left side.  A wary eye opened to reveal a silky toned and tanned babe, sprawled on her back, peeping at him from behind a book of romance stories.


‘Hey there?’ sighed the lovely girl.

‘Is that really, your kind of music?’

‘Sure, it sends me deep into wonderment.’

‘What are you reading?’

‘Love tales, why?’


‘Read me some, then I can understand your vibes better.’

She lay on her side, facing his torso.  With most of her back to the sun.  Cleared her throat and read out, ‘He hugged her wholly and blew down her ear.  Sending short hairs to stand up on her neck…’

Before she could continue, Deal leaned over the fiery sand and blew a kiss down her earlobe. ‘Like that? Do you think?’

Her lips curled and giggled, ‘Hey, that tickles,  do it again?’


Deal was now lying beside the bronze brunette, who had a Yorkshire accent, that he liked hearing.  He blew in her ear then kissed it, sending a shiver to fizzle throughout her tiny bikini figure.  ‘What is your name?’ asked Deal, coolly.

‘Kelly Smith from Leeds.  Who are you with?’

I am Hunter, Deal Hunter from Manchester.  With a lad from work.  Fancy meeting up later?’

‘If you like.’


Deal’s heart pounded fast in delight.  From never having much luck with girls.  This was by far his greatest moment.  And hoped it would last forever.  Yet some deep shadowy feeling chilled him.  Hunter could not forget his evil doppelganger, BLOODMAN.


The romancer returned to his apartment and found his wily friend Tony Reed asleep on his bed.  Tony woke at once.  ‘Where you been?  I’ve been walking round for hours.  I saw a woman from Newcastle.  She was a knockout.  Then I came back for a nap.  What did you do?  Bet you stayed on that damn beach all day.  Like a beach bum. Ha, ha,’

‘Yeah, you’re right.  While I was there I spoke to a lass from Leeds.  We may see her and her pals tonight at eight, if you want?’

‘Oh yeah!  Pull the other one.  They’ll not turn up.  She’s just winding you up.  You can’t pull on a beach, just like that.  We’ll go there if you want, but you’ll be let down.’


Tony had no idea of what had happened.  Deal had found a sure thing, down on the beach.  At 7.30pm the guys dressed up and ventured out to the seafront.  Eying up all the talent that strolled by.  When Tony noticed that they were heading for the Star Bar, he made out in the other direction.

‘No!’ claimed Deal.  ‘This way.’

‘She’ll not be there.  You can’t pull without me.  Okay.  Let’s there then.’


Beside them in the dimly lit bar a sweet voice echoed out, ‘Hey there.  Remember me?’

Deal and Tony stared numbly at three lovely girls with black locks.  Beauties dressed in white mini skirts and skimpy tops.  Tony was gob smacked.  Deal conversed with on of the hot brunettes.


‘Kelly, this is Tony the disbeliever.  He is alright really though.’  Brown eyes melted into hers. ‘Who are your friends?’

Kelly showed off Deal to Sharon and Kath, who took more notice of Tony.  The trio moved slightly away and chatted about Leeds and football.  Deal smiled and then caressed Kelly, ‘Thanks for coming, I really love being with you.  It helps me to forget.’


‘Forget what?’

‘Oh nothing really, you don’t need to know.  I’m just glad, that’s all.’


Deal and Kelly danced while Tony was being teased by his cocky girls.  Kelly was very happy, but seemed to see something looming around them.  She hugged her new friend tight for reassurance.  Someone screamed, in delight, blood pumped faster within both man and woman.  In blind torment of the dark red shadow of their minds.


A real scream of terror sounded from behind Kelly.  Emanating from the girls.  Sharon and Kath were wailing as they watched their new cheeky pal, being thumped and kicked by two drunken thugs.  Kelly witnessed Deal turn white and shout, ‘No!’


The shrill of his voice caused the crowd and brutes to stop, and stare at a ghastly silhouette, that stood, seemingly, 10 foot tall, there on the empty dance floor.  While Tony lay bruised and bleeding, two crimson arms stretched and grabbed hold of the ugly duo.  One touch was enough, to drain them of energy and colour.  Then a whirl of thin air flung the losers through the entrance and out into the gutter, were they belonged.


Some police arrived and took away the thugs.  Tony was checked by a doctor in Corfu Hospital, after the vision had gone.  Along with the memory of all the people.  Except for Kelly, she would never forget her strange new friend.  Never to forget his grey face, as the mysterious apparition had defended Tony Reed from the louts.  The deathly white pallor of Deal Hunter had brought a greater meaning to life, for the girl from Leeds.  She mused to herself, ‘who is this guy?’


Tony Reed was detained overnight in hospital.  Deal stayed with his friend, after he bought the concerned girls a taxi back to their hotel.  He promised to call on them when Tony was feeling better.  Kelly and her girlfriends watched the strange remorseful man return to the hospital, before a stranger shadow trailed him inside.


Deal was given a bed for the night, by a kind Greek nurse.  She informed him that his comrade had a pretty severe internal injury.  It could take a few days before his pain would subside.  It placed a heavy burden his lost mind.  He blamed himself for Tony’s condition. 


It was when he was alone, looking out through a window, into the blackness that was the night.  A cold hand touched him on his shoulder.  They living martyr shuddered when he recognised Humanity’s once worst enemy.  The redeemed vampire was now the unwanted guardian of Deal, youngest brother of Ace Hunter.  The cold-blooded gypsy offered his services to cure Tony?


The Golden Cross Apartments kept the usual silent persona.  Except there was an air of uneasiness.  Felt among its residents.  The three girls of Studio 4 prepared for the lonely night out on the town.  They were all sad for their newly found beaus. 


Outside Zorba the manager sat staring up at the clear starlight, his mind wandered far and high, for a long time.  Until he observed the change in the spectrum of space.  His blood boiled at the awareness of pure evil.  A read aura filled the area with dread.  It descended down upon the terrified Grecian.  His mind fled the scene, but his legs were grabbed by an invisible force, that instantly dried all the blood in his limbs.  The agony made him murmur a loud cry, then fall before anyone could notice.


The lovely girls locked up and tiptoed down to the exit of the studio.  They came upon the sprawled defunct Zorba.  Before they could scream, the monster set upon its latest victim, Deal Hunter’s girl.


Beads of fear seeped from the brow of the troubled man.  His head fell into his hands as he sat morosely in the hospital ward.  He awoke from another horror vision, remembering his dirty promise to His evildoer.  After trying to stand, his frame fell onto the bedridden Toney Reed.  The morning light resurrected the hard man from Manchester.  Hearing Hunter moan, ‘I have done a terrible thing!’


Balding Tony Reed sat up in bed and gulped down the chilly glass of fluid.  He cursed, ‘bloody water? Is there no beer in this bloody place?’

‘Hunter, what’s happened?  All I remember is some git smacking me with a bottle.  God, I feel sick.  You look worse that I feel.  For God’s sake tell me what has happened?’

Deal lifted his heavy head, he stared at his crafty old friend, ‘Do you remember my brother, Ace?  You met him once.  He’s a reporter for the Daily Record in Manchester.’


Tony nodded and urged his wretched buddy to continue, ‘Well, he had bad luck with a bad guy.  A git that bothered him and our family for years.  Now, he follows me around.  Wherever I go.  He protects me and my friends like you from harm.  It, saved you.  You were being battered by two yobs.  It came from within me and defended your life.’


Tony found all this very hard to believe but still let his mate carry on.  ‘Last night, Tone.  My God, I made a horrendous pact with the devil himself.  Jesus, Tony, this guy is very nasty.  I promised your life for soul of anyone else I like.  He chose Kelly, you know, the girl we met last night.  You could have died.  Now she, my newest best friend, maybe in more danger than death?’


The menacing breath of blood, consumed the souls of the three girls from Leeds.  They were held, hypnotised, by the draining powers of the red monster.  Kelly struggled in midair, but was overcome by her frailty.  The hearts and souls of Sharon and Kath were taken.  They were to become servants of their new master.  The girls became zombies and were left to roam the resort and reek havoc.


Kelly was finally released from her prison.  After she had heard a sinister voice speak, ‘my child, I now possess your soul.  When you die, you shall come to me and worship me, as your Lord and Master.’  From the  heavens, a bolt of whiteness struck her abductor, then returned the trio to their beds.


A noisy bird crowed in the morning.  Awakening Kelly from her nightmare.  She showered away her dark thoughts.  Rousing herself back to life.  It was after 9am.  She was glad to see Sharon and Kath rise like they normally did.  By giggling girlishly at their young slight sexy bodies.  The posed in their thongs before a tall mirror.  They admired each others suntans and relished another hot day on the beach.


Kelly heard the echo of knocking on the door and opened it.  She was amazed to see Deal Hunter and Tony Reed.  Deal asked if the girls wanted to go for a drive around the island.  Just to blow away the cobwebs of the past few days.  All the babes agreed.  Sharon and Kath both blushed, when they realised that Tony was leering at them.


Tony sprang into the driving seat of the jeep.  Alongside him sat Sharon.  Kath sat behind her fellow, skinny brunette.  So they could pester and eye up their unsuspecting prey.  As Deal and Kelly snuggled up behind Tony’s seat.  The 4 wheel drive machine sped to life.  Heading speedily, North.


The Midday heat scorched the skin of Deal Hunter, but the presence of his beautiful escort, soothed his pain.  The dark vixens chuckled and squirmed about beside Tony.  Both heckled, ‘faster, faster!’


As the jeep zoomed past the lively resort of Benitses, Deal instructed fussy Tony to follow the signs to Gastouri.  At which the zippy 4 by 4 turned left and up into the mainland of Corfu.  Deal was happy to be with Kelly and revealed where he wished them to be.


‘Somewhere around here is Achillion Palace that is historically and romantically famous.  It has beautiful gardens that we can explore and where we can all talk better.  I must tell you something.  All of you.  I must explain about the other night.  Tony knows and agreed that I should tell you the awful truth.  The true story of a madman called the BLOODMAN.’


At that moment that land roving machine spun into a ditch.  All five jolted forward in their seats.  Tony refused to drive any further.  So Deal and Kelly sat up front.  As Tony and the girls shook off their nerves, Kelly noticed her super cool guy take control of the situation.


* * *

Part Two

The Darkest Red

The sturdy red motor vehicle cruised rapidly up hilly roads.  Hunter pointed out to his Yorkshire lass the signs to the home of Kaiser Wilhelm, the German leader in the First World War.  They soon parked up and entered the spacious garden.  The five Brits roamed around in the hot afternoon sun.  Tony became more interested in flirting with his girls, Kath and Sharon.  The trio vanished from sight while Deal and Kelly looked at a statue of Achilles.  As he stared his emotions overwhelmed him.


Kelly stood beside him, her tanned baby face looked into eyes of a plain faced aging fast, young man.  The averaged sized hunk trembled.  ‘I don’t know what to do?  I am possessed by a demon.  You are in danger Kelly.  It seeks you.  If forced me to offer your soul for the life of Tony.  Your only way out is to hate me.  Never come near me ever again.’


Kelly hugged the broad frame of Deal Hunter.  She revealed, ‘you are too late.  I was abducted last night.  He made me his servant and mistress, when I die.  I fear for Tony, because the devil took their hearts.  I think they have dark plans for him and us.’  She paused briefly, ‘Deal, I like you and love you.  Only God can stop my love for you.’


She placed her lips into his and pressed hard.  Her face fell into the depth of his mouth.  As they kissed, Deal stared again at the static Greek Warrior.  His vision fell upon the infamous heel of Achilles.  An idea germinated in his head.  His glowing face told Kelly that they did have a chance, of destroying the Bloodman.  Once and for all!


The evergreen grounds of the palace had little effect on Tony Reed.  He was more enlightened by the big house and the paintings it portrayed of the Kaiser.  As he and the Yorkshire girls approached a popular picture of the once notorious leader, a strange dizzy spell came over him.


The seemingly supportive females propped their small stout shoulders under his wavering arms.  They carefully sat him on the famous Kaiser’s saddle, it looked like a priest’s lectern with a bicycle seat and skis, to rest upon.  As the embarrassed hard man stared up at he portrait, the icy darkness associated with the presence of evil did manifest within the figure of the Kaiser.


It was impossible for him to move his body.  His eyes were transfixed.  Demon red pupils pierced his brain.  His memories of the past were being sucked into the heart of the picture, that hid his courage.  The voice of pure evil echoed, ‘I am your Master, you will serve me, only in death.’


Tony awoke from his dreamlike state.  He was glad to find Deal and Kelly shaking him.  Tony hugged them both.  ‘My God is you God.  Lucifer beware you have a new challenger for your furnace.’  He looked at his quivering hands then asked, in a suddenly normal tone, ‘where have the girls gone to?’


‘I don’t know,’ answered Kelly, ‘we found you alone like this.  You too know the truth.  We are all victims of the Bloodman.’


The time spent at the ancient site soon passed.  Darkness descended upon the three explorers, who had lost their colleagues.  Deal and Kelly feared for the girls and their victims.  Deal had a crazy idea and lead the way to a good statue of Achilles.  He knelt down and began to praise the idol.


Tony and Kelly did the same in the empty palace hallway.  The place was closing and a guide was approaching the trio.  Deal sacrificed before the statue all his money and valuables.  Kelly also gave up her gold watch to the Greek hero.  Lastly, Tony placed beneath the feet of the six foot warrior, decked out with a suit of leather and gold armour and a lethal looking sword, his black hip flask of Whiskey, after supping all its contents.


Deal knew it was a mad idea, but reckoned that anything was possible with the presence of the Bloodman in the area.  The Greek guide stopped in his tracks when all the lights in the hallway dimmed, as the statue glowed a brilliant white.  A deep unearthly sigh emanated from the pulsating giant.


The stunned humans backed off,  at the sight of Achilles, back from the dead.  ‘Who are you?’  Quizzed the angry bronze figure.

Deal spoke up, ‘Achilles, we have called on you to help us destroy an evil monster, the Bloodman.’

The brightness dimmed as the voice said, ‘I will help you and crush out your foe, but for a price, for I am not Achilles.  I am the God, Pluto.  But you may call me Satan.’  The building shook all around them, and the black room smothered all their hope!


The long walkway dissolved before the bewildered guide.  When he witnessed the light flicker back on, the people had gone.  He shook his head and ran back from whence he had come.  Evil was afoot and he had walked straight into it.  From the darkness sprang two blood thirsty vixens.  They pounced at the throat of the middle aged Grecian.


The children of death were now zombies.  They too fell into the pit of Hell.  Behind their doomed pals.  They appeared beside Deal Hunter as normal girls.  They wept fearfully.  As they cowered from the Evil One called Satan.


‘I have been waiting eternally for a chance to have more slaves.  I need more victims to pray on.  But first I destroy the one you call Bloodman.  Then I will release you to your Earthly domain until you die.  Then you are mine.’

Deal stared hard at the crimson scale ridden devil.  He asked boldly, ‘what is the difference between you and the Bloodman?  To me you want the same thing.  What do you really want?’

Satan pointed his trident at his five prisoners and released unending pain and torture.  ‘I demand to rule.  Over all.  Even the Almighty.’


From the agony of Deal Hunter came his personal protector.  The darkest red caped saviour, Bloodman.  He towered between the humans and Satan.  ‘We have been used Hunter, it was this impostor who harmed your friends.’


Part Three

The Crimson Gypsy

The Crimson Gypsy threw the five mortals away, painfully into the molten walls of Hades, to safety.  Tony Reed, Kelly Smith, Kathy Brown and Sharon Turner hid behind the Man.  The stern faced Deal Hunter.  The Host of the parasite, known as the Bloodman.  Fearing for the outcome.  For the future of mankind.


The red scaly devil dispatched his trustworthy trident, studying its trajectory.  The three razor sharp points pierced the heart, of the doomed dimensions of Bloodman. He stood in seemingly horrendous pain, yet his agony turned to fearlessness.  The spear had been pulled out by the bold sidekick, Deal Hunter.


‘You cannot kill me, I am beyond immorality.  I am nothing and my nothingness will destroy you.’  Bloodman sprang off a rock of burning sulphur that separated him from his human fans, from a height of 20 feet, above the hissing teeth of Satan.


Bloodman clung to and held on to his foe.  Rafael Vatra realised that it was up to him to save the whole Universe, of the living and the dead.  Satan stung the vampire menace but it was futile.  The cape of blood smothered both evil fiends, out of existence.  As all hell was about to break loose, Bloodman proclaimed, ‘Humans be gone.  My time has come.  My chance for redemption is here.  Goodbye Hunter!’


Hell erupted along with the ashes of Satan, who had been truly Cloaked by the Bloodman.  Deal and company returned to Earth to discover a new wonder?


Deal Hunter and Tony Reed romanced their newly found loves, on the holiday isle of Corfu.  They were in the last week of their vacation.  Tony lay between his slim with nice curves, girlfriends Kathy and Sharon.  He smiled to himself because he was so glad he was alive.


It was Midday and the sun blazed down upon Deal and his relieved brunette beauty, Kelly Smith.  Only she seemed to remember all of the nightmare, that only they had recently escaped from.  She hoped and prayed that she had seen and heard the last of that bloodsucking leech, who she knew as the Bloodman.


The evening beckoned, the five some returned to their apartments and changed for the night time life.  At about 8pm it was dark out and the stars sparkled.  As Kelly and Deal walked along the promenade they stopped to look at the bright red star that clearly stood out.


Kelly asked, ‘Where do you think He is now?’

‘Well,’ mused Deal, ‘my dearest, if ever you see that red star pulsating, I can assure you that He is keeping his eye open for us.  You see that star has never been there before.  I tell you now, astronomers and astrologists will be puzzling over that light for a long time yet.’


Deal proclaimed to Kelly that he had had a vision, that the world would see the Bloodman again.  Through him.  And maybe others.  Because God has ordained all evil monsters, to be Cloaked by the good and bad Bloodman; The Crimson Gypsy, forever!!





















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