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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Something I wrote 15 years ago.


The year was somewhere in the 22nd Century.  Life was different then.  Harder than it is now.  In them days work was very physical.  Machines were not in use like they are today.  The computers were used via a keyboard.  Nothing as neat as the Oratory Units of the present.


Most humans worked nine to five.  Some even earned their wages on what they called  the Night Shift.  Although work was very laborious, usually.  The weekends were very magical moments.  Many specially fantastic antics allowed everyone to release their anxieties of the stressful week.  Almost every major town or city, globally lived this kind of existence.


It was during the evenings when men and women mingled.  It was in one average town on Earth where the first step into our style of being was made.  It was there that a new nightclub was opened.  It was called the ‘Love Shack.’


It was unlike any other joint on Earth.  It was there that single humans would meet and find the love of their lives, usually.  Many couples danced the night away.  Most of whom left the club with a partner.  Yet some men and women never found love.  It was for the luckless that the Futureman was designed.


It would take mankind another decade to improve from their latest move.  The story of the special man is now a fabled told to all, in the history books.  No-one realised that Earth’s way of life was going to change so totally alien from their mundane state.


The change began with the top secret experiments of a company called ‘New-Life.’  It was formed by a group of twenty top scientists.  They were under the management of an unknown millionaire.  The company’s task was to bring the world far forward into the future.


So the men and women of New-Life designed and introduced the new nightclub.  It seemed normal at first to the many couples who gathered there.  The drinks and music were basically the same as any other bar.  The buzz started thanks to the arrival of a luckless man of love.


* * *

Jack Simmons always clubbed in his hometown every weekend.  For the five years of his adult life he searched in vain for a female who would accept him as her man.  A pretty female was all he desired.  Like all the other loving couples, that he always bumped into at the bar or on the dance floor.


The lonely man tried the recently opened attraction, even though he expected to be let down by fate, again.  Jack drank five pints of lager at the bar, then when it was Midnight he stepped onto the dance floor.


The couples and groups of men and women raved away to the jazzy music bellowing around their heads.  Jack attempted to join a quartet of lovely blond girls who were adorned in black skin-tight leather.  His luck seemed futile, but he had nothing to lose.  The sexy women pretended to ignore the lingering plain man.  It was then that Dan Dyke the Futureman appeared.

Jack Simmons managed to single out, momentarily, the prettiest of the four girls.  The raving music drowned out Jack’s emotions.  Yet fate had given him a glimpse of hope, even though the dainty blond seemed oblivious to his presence.


Jack was beginning to feel like a distraught failure, when a silver bodied figure hovered and glided around the newly paired.  Somehow the arrival of this fleeting being created an air of belonging between the young duo.


As the prancing dancer careered around, the lovely female found herself staring at her brave partner.  His moves as he partied on the tiled ground, grew her friendlier to his boldness.


The strange character that mingled with all the couples spread the magic it possessed.  Although it made everyone happy, Jack was the main target for passion.  So as the compact disc came to the conclusion of its title, Futureman beckoned Jack and his new mate to swing along with the groovy song.


The other three blonds stared in disbelief at their besotted friend.  They let her be, as they wished only the best for the girl who was 21 years old on that day.  Her sweet smile melted into Jack’s amazed eyes.  For him that night was a dream come true.


Jack Simmons joined Sarah Lang at the bar, with her pals.  The fair haired beauty allowed her new man into her life.  Jack beamed in wonderment at the dance floor.  At the hero of his hour, the silver saviour, Futureman.


From then on Jack and Sarah were almost inseparable.  They danced the night away for the next few weekends, at the Love Shack.  They were always serenaded by the ever present computerised Cupid.


It was Jack Simmons’ curiosity that stirred him into finding out what Futureman really was.  While Jack was brimming with devotion for his first and new love, he nosed around asking questions about the new inspiration in living.


At the end of one long swooning evening, Jack attempted verbal communication with Futureman.  The hyperactive silver android returned to his powerhouse, in a corner of the nightclub.  It answered Jack’s queries openly.


The clever blond beauty Sarah clung to her lovers side.  Her three blond friends had gone home that night with their potential boyfriends, on that third time out with Jack.


Futureman told his first customers his life story.  On a very inhuman tone of voice. 

‘My friends, I am Futureman, I was once a human like yourselves.  As meagre male Dan Dyke, I volunteered for a daring experiment.’


‘I must explain that I had been in an automobile accident some time ago.  Ninety percent of my body had been crushed and irreparable.  Only half my and my heart remained alive.  Doctors were going to switch off my life support machine.’


‘Instead of ending my plight they found I had a card that explained I wished my body to be left to medical science?’

‘I was taken to the laboratory of the New-Life company.  There I was given a second chance to live.  After six months the twenty specialists rebuilt my physique.  I am only the prototype for a new batch of androids that will be used one day worldwide.  Aiding humans in perfection of their lives.’


‘So I was programmed to dance and help couples like yourselves to get together.  This is my first assignment and test.  It is expected that I will be reprogrammed for a new assignment.  Possibly a lifesaving appointment.’


Jack and Sarah stared at each other bewildered by what they were told.  They were even more alarmed when Dan revealed only to them that his human feeling were returning.  Giving him a desire to breach his tuned-in orders.  Futureman was more than a magical dancer that could charm and interlock hearts.


The time was very late so Jack and Sarah left the nightclub.  Dan Dyke switched off his mechanised form and dreamed.  This was the time that the legend of the Futureman became a story and lesson for all.  Even for us many decades later.


Dan Dyke turned the Earth from the 22nd Century into the 31st Century, almost overnight.  As you know it is now the 40th Century.  Praise for our very nearly perfect life should go to the memory of Futureman.  You see I have only told you the beginning of the legend of Dan the Futureman.


* * *

The night continued when Jack and his girl took a taxi home, to his single roomed apartment, on the edge of the town centre.  Sarah had not been there before but was very happy to go where her favourite man resided.  The pretty woman would never have gone out with such a drab man as Jack before.  Yet now she felt ashamed of her manners towards her bloke.


The couple almost crawled into the flat as they were quite smashed with drink.  Although they had deep feelings for a romantic morning, their bodies crashed out onto the welcoming quilted double bed.  Both were still adorned with their jackets  but fell together into a simultaneous semi-coma state.


* * *

Back in the darkness of the Love Shack, the brain of Dan Dyke buzzed into a disturbed life.  Dan’s new extrasensory perception allowed him to subconsciously see into the non-too-distant future.  His amazing circuitry informed of impending danger for his friends and children of love.


He was told, by the memory core of his brain, that his creators were planning to abduct the couple, because of their curious relationship with Futureman.  The members of the New Life company were going to kill.


Thanks to wonders of science and miracles and one good scientist, Dan had been given the overriding authority and inhuman ability to defend himself.  And any humans that he sees as friends.  Futureman was the only chance for Jack and Sarah.  Thanks to the secret works of the good young genius, Alan Smith.


Smith had seen the evil intentions of the New Life company.  He and his colleagues had been hired for good, but their greed had overcome their devotion to mankind.  The company had become so top secret that they began eliminating anyone who became aware of their illicitness.


Smith managed to hide a microchip in Dan’s brain that would make Futureman more human than the scientists believed.  The company hand already delivered more dancing androids to new discotheques nationwide.  The top brass of the company were reaping in the profits for their own gain, not Earth’s.


The all new robotic dancers brought couples together like Dan.  They themselves were a good thing.  But they were purely designed for that one purpose.  They never knew what other androids were being used for.  Unlike Dan.  His unique ability enabled him to discover more metal men were being made for the defamation of Earth life.


* * *

All that concerned Futureman was the safety of his human friends.


The front door of Jack’s council flat was pushed in.  an army of mean men dragged the slumbering bodies of the lovers from their rest.  Bothe awoke in agony that was being vented from the Men in Black.  Both bruised humans were inhumanely hurled into the back of a van that was their mobile prison.  Death seemed obvious to Jack, yet to his hero it was not.


The prison van was discretely driven to the base itself of New Life.  Where the mad head scientist Doctor Nathan Greenberg sent his latest victims, to his now hellish lab.  Things were set up to transfigure the doomed couple, into brainwashed semi-androids like Dan Dyke.


Alan Smith stood out of the way of his crazy colleagues.  He was sickened and aghast at what they were about to do.  He could do nothing but watch or they would kill him too.  His stomach turned as the young humans were positioned in the brain-scanner that had been converted into a brainwashing device.


As the radioactive machine hummed its terrible tone, the lab door was blasted from its hinges.  The stunned staff of evil surgeons stared at a silver metallic being, that overshadowed the impious lot.  A mighty surge of air gushed into the science room.


All the surgical team fell to the floor form the force that they had personally created.  Alan Smith viewed the scene.  Futureman had arrived.  The super hero hailed to the corrupt scientists, as the police force stood behind, ‘I am Futureman, you have defiled my reason for being.  You are all a disgrace to your profession.  I have contacted your superior.  The billionaire tycoon Marshal Washington.  He has given me total authority over the New Life Company.’


Alan Smith stood beside Futureman and vowed to help and rebuild the credibility of the NLC.  The police took the guilty away.  Stopping them from their addiction of power.


Futureman and Alan Smith assisted the doped couple to their feet.  Dan Dyke reassured his friends that they were now safe, as the wicked scientists were taken away by the police.  Dan informed them that the company’s owner and founder had given him authority, when the billionaire knew of the facts.


Alan Smith was made the controller of the company.  Allowing the android to return to the nightclub and doing good for all the couples of the town.  Normality though never returned to the existence of Futureman.  Now he was a heroic model for tomorrow.


* * *

You may think that was the full story of the Futureman.  My friends, that was just the beginning of the today you all now know.  We have no wars anymore as you are aware.  Peace and harmony now rule the day for us now on the Earth, Moon and Mars.  My children, it was Dan the Futureman who refined the way of life.


Dan Dyke became a philosophical figure.  Alan Smith designed androids and modernised buildings and motor vehicles, by following the advice of his own creation’s genius.


* * *

The town where Jack Simmons lived became, within six months, a very modern place.  Visitors from afar came to see this spectacularly special town.  Presidents, Prime Ministers and Royalty came to admire this town of electric cars, weather free zones and androids like Futureman, to ease the minds of the human townsfolk.  Sarah and Jack shared a flat that was now very clean and futuristic, thanks to their friend, Futureman.




The place where the couple lived was a totally different town, compared to any other.  In the world.  Even its name was changed.  The once quaint industrial town had been , renamed from Oldhampton to Newhampton.


The town was even given a roof.  Protecting it from hazardous weather conditions and any other form of harmful intrusion.  All buildings were replaced by pollution free fibreglass structures.  Specially formulated, designed and produced by the top scientists and computers of the highest grade in perfection.


Newhampton was only the first of many globally situated stepping stones of the future.  At first, most people only mocked at what they had heard, until their curiosity drove them to look more devotedly at the wonderland.


Everything appeared to be going well.  Especially three months after the opening of the nightclub Love Shack, and the town’s speedy alterations.  It was then, on a Saturday afternoon, that Jack Simmons and Sarah Lang were being married.


Dan Dyke was very pleased to be the couples ‘best man’.  Just as Dan was handing the wedding band to his friend Jack, the modernised church was invaded, by an unmerciful group of armed androids.  The red featureless zombies froze the alarmed congregation, with a unique pistol.


Only Futureman remained mobile, while the humans could only observe the incredible scene of power, being displayed.  Dan had a foe.  Unknown until then.  A new regime had arrived. 


The dirty dozen aimed their weapons at the head of Futureman.  At that moment, a human entered from behind the metal men.  It was the ever illusive Doctor Greenberg, who had escaped from the police force and created his vengeful mechanical killers.


The mad scientist commanded his subjects to destroy his main foe, Futureman.  Before all the stunned motionless good humans in the holy house, witnessed plumes of smoke and flames devour their hero.  Dan, sadly, imploded into a heap of decayed fleshy plastic and twisted steel.  Hearts shuddered at the cold blooded murder, that was unleashed from the satanic surgeon.


The congregation were free from their imposition.  Even though they detested the dictator they succumbed to his domineering presence.  Dan Dyke was no more.  His being was eliminated, allowing the Techno Man to overthrow the district of Newhampton.


* * *

After a long nights boozing, Alan Smith had crashed into a deep stupor.  His mind knew he had to be at a wedding.  Still his body lay in a comatose state.  He slept off the night before unaware that outside his flat his friends were suffering under the thumb of his adversary.

At Midday Sunday, Smith awoke and showered his lifeless form into a more respectable shape.  The bright sun shone through the specially designed transparent dome of the town.  And into his bedroom.  The wide eyed genius noticed the lack of pedestrians outside, in the usually busy High Street of the town.


Alan Smith descended down in the lift of his apartment block.  He entered into a world of suppression.  As everyone that he passed in the street ignored his familiar nobility.  All knew that it was he, Doctor Smith who had designed and redeveloped the town into the Eighth Wonder of the World.


Smith lived in the town because it had become his new home.  He had renamed it.  He had constructed the future in a short time.  Yet all his friends refused to acknowledge him or one another, with any kind of regard.


The doctor was not sure on where he was going, as it was Sunday.  Most of the shops and other workplaces were closed.  He found himself wandering into the town centre.  It was there that he was stunned to find silver androids patrolling the area, armed.  Prepared to shoot and kill any defiant rebellious human.


All but he seemed to be under the dominance of some new evil power.  Unseen and unheard, he carefully returned to his abode.  When there, the top scientist flicked a switch in his bedroom.  The room hummed to a new life.  A panel in a wall opened sideways to reveal his computerised lab.


He asked his all knowing machine, what the hell was going on.  The ace gadget answered in its female tones, ‘Futureman has been killed by the mad Doctor Greenberg, now calling himself as the, Techno Man.’


The lovely voice asked its master, what he planned to do?



In the town of Newhampton, Techno Man sat on his throne.  All the People served him.  If anyone did defy him, his tin soldiers would burn them out of existence.  Even the newly married couple, Jack and Sarah Simmons, obeyed the tyrant that had smashed their number one hero, Futureman. 


All seemed to be going well in the overthrown district of Newhampton, England.  Techno Man’s overwhelming dominance was challenged on Monday, the second day of his dictatorship.

* * *

Alan Smith was an average sized man, with quite a distinguished appearance.  His hair was blond and smartly cut.  His face was youthful.  Although he was aged at forty.  His cool white suited attire enhanced his freshness.  Smith was no hero, but he became a martyr.


He approached the town hall of Newhampton.  Eyes human and artificial stared at him as he boldly entered the modernised temple of democracy.  This town hall though contained the antichrist of goodness.  The androids blasted at the intruding scientist, who was one of their co-creators.


Doctor Alan Smith soon stood before his foe, Techno Man.  ‘You know who I am, don’t you?  I now know what you have done.  I am here to change all.  You must realise that I am the last and only threat to you, in town.  I also know that I am the only obstacle, blocking you from overthrowing the World.  But I tell you here and now.  If you kill me, you will be killing yourself.’


The menacing Techno Man was covered by a black hooded cloak.  Doctor Greenberg’s craggy old face was hidden deep within, the swamping suit of armour of Techno Man.  With a wave of his hand, his top armed androids shot the mild mannered human, Alan Smith.


The bullets simply rebounded off a force-field that embraced the clever inventor.  So the never-say-die robots incinerated the doomed human.  The special shield was blistered under great heat.  The form of Doctor Smith staggered out of the town hall.  Into the High Street.  The subdued townsfolk witnessed for the corner of their afraid eyes, a scene of wonder.


Techno Man and his tin army continued observing the cremation of the lone martyr.  All saw Alan’s clothes become a raging inferno.  Skin melted hideously.  Yet the flaking embers fell to the ground.  Revealing a new, strange, subject lying therein.


The villains of the peace quaked in fear, whilst the decent humans awoke from their dismay, in delight.  The smoky figure that confronted Techno Man was the reincarnated hero, Futureman.  The silver figure dazzled all.  The blinding glare allowed alacrity to be used.

The super machine rushed at its foe, smashing away the doomed inferior androids, trying pathetically to defend their master.  They fell away into the mob of bold humans, who now fought for their freedom.  Thanks to the presence of their idol, the People defeated the failed army of Techno Man.


Dan Dyke stood face to face with his adversary.  His very personal Grim Reaper.  Though this time, the table had been turned.  By some miracle find, Futureman had returned.  He began to dance around Techno Man.  Working his amazing magical mysteries.  The shim sham moves of the electric disco king, began to hypnotise the melting iceberg.  That was the heart of Techno Man aka Doctor Greenberg.


Funky pop music started to echo down the streets.  Everyone danced and partied there in the town centre.  Entranced by the effervescent android.  The rapturous moment allowed Futureman time to lead the dazed Techno Man, into an awaiting prison van.


* * *

From the crowd that gathered around the metallic hero, encroached the newly wedded couple, that had witnessed his dramatic demise.  Jack Simmons asked his friend, ‘How can you be alive? We both saw you destroyed.  Where is Alan Smith?  Where did that van come from?’


Futureman explained, ‘When Doctor Smith learned of my death, he made contact via his main computer.  Marshal Washington used all his wealth and power to inform the National Guard of Techno Man.  Sadly, my friends, Alan Smith is truly deceased.  He used his genius brain to revive my soul.’

* * *

The truth is, Alan Smith was the new Futureman.  With all the data of Dan Dyke saved and downloaded, into his own brain.  Dan Dyke had seen the future and altered it.

* * *

My dear friends, the tour is almost over.  Peace soon returned to Newhampton.  Thanks to the existence of Futureman.  His story is still to be unfolded. 


Today, the statue of the ancient robot turns on its revolving plinth.  Just as the museum closes and the lights go out, his eyes glow.  Maybe waiting for the next turn on the dance floor.











Submitted: February 22, 2016

© Copyright 2021 bloodman. All rights reserved.

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Sharief Hendricks

Awesome story bloodman…

Was a bit sad for Alan Smith's sacrifice, but he died for the greater good !!!

loved it

Wed, July 1st, 2020 2:27pm


Thanks we all need a hero some times.

Wed, July 1st, 2020 8:41am

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