Kaptin Komma - part two

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

part two of four






The party ensued.  Many odd heads became odious oddities.  That lethal beverage consumed most of the 200 alien fighters.  The hundred or so spaceship crew remained at their stations.  Both spaceships were on watch.  They all awaited the next mission.  The top officers had to prepare to attack the enemy space station.  Then turn there attentions, to deal with the conquest or destruction of Earth.


Kaptin Komma drank with two enthusiastic alien fighters.  Both were of original Scaro kind.  They allowed Kap into their small circle of friends.  They had an idea.  They wanted to have some fun with the Earthlings.  Both were pretty inebriated.  They went to their pods.  Then soared down to the nearest occupied world.  A sadistic situation was underway.  It was quite scary too.




The Ford truck stopped outside the dusty barn.  A faint voice called from within.  A deeper tone moved from inside the rusty machine.  The girl seemed to fly from the big barn door, into the arms of her dad.  The teenager wanted him to see her new pony.  The red beast was pretty.  It was typical of her granddad to give her what she always wanted.  Her father smiled.  He loved her, more than anyone, and he knew it.


The night was black outside.  The pair were impervious of what was in the sky.  The blond trim girl led out her pet.  Parading it in a short circle by the stable wall.  ‘Nice,’ mused her dad.  ‘Suppose it needs feeding too?’


‘We have plenty of grass and hay, already.  Just needs healthy stuff to keep her happy,’ perked the light tones. 


At that instant, a rush of wind rushed by.  Yet it was a warm and still night on the Arizona plain.  While the girl was still occupied with her gift.  The older man spotted a dot in the sky.  It was moving closer.  It was very weird looking.  It puzzled him somehow.  The dry grass hissed as it moved.  Yet the few trees remain frozen, in the arid earth.  The red thing became three objects.  The father firmly pushed his daughter and pony to the doorway of the barn.  His paternal instincts took hold.


For no reason, a purple vapour struck the nearby house.  The timbers turned to ash.  Dust enveloped the wooden home.  The man trembled along with his very aware child.  The pony bolted into the dark recesses of the stables.  The humans did not know which was safer.  Indoors or out.  They paused at the brink of the barn.  Watching the orbs float towards them.


A static silence filled the remote dwelling.  Two of the pods hummed close to the humans.  The girl screamed and fell into her dad’s side.  The father cried inside.  Strange demon like beings could be discerned from inside the 10 foot tall egg shaped things.  Big silent eyes stared hard and menacingly.  This was a close encounter of the fourth kind. 




The two aliens lifted the girl with magnetic strings.  The wiry strands grew from the wall of the pods.  The cruel twosome threw the prize into a hill of hay.  She cried, more stunned than in pain.  Her dad moved fast to her.  He pulled out a revolving weapon.  It spat out metal from a spout.  One bit hit an alien.  The flaring face grinned, with design to kill this pathetic human.


The pair of circles raced at the humans.  From behind a blast hit the humans.  The force pushed them into the barn.  They were hurt but alive.  The twosome stared in disbelief at their companion.  The raging mind of the third alien place a force field around them.  Then moved them about in mid-air.  The red lights hovered away into space.


The third orb descended slowly and closely to the man and girl, hiding scared in the barn.  They shook in obvious fear before the alien.  A hideous voice spoke, ‘I am Kaptin Kappa, I am the good guy here.’


The girl threw a stone from the ground at the green alien stuck inside a gel like orb.  The alien backed off, speaking alien, morosely, sounding like garbled grunts.  ‘I am, the good guy.’




The man, girl and pony stood watching the aliens disappear.  Before they could resume some sort of normality, a blast from space hit the barn.  The third alien smashed it into bits.  He could not help it.  He was a scary alien.  He was evil.  He was bad and he was a horror to behold.  Yet on that night.  Kaptin Komma had done evil, but saved his former people.  In his heart and mind,  Earth had a chance with him around.


* * *





The spaceship Sero sat beside the Crell.  The Moon blocked all view from Earth.  No human satellite could detect them anyway.  The crafts were not of known earthly elements.  The te and fut were gel like skins.  They repelled anything known in the known Scaro Empire.  Up to the present, no victim presented any serious problems in overcoming or overthrowing any civilisation.  The te and fut were an awesome and smelly product of the dying Sun of the Crellic system. 


The Crellic system was a relatively neighbouring part of the ‘Scaro Galaxy.’ This name had been changed by all victims.  The quashed worlds were scared stiff of the Scaronites.  Most beings had nightmares of the Return of the Scary Knights.  Putting them on the space-map made it easier to sleep somehow.  Even for the hardy rebels.


The rays of the Crell sun gave off te and fut elements.  When put together they became an awesome force.  A gel was formed.  When around an object or being, it was virtually impregnable and repelled any pain.  The Scaronites learnt its secrets.  The whole empire merged its DNA with this new compound.  For many millennium.  The Scaronites had become a super-race.  The side affects of their transformation caused them to be very evil and determined to rule.  Everywhere.




The nameless and mindless duo returned to the hangar of the Sero.  They were followed by the blazing trail of Kaptin Komma.  The aliens tried to skulk away from the higher ranking officer of the Scaronite fighters.  A gust of air stopped them.  They turned to reckon with the soft and weak comrade.  ‘What was that down there, Kap? You losing your nerve.  Was your last host, the real Scaronite?’


The Kap grabbed them both in a death grip.  Invisible hands crushed their alien throats.  Most throats were in the same place as other aliens.  Only a few species in the know universe had different extremities.  His tone growled like a bear.  ‘Is that how you always treat your victims?’


‘Ho no,’ squirmed the thinner of the two. 

‘We usually take them away and play with their insides,’ hissed the other, ‘it’s fun,’ he gargled in the clutches of the stronger alien. 


‘You make me sick, you are not evil, you are pathetic.  Even nasty little warts have more sense than you.  Who trained you to be that way?’


‘It has always been our way.  General Kanta ordained us to study the Earthlings.  We have done this for the last generation.  Maybe you lost your memory or something?’


‘Maybe, but I know how to be evil and enjoy it.  I find low life’s like you and toss you in the sun.’


Kap let them go.  The pair fled into the safety of the bar.  They leered back.  Too afraid to confront the powerful alien, Kaptin Komma.  He knew though that they would go straight to General Kanta and grass up.  The alien man sat back in his pod.  The levers were easy to use now.  Even the gun controls.  He stared at the panel of seven lights.  He had used them all, except one.  He wondered if it would help him. 


His mind was numb.  He was sad for the two humans that he scared.  He did not mind being evil.  But having no respect, did not work for the half breed.  He picked up radio waves from Earth.  News was spreading about an abduction taking place in the USA.  The eyewitnesses told reporters of the alien abductor that seemed to save their lives.  At that, the Kap raged inside of his error.  The other Scaronites would find out.  In blind movement he pressed the seventh button.  All lights went out.  His pod blacked its shell.  Kaptin Komma, thought, ‘Oh great.’


* * *




The man, woke in a green and watery land.  At first all that could be seen, was a gushing brook and colourful blooming plants.  The sky was dark blue; only viewed in the close vicinity.  At about half a mile square.  He knelt on healthy grown and scooped a gulp of fresh spraying water.  It soothed the hot tempered brow of the man.  He looked at his hands.  They were human hands.


The man, jumped up startled.  What the heck was going on?  His heart throbbed.  Before him lay a white arching footbridge.  It became the aim.  The man stood on the highest part of the structure and looked around.  The green landscape ended abruptly after one large circle of freshness.  Beyond lay the most volatile array of volcanoes, lava beds, rocky mountains with terrain and tracks leading to caves. 


Some lizard like beings flew about.  But never over the pleasant islet.  It was obvious that the man was fairly safe, in his unique prison.  On the opposite side of the brook lay a small acropolis like building.  Inside sat  a being.  Not human.  The alien part of the man told him who and what it was.  It was Egweb in Scaronite form.  The man approached cautiously. 




A smooth tone breathed a sigh of appreciation and welcome.  ‘Ah, come, come, my friend, I have been waiting for you.  I see you pressed the button.  Why do you think you did that?  Tell me as honest as you can.’


The man knelt on a kneeling cushion and leaned against a wooden lectern.  Staring at the being.  It was somehow wondrous to behold.  His feelings calmed.  A sensation of being in the presence of a god overcame him.  ‘I pushed the last button, firstly because it was black, the others were red and green.  Lastly I needed some advice from somewhere.  And now here I am.’


‘Yes you are here.  Not many have seen me for real.  You see only certain Scaronites can see the black button.  Those of strong heart.  You challenge my people.  They live by being evil and nasty.  You though have a different way.  You let humans live and go free.  Why is this?’


The man stood and gesticulated with one hand, but not with menace but promise.  Egweb, I am Kaptin Komma.  I see the abhorrent ways of some of your warriors.  They do not honour evil.  They show madness in brutality.  How can I show them a way to change?  I do not seek to change them, only to mature them into a more powerful race.  With the act of valour comes greatness.  How do I convey this to them?’


A mist formed around the man.  A moment passed, revealing a ring upon his right hand.  It was black with blue and green gems fused together.  Egweb explained, ‘this is the ring of te and fut.  It is the sign of a Scaronite, blessed by myself only.  Show this in the time of doubt.  My people should listen to you.  If not they may have become ignorant of my being.  Point the ring and say your name and call me out.  Go now, I do not control time.  Only fashion it.  Go.’




Kaptin Komma became aware of a sudden pain.  A beam of light was hitting his temple.  Kap was on the floor outside his pod.  Two of the ship’s guards stood over.  Behind cowered the two nasty Scaronites.  They had undoubtedly betrayed him.  The guards took him to a holding cell.  It was a bit like inside his pod, but with no controls and a bit more room.  He sat on the bed, formed out of the gel like wall.  The dull green interior stayed silent with thought.


A noise rang out.  It was an attack.  All Scaronite fighters took to space.  Kap was oblivious to the facts.  He was stuck there.  Another alien was in an adjacent cell.  The inmate groaned.  Kap enquired, ‘What is going on?’


The unseen alien retorted, ‘the mother of all Dromonice battleships has appeared.  I can see it.  The fighters are struggling to contain it.  The Crell has joined in the battle.’


‘How can you see it?’ wondered Kap.


‘I am a Bront Scaronite.  My world is the next world with life to Dredalo.  We can see through and hear beyond walls.’


‘How come you ended in here?’


‘I overheard a fighter calling me names in the bar.  Next thing I threw a bottle of Scary Brew in his face.  I was locked up for hitting an officer.’


‘Who did you hit?’ General Flint.  Close friend of General Kanta. 


The cells filled with silence.  Kap tried to think.  While his fellow inmate tried to see and hear the ensuing battle.  He gave up do the minute commentary.  The Bront low tone helped Kap to listen and plan a way out of this situation. 


* * *





The leader of the Dromonice battleship ordered his crew to blast the enemy spaceship, the Crell, with all that they had.  A ray of cyan shone on and into the approaching vessel.  The Crell opened fire with a blazing outburst of neon.  The Crell began to melt, before it could cause any effect.  A spray of Scaro Fighters mobbed the chilling diamond that was as hard as steel.


The similar sized spaceship succumbed to the might of the freezing foe.  The tactic of the last battle that saw Kap Komma win, failed to comply this time.  Somehow something was missing.  The at a loss Scaronites froze in mid space.  The area the size of small city drifted away into the depths of space.  Leaving the crew of the Sero stunned.


General Kanta returned with only ten of his hundred fighters.  They went back some many miles to the awaiting spaceship.  The Dromonice had stayed stationary for a time.  Assessing the situation.  The battleship had won the battle.  Victory was assumed.  The savages of space would soon be no more.  And Earth could soon belong to the hosts of Pluto. 




In his prison cell, Kap heard his fellow inmate describe the fall of the Crell and its fighters.  Something had gone wrong.  He pondered that even the wicked and powerful can be at fault.  It was not that their attempt was incorrect.  But that the act of aptitude was not the strong suit of the Scaronites.  Kap was no genius, but could fool some people some of the time.  Could this be useful to him.


A lot of clanging and banging, echoed throughout the Sero.  The squad of fighters had returned.  Armour and weapons were thrown about in disgust and lack of valour.  The shell life forms glowed a seething red.  The host and parasite were of equal disarray.  Even the shell of Kap Komma had a light hew of purple.  It was only his human guile that kept him calm.  Up till now, he had assumed the Scaronites had no weakness.  He had not seen failure in these heartless warriors.  Something had to be done.  Kaptin Komma decided to act.




The lone cell guard was distracted from his reading.  Not many of his kind bothered with books.  Yet he was deep in the study of God and Law of the Scaronites.  Or GALS, as the title read.  The guard was just noting a quote from Egweb, when the deep tone of Kaptin Komma haled him to get General Kanta.


The guard at first mused that idea.  Thought about returning to his book, but was bored with reading, specially when was just told about the Crell disaster.  Before the straight shelled alien could exit the cell quarters main door,  General Kanta barged in.


He gave the guard a stern look, who just piped, ‘just coming for you Sir.  The prisoner wants to talk.’


The guard seemed to melt from the mind of General Kanta.  The three cornered face stared at he cell of Kap.  He released him and the other inmate.  ‘Your needed, soldier,’ he grunted at the Bront warrior. 


Kanta stared at the freed Komma.  ‘Walk with me Kaptin,’


The alien man strolled fast as he could with the long legs of Kanta.  The egg like shell was red.  As were other warriors.  Only Kap and some other fighters and crew glowed a calmer tone.  This sight puzzled Kanta.  It was also why he asked for some understanding.  ‘Kaptin, how did you come up with your winning attack?  Did you work it out earlier?  Why would it not work again?  This solar system of yours is different somehow.’


The branch like arms of Kap, pointed to the heavens.  Then showed the General his hand.  On it was a hand ring.  Covering all three alien digits.  Most aliens only have a thumb and three fingers.  One was severed in a great battle once, far away in another galaxy.  Since then, most known warrior aliens only required a simplified hand.  This hand though was adorned by a most special band.



‘You see this, General.  It was given to me by Egweb.  Do you recognise it?’


Kanta nodded, ‘How did you, come by it?’


The alien man stopped in his tracks.  The general stared hardily.  They were standing just inside the doorway of the battle bridge.  The crew stared also at the colourful ring.  His voice seemed to resonate throughout the ship and to the reaches of the enemy.  ‘I am Kaptin Komma.  Calling Egweb.  Come forth Egweb.  Your people await you.’


At that moment the whole galaxy that Earth was part of shimmered.  The star struck races, stared into disbelief.  The enemy shook in their pants.  If they had any.  Private Lot almost fainted.  A dull light radiated around the shell of Kaptin Komma.  Then the face of a Scaronite appeared on the frontage of the orb.


Everyone on the bridge bowed.  To their god.  A heart warming voice proclaimed, ‘Listen to Kaptin Komma.  Let him lead the next attack.  He has my powers within him.  Yet it is his way that shall rule the day.  Go my people, Go!’


* * *






Kaptin Rattling rotated his cubed head 360 degrees.  His vocals barked out orders to prepare for attack.  The hundred and ten Scary Knights zoomed into space.  The Sero soared slowly behind.  The fighters spread out.  Fully encircling the enemy battleship.  They obeyed the commands of Kaptin Komma.


The Dromonice pulsed into frigid life.  A ray began to throw light at the oncoming foes.  When told, all the fighters emitted a low hum.  Even the Sero hummed.  The shells on the warriors glowed purple.  The pods shimmered crimson.  A wave of sound overwhelmed the icy blue laser.  Inside the battleship, crew and warriors heard the rising tone of the Scaronite race.  Higher and higher.  On and on.  More and more.  The sheerness was too much.  The whole vessel seemed to cringe.



Most of the Dromonice were frozen into submission.  A small group of icy fighters fought apart from the ship.  They blasted several pods of the Scaronites.  The warriors fell into the Moon.  The five snowmen of Pluto, landed in a crater,  they left their plinths; blasting the three doomed hosts.  The battle in space seemed to wait in limbo.  General Kanta returned with his fleet to the Sero.  The battleship had been crippled.  The plan was to blast it into the Sun.


On the Moon of Earth, stood Kaptin Komma with two other aliens.  They were the same that had grassed on him.  This time though, he was glad of their company.  Two of the Dromonice appeared over the lip of the house sized crater.  The alien leader noticed the appearance of the weird enemy.  The head and torso were transported by an icy mist.  They had no legs.  They froze the direction they moved and slid, quite agile.  The limbs were like tree branches, waving as they skidded along.  A circle on their chest lit the way and a bump on both limbs shot steely icicles.


These aliens were creepy.  The human host of Kap Komma felt sick inside.  The shell suppressed his feelings.  With a strong arm and hands, he pulled the pair off the ridge.  They fell at the feet of the immature Scaronites.  They blasted the poor beings into wasted sleet.  Kap did not look.  He was homing in on the three other fighters.  His useful laser pistol came out of his front pouch.  It blazed at the base of the oncoming trio.  Two melted in the direction of the nasty Scary duo.  Leaving Kap with the leader of the Dromonice.




The seven foot tall Ice Warrior towered over the stalwart shadow of Kaptin Komma.  The once man of Earth felt his feet freeze to the rocky surface.  Instead of shooting and icing his face, the Drom Lord pushed its foe over.  Because his feet were stuck, nothing could stop his knees from buckling.  All except for his shell.  All three Scary Knights had left their pods.  The shells kept them suited and safe to live in space with or without air.  The new form of Kap Komma was also very tough and flexible.  The man now had super strength and agility.  A faraway thought expected he could use this to protect and serve Earth. 


At this time he had to defeat this deadly alien.  The lord of cold loomed over, preparing to end his relatively neoteric form.  A mental memory of being in his human house, when the shell had chosen him.  The previous Kaptin smiled before his demise.  He had seen the face of his replacement.  A power had been passed.  A hand shake had sealed the deal.  Giving Kaptin Komma the Grip of Death.  Or ‘God’ taking license.


Kaptin Komma stretched his right arm.  His disc like palm met the ice lump of the enemy.  His worm like fingers gripped hold.  At first the Drom Lord seemed to smile his snowman face.  Then his eyes turned red.  His mouth part huffed.  His limbs sizzled.  The melting man turned, to flee to his craft.  After hearing the burning word from the seething might, ‘Run!’




The nasty duo had bashed the pair of gloomy victims.  They went to the side of their Kaptin.  They saw him hurt the Dromonice, then let him go.  They relished in watching his power, but asked him why he let the last fighter go.  The purple leader retorted, ‘you guys may never understand.  But you do not always have to kill or torture.  Sometimes a warning is more scary.  Want me to show you?’


A shadowy cloud grew from the leader.  It tormented the pair.  They bashed into each other, trying to get out of the way.  The evil aliens paused and mused at the growing powers of Kaptin Komma.  When returning to their pods, the young twosome praised their leader.  Something had clicked in their brains.  For once in the history of the Scaronites, a new design in warfare had been contemplated.


The Scaronites all returned to the Sero.  Kaptin Rattling told all that the Dromonice battleship had been jettisoned into the Sun.  And that only one Drom Lord had passed by.  Heading for the safety of Pluto and beyond to the home world.  A ceremony was held to remember the end of the crew of the Crell.  A report would be sent home to Dredalo.  The next action would be the conquest of the planet Earth.  At that, Kaptin Komma was noticed by all, going to his pod.


* * *

Submitted: April 24, 2017

© Copyright 2021 bloodman. All rights reserved.

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