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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A Surreal super hero




The Rose, crossed her legs, causing Crusher to blush.  Seeing her beautiful pink flesh.  The Rose and Chain Gang, made out their plot to overpower the world. 

‘Remember Chain is in Australia, smuggling the dust to our Southern Earth base.  At Midnight tomorrow we launch ten super jets.  To encircle the world spraying the secret.  No one can stop our domination now.’



April began and so did the pranks.  To one man it seemed to be one very big one.  When he left his London flat, he found the streets desolate of activity.  He frowned at his reflection in his car window.  When his drove his Robin Reliant down the main roads, of that morning, he found no one.  Cars had been left open.  Everyone had gone.  The radio stations were also dead. 


Where was everybody?  Why was he alone?  The man worried now, and drove on to Heathrow Airport.  Everywhere was void of life.  At the runway, aircraft still lay dormant.  As if glued down.  The lone human found a chopper and after failing to find any help from the radio tower, he slowly moved off the ground.  The man was no pilot.  But his ever growing fear pushed him to the limits of his knowledge.


For the air he saw one ship on the Thames, heading out to sea.  So he headed for it.  While he was hovering, he heard voices on his headphones. 

‘Okay, Leader One, assault A is over.  Assault B is now in operation.’

‘Returning to base, Boss.  Shall we join the others? Our section is done.’


‘Yes, Leader One. Land on the HMS Invincible, that is our new base.’


The lone man know that the famous ship had been on manoeuvres, just beyond the Thames estuary.  So he followed the river to the distant vessel.  It was a massive aircraft carrier.


The man saw a jet land with four others.  Then heard on the radio, ‘there is something in the sky.  Seek out and destroy.’

The five super fighters went after the enemy.  It was the man in the chopper.  ‘Who are you?’ buzzed his headset. 


I am Penny Man,’ declared the unusual hero.  ‘Take me to your leader or suffer.’


The jets blasted the chopper.  It blew up with the man within.  The man became a flying being.  Undetected by the fighters, he soared to the ship.  Before the jets had gotten to the man, he had found a penny coin.  On the floor of the copter.  When he tried to pick it up, it stuck in his hand.  The coin embedded itself into his right palm.


After a moments pain, his body became fused with power.  So born was Penny Man.  It was a miracle and the man would never refuse the gift.  Penny Man had strange abilities.  This was the day of the Penny Man.  The miracle.


Penny Man beat off the fighters.  An impulsive force sent them falling back.  To the carrier whence they came.  The hero went in search of the Captain.  The black shady super man, grabbed a thug by the scruff of his neck.  ‘Where is your boss?’

The trembling terrorist pointed to a metal doorway.  And down below.  The non sailor was left choking to death.  Penny Man ran down steps to a door marked Private.  The bold stranger bounded through.  Falling into the lap of a pretty feline Captain.  The leader was a peachy skinned woman.  Her warming face stared hard.  The red cat suited babe hypnotised the fallen man.  The male shook his head in defeat. 


‘Who are you?’ begged the Man in Black.

‘My name is the Rose.  And my big friend here is Crusher.  Who in a moment shall kill you.  Kill him!’


Crusher grabbed the loner.  Ribs cracked.  The pain aroused the power.  The giant Crusher saw a chair lift by itself.  The loner yelled.  That sound caused the seat to smash into the stunned monster.  Even larger items tables and chairs crushed Crusher, out of the picture. 


Crusher fell at the feet of Penny Man.  A invisible force trapped Crusher and the Rose, against the steel wall of the Captain’s Quarters.  ‘Who are you?’  His voice and presence was mighty now.


Rose answered, ‘I am the Leader of this gang.  The Rose and Chain.  We have drugged the world, now all have been place together.  They shall be made our servants.  The Earth belongs to Chain.  And you and nobody can stop him.





‘Who is this Chain?’ tested Penny Man.

‘Chain is in Australia.  Controlling the South lands of Earth.  We plan to meet in Ascension Island, today.  ‘Come, and join us.’


The man with a coin moulded to his hand, flew with Rose.  In a private jet.  To the Atlantic Ocean.  Somehow he sensed some sadness in the Rose.  She revealed emotions to include him.  In the conquest of the world. 


When they arrived at the island.  The lone man met Chain.  A man of armour who was deemed indestructible.  Chain showed off the Head Quarters of the Rose and Chain gang.  In a remote part of the island, a base was there.  Almost like a French fort.  With a large optical telescope.  Inside the large complex was a map of the world.  Including the Moon and Mars.  Both occupied.  By the gang.


A robotic voice resonated from the silver suit of armour.  ‘Yes, we have bases on the Lunar planet and Red world.  One day we aim to own the galaxy.  And later the entire universe.’

‘That is Mad.  This is impossible.’

‘Not at all,’ stated Chain.  ‘We are genius.  We have begun our domination of the Universe.  Here on Earth.  You could be a great asset.  Join us.  We can give you a small planet.  If you want your own life.  With what may remain of humanity.’


I will miss the things you are vanquishing.  I cannot be part of this.  I will destroy you, now!’


Penny Man waved his hands and caused explosions.  The island began to shake.  Chain was punched by a solid fist of Perspex.  Tearing through metal links.  To pierce the concealed heart, of the mostly human fiend.  Not heart was found.  Penny Man learned fast.  Chain was a robot.  The Rose explained that the true Chain was on Mars.  With the real Rose.  They only had to depress a button there.  To destroy the lone man, and the rest of the world.


Penny Man found the sound waves. Coming from the chest of the robotic form of the Rose.  The mystical powers of the old penny, allowed the man to pounce through space in seconds.  Mars was crammed with nothing but a small space station.  With a few space fighters and a battle cruiser.  The space ship had raced into a black cluster of asteroids.  The Martian base erupted.  Throwing the Penny into the red dust of Mars.  Time was now his enemy.  The super man soared some how.  Grabbing onto the hull of the fleeing cruiser.


To his horror.  Penny Man was losing his powers.  The lone man was changing into a normal human.  The man had only seconds to survive the pressures of space.





The dark mega-hero opened the space hatch.  Using his lucky penny fingers.  It closed behind, allowing oxygen to find his lungs.  A second door lead into a freight chamber.  Many different things were stored, from missiles to spacesuits.  Even food for the Moon base.  It gave the lost man time to think.  He fell into a white spacesuit.  Just as his humanity woke in the strange far out place. 


‘Where am I?’ thought the spaceman. 

The last thing he recalled, was flying the chopper.  Then being stuck in the cargo hold.  He assumed he was on a sailing ship on Earth.  The man fell into  trap door.  Flailing into a room full of ready to kill space troopers.  A man of metal called Chain, asked him, ‘Who are you?  How did you get here?’  Any resemblance of Penny Man had gone.  Only a plain human stood in the grip of more metal men. 


The lone man revealed, ‘Matt Silver is my name of St Paul’s, London.  I was a tour guide at the Cathedral.  I woke to find the city empty.  Then I panicked and searched any way I could for help.  Somehow I am now here.


‘Do you know Penny Man?’ asked a gorgeous woman, the Rose.  Stooping beside her half human iron man, Chain. 

‘No, who are you, Miss?’


At a wave of her painted hand, a robotic guard dragged Matt to a large box.  Inside there was a dying man, with a long grey beard.  ‘What happened to you, Sir?’

‘I tried to rebel boy.  When I heard Earth had been dusted.  My family had been made into Zombies.  Like everyone down there.  I attempted to kill Chain. But Crusher stopped me.  I was suicidal but I had to try.’

‘What will they do with us?’

‘Take us to their own solar system.  They are not quite humans.  They are humorites.  Part flesh and ore of some kind.  They are brother and sister.  Their father was a fair leader.  But they are wicked and very ambitious.  We may end up as one of their sport victims.  I have been here a week.  But they played me in an aging game and I won.’

‘Wow!’ gasped Matt.


Before Matt could ask anymore, the cell door moved.  Sliding that caused the slab of metal to dissolve into the wall.  A guard appeared. The young prisoner was dragged away in chains.  The smooth zinc floor, helped the metal ape like trouper to pull its prey.  Along and into another chamber.


Matt was amazed.  The room was an arena.  Like at Wembley Arena.  The two leaders were bored.  And set Matt up in an exciting contest.  A man with shades told Matt Silver short rules.  ‘Fight for your life.’


A commentators tone echoed.  The fight was against a Mitalite Guard, a being of great pulling and pushing strength.  Matt wore his casual denim and t shirt with trainers.  He was refused to change into armour.  The alien with long arms pulled and threw Matt, into a hard steel wall.  Speakers echoed cheering voices.  Even more chanted back in the system of the Rose and Chain home world.  Not knowing that Matt Silver was Penny Man.  The Mega Hero.




Halfway from Earth and Humorite, Matt Silver had no chance of living.  Against the ugly hog of a man.  The Mitalite.  By some unknown reason.  The lone man notice and felt his right palm pulsate and hurt.  The beast hit him into the floor.  As he fell, Matt felt his physique change.  This time his memory stayed.  The Rose and the Chain.  Including Crusher and millions watching live on TV.  Matt Silver, the puny human, morphed into the awesome Penny Man.  The most unknown man.


Deep in the brain of Matt Silver, lay the sad homeless human.  Waiting to go home to his city.  Not totally realising what was happening, confused his persona.  His mortal form could not survive the punishment of his darkness.  So after every hour.  Penny Man would return.  To be the heart and soul of Matt Silver. 


Blood became sweat.  Penny Man raised his eyes at the Mitalite.  Then juggled it in his reborn arms.  The black suited man was seven foot tall.  Covered in a flexible suit of alien origin.  Not of this reality.  It was like rubber and Perspex.  As tough as steel.  The aged penny was fixed to his right hand.  The stunned Mitalite was thrown.  High into the small stand.  Full of fans that cried out.  Fearful and ignorant. 


The Penny Man zapped the ape into confetti.  It rained on the other aliens.  The fifty fled throughout the large spaceship.  The cruiser was leaving Earths system for another.  Leaving behind a world in a crumbling mess.  Under the robotic copies of Rose and Chain.  There to decimate the galaxy. 


The Penny eyes pierced the main door of the arena.  The small army of robots fell like tin soldiers.  Lasers and bullets could not penetrate the hide of the lone hero.  The bullets repelled into the stammering androids.  Penny Man tried not to kill.  But had to get to Rose and Chain.  With amazing agility he shrank and vanished.  The inch high dude passed down air ducts.  Fighting off space spiders.


The Rose and Chain gang were looking at a monitor of another world.  Rose called out on a radio.  The Mega Hero was ordered to give up or Earth will be destroyed.  The Superman had no option, but to give up.  For the sake of his home world, Matt would die.


Penny Man surrendered just as the spaceship landed on the capital city, Dynalite.  Penny Man was about to lash out at Chain in defiance, when he crumbled into the simple tour guide, Matt Silver.  Matt was taken to the penal colony.  It was said impossible to escape from.  Matt felt hopeless.  Only his other self could save him now.  He has to wait an hour to reignite his alter ego.  So had to figure things out himself, slowly. 




The old man was still with Matt.  They were among cutthroats and criminals of all kinds.  Salva Men, Rota Bots and Skinnyland Rebels.  The fifty other prisoners picked on the old man, for any luxuries.  Then mugged Mat.


‘Who are you?’ drooled a vomiting Salva Man.

‘I am Matt Silver from Earth.’  The lone human smoothed his blond locks.  Adorned in his casual denim trousers, Bat man t shirt and trainers.  The latest inmate was pushed among the manacled marauders.  To the prison king.


The stone faced Squirrel Man was called Busherance.  Standing at seven foot tall.  A furry man with a bushy tail.  Suited like an Earth pirate of old.  It made Matt laugh out loud.  The king pulled the lone man to his dirty face, ‘I am ruler down here.  Any plans of escape come from me.  When I desire.  Right?’  Matt Silver felt the chained gang breathing down his hot neck.

‘Okay, but will you get out?’

‘Yes of course.  We shall counterattack someday, when the timing is right.  So do not bother me.’


Matt could see that Busherance was trying to protect his authority.  The leader was cleverer and stronger than the others in the prison.  Of a distant world from Earth.  Matt pressured the king.  ‘I want out now.  Let us fight?’

The crazy gang began to beat up the stranger.  They did not see his face reform. 


The iron flat face of Busherance quivered at the sight of the reborn Mega Hero.  Before the king, the intruder showed off his powers. 

‘Scat you rats,’ growled the black suited man.  ‘You pay the Penny Man now.  For your sins.  Your assault on my heart, is an insult to the soul of all humans.’


Penny Man instantly leapt through the prison roof.  Out of the hole.  Landing at market stall, baring fruit. 


‘Where is the Rose?’ 

His tone seemed to melt the world. Penny Man demanded to see the evil woman.  He was eager to save Earth.  He mentally sensed the Rose on the balcony of the nearby Palace.  It was half a mile from the prison and market.  But he could move through thought waves.  The black might appeared by her side.


Rose breathed from her cherry sweet lips, ‘ you cannot win over a race of a million.  Give up human.’  Rose blew kisses as she spoke in whispers.


‘I have nothing to lose, witch.  My life has been set to defend my people.  You must learn to live peacefully.  As we always try, on Earth.’


When the hero confronted the queen of Dynalite, a dozen armed guards set upon him.  The laser beams stunned Penny Man.  His black rubbery form split up into tiny blobs of human garbage.  Chain, the brother of Rose, told all of the death of Penny Man.  He stood on the balcony viewing his people.  Rose stood with the pulped remains of the dead man, in a bucket.


Rose flung the bucket into the crowd.  They cheered evilly.  Saluting their sick leaders.  As the pail fell, the flesh became metal discs.  The jingle of falling money caused the mobs to pick up every coin, except for one.  The hot one grew ten foot tall.




The Silver Medallion darkened.  Into the hapless hero Penny Man.  Yes, the Mega Hero, lived!.  His voice resonated, ‘all People with the money of mine, are now of my kind.  You are my army of money soldiers.  Attack the Rose and the Chain..’


Astonishingly the money grabbing beggars fused with eyes of pennies.  Ran after witch and warlock.  The Dynalite army shrugged in defeat.  They were no match for the hundred strong money warriors of Penny Man.  The thugs of the Rose and Chain gang were bashed into nothing, by fists of long despair.  When the planet was safe and its people free.  Matt Silver returned it to the king of prisons.  Busherance.


Penny Man caught the Rose and Chain in their space cruiser, heading for Earth.  The human Matt Silver was surrounded by the Rose, the Chain, Crusher and Busherance. On the flight deck.  With Matt stood the old man.  Before the penny could drop, the Earthman became stood a lone man.  Again.


‘Where am I?’ moaned Matt Silver.

‘You are in a dead jam,’ chortled the Chain, as he strapped flying chains around the doomed human.  Crusher began to kick the ribs of the dying man.  Finally the Rose sealed it with a kiss of death.  The kiss saw the fall and rise of Matt Silver.


A lone soul was given to God.  Matt’s life was over.  But his soul was not his alone.  It also belonged to Penny Man.  So Matt asked the Lord to save his Medallion with his soul.  By returning Penny Man to the living Universe.


The Rose felt the limp body of Matthew Silver fall through her fingers.  She looked at the old man, who pulled his miser’s cloak and hat.  The bent figure revealed the rise of Penny Man, whose body self-destructed…



Tour guide for St Paul’s cathedral, Matt Silver, woke to the sound of a song on his radio.  The humble words were, ‘it started with a kiss.’  It brought back the most real recent nightmare.


The streets were busy and loud.  Matt drove to work, in his three wheeler car.  St Paul’s, London, was alive and as rowdy as usual.  Then in the corner of his eye, he caught the sight of an old man. 


It was that vision that returned his memory.  Making him realise something very important.  Miracles do happen.  And he had been part of one.  Matt Silver now knows the truth.  His hand glowed.  The lone man was the same Mega Hero.













Submitted: July 13, 2016

© Copyright 2020 bloodman. All rights reserved.

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unmasked delusions

Great imagination in this one, and loved the last line- this was definitely surreal.

Thu, November 3rd, 2016 3:32pm


good to hear, thanks

Fri, November 4th, 2016 4:12am

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