Sentinel Steve

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Submitted: February 09, 2016

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Submitted: February 09, 2016









For the jobless and hopeless, a new class in town was formed.  The students learned in a week.  By watch a ‘classified’ video that quickly showed how to combat almost any situation.  It also gave them unique powers.On the Friday and last day, the pupils await their test results.  But here the results are not very important.  Even a poor result is enough to become a member of the worlds first protector of the people.  When the Police are busy or out manned.  They can call on the Sentinels.  Guardians of the Peace. 


In a shopping mall, a small vicious wild bear goes on the loose.  Terrorising the local shoppers.  Women and children scream.  Men run for cover.  The alarm is rung.  A mile away one man hears the cry.  The new heroes are told to wait for their results.  One leaves, to go home.  Then decides to tackle the incident alone.The six other masters of mayhem, eventually leave to go home, but will not desert their lone comrade.Their tutor is sure the town is safer.  Even with the lowest of his class.  This is the Rise of the Sentinels.






The bus ride took hours.  The sole passenger arrived at the remote town. 

It felt perfect for the lonely male.  It was early morning.  Not many locals were about.  The place had a tower, casting a shadow over the few streets.  The person sat on a small stone wall that was part of the old Norman castle.  Hands were holding the head.  Rubbing weary eyes and mind.  Something had to happen.  The lost man tried to wipe away his fears and looked to the bleak future, hoping for a brighter day.  This time, he mused to himself, I shall rule the day. 


The piercing morning sunrise met the back of his head and face.  It blinded him.  Causing him to move.  He sat and stared West.  His shadow was cast.  Standing up made him seem like an unearthly giant.  His brain reminded him of chess.  It prompted him.  ‘It is your move.’  At that, he left that small town of no importance.  Searching for the moment to come.  The start of something new.  Whatever it was.



The next meaningful day, another bus took the uncertain passenger to another town.  In his hands was a paper with directions.  It took him to an office in the town centre.  This was not his town.  In fact he had never been there before.His legs strode along the streets in blue denim and grey t shirt.  Cool looking tanned shoes walked into a small office building.  The advert had claimed, anyone with depression can get treatment and get paid.  Then possibly work for the company, when the remedy works.  The balding male was at least intrigued. 


Inside the brick building was a room with a receiptionist and six other candidates.  Steve St John showed his name to the girl.  She was filing her nails and chewing on gum.  She checked his cv and name, mumbled under the gum, ‘take a seat.’


Before Steve were eight chairs.  Six were taken.  Silent minds stared.  Waiting for something to happen.  ‘Has anyone been out?’ chirped burly guy Steve.  Most of them just grunted.  One nice looking woman admitted, ‘I just hope there are no needles.’  She shivered at the thought.


At that point a man appeared from another door.  His hands clasped together and then he bowed slightly and spoke, ‘ welcome all.  Welcome to ‘New Boost 2’.  He laughed gently.  ‘Please come with me, to the next room, thank you.’


One young man tried to ask, ‘when do we get paid?’  Steve let him past, as they all moved into a strange room.  The seats were in a line of seven.  Before them was possibly the largest widescreen tv ever seen.  Some of the seven smiled.  ‘I hope it’s in HD.’  Steve was the last to sit. 


The tutor introduced himself, ‘My name is Mr Jones.  You all want help?  I have something that can help and motivate you.  First I want you to introduce yourselves.  The plain man limped with a cane to a grey desk that was beside the tv.  He sat on the edge and pointed to the opposite side of Steve. 


A cocky voice spoke, ‘I am Robert Braden, I like tweeting and I want a cigarette.’

Next voice was the nice blond, ‘My name is Sam South and I love to swim, but I do not like needles.’  Steve smiled to himself.  The others were Jim Box an amateur boxer, Lilly Saffron a trendy babe, Philip Cohen who loved to read anything, and John Square an overweight video game fan.  All remained silent. 


‘Good,’ interceded Mr Jones, ‘Now I want you all to take this red sweet.  Then we shall watch the film.’  He walked along with a box with cherry flavoured candy.  Yet they tasted like meat.  All settled down for the film.  Steve noticed that Mr Jones had placed a DVD box on the desk with the word, ‘classified.’  The lights went out and the tv came on.


For an hour the seven humans sucked on the absorbing jelly bean.  The film was too fast to watch by normal humans.  But while having the taste of the beefy flavoured bite, most of the data had been processed.  Steve kept thinking of the castle that he had sat near.  Praying for something to come along.  It was only at the end of the fourth and final session, and the knowledge and power of the film.  It was then that he realised, he had been changed into something new and exciting.


The six others had grown used to each others company.  They had breaks after the film.  Some smoked.  Others drank lager at the nearby bar.  Steve sat alone looking at the sky.  Wanting to be doing something.  What he was not sure.  Something great was happening.  A name came into his mind.  What was it?  The others had not fathomed it yet.  Even though they too had incredible powers.


On the Friday, the last day.  Mr Jones handed out a paper with ten questions.  Then explained.  ‘My dear students.  You have been given special intellegence.  After this test you can become a greater kind of human.  You already know inside by now.You will be my Sentinels.  You will be payed today a very nice wage.  My dream, is to have towns and cities, around the country, maybe the world, with groups like you.Ready to defend the people.’


Mr Jones placed the small test on pads.  In ten minutes it was over.  He asked them to wait for the results.  Then they could go home and relax.  Then start when ready.  As the new forms they had within.  A large mirror was on the wall.  The six friends stared at their new abilities.  All could change into new beings.  With red parts that gave them super powers. 


One person sat alone.  Steve could hear something.  Crying and fear from outside.  Before Mr Jones could look for him.  He was gone.  This was his calling, Mr Jones guessed.  The others waited like trained soldiers.  Yet felt the urge to be with their friend and comrade.  They knew their friend not merely Steve, but Steve Sentinel.  The seven knew that they were the Guardians of Peace.  The Seven Sentinels.





The sound of terror echoed in the head of Steve St John.  He raced stealthily from the office.  It was attached to the array of shops and stores called the Old Mall.  Steve appeared outside an arching arcade.  A local shopkeeper was directing a nervous traffic warden, who was the nearest thing to being a police officer.  Steve paused beside the two.  ‘What was it?’ 


The shaking Asian store owner explained, ‘It was a small Kodiak bear.  But it got loose of its owner and raced away into that bookshop.’  The old man with white robes continued, ‘The handler has collapsed in my shop and is losing a lot of blood.  My assistant knows First Aid and is treating him.  The bookstore is next to that café.  Look, it has children inside.’


Steve asked the men to wait for the Police.  Then they watched the stranger approach the book shop.  A strange red aura seemed to follow the unknown man.  The warden noticed spots on the man’s palms.  Steve walked with his arms slightly stretched by his side.  The light grew like smog.  It covered the doorway of  the shop.  Steve stopped and listened for the animal.  A load of books were tumbling from a shelf.


The confused bear was only four foot tall, yet it ripped some books to shreds.  If it got next door it could be awful.  Outside, people and some Police arrived.  Most were onlookers.  Men and women gasped at the strange man in the bookshop.  A red mist shrouded his actions.  Sounds could be heard from the bear.  It growled and roared.  Then it went quiet.  The beast was calmed by something.  It cowered at part of the mist that loomed over like an irrate mother bear.  With a numbing tone, Steve had placed the brown animal in a deep sleep. 


Steve haled a Police dog handler to come and tether the bear.  The mist had mostly gone.  The cop lead the doped beast into his van.  Steve St John stood outside the book shop.  He checked at the café next door.  The women and children were at the window.  Some with mobile phones, filming the incident.  Smiling at the unknown hero.  Six other people stood out among the Mall dwellers.  They moved to the side of Steve. 



‘Who are you?’ quizzed the thankful Traffic Warden.  Steve stood boldly. 

‘We, we are the Sentinels.  We are friends.  And I am Steve, Steve Sentinel.’  At that point, a strange red mist encompassed the seven.  Before anyone could take a breath, the heroes were gone.  But not forgotten.  Only one man knew them.  Yet where, he too did not know.  One thing he did know was.  The Seven Sentinels were active.

* * *



Steve St John recalled his last job.  Sometimes he worked late and went out for the night.  Local outgoers would find him waiting for a night bus home.  This one time, a friend offered to give him a lift to the road that he lived on.  That happy memory recalled his friend dropping him off near a pizza parlour.  Steve would get a later bus, after a tasty bite.  Yet before he could get something, the bus appeared early. 


The medium sized Steve, sat at the front of the part full bus.  The driver had a radio, tuned in.  Pop tunes echoed thoughout the not important interior.  Then the brakes were hit fast.  The machine groaned to a stop at traffic lights.  The time was midnight.  A newsflash was reported over the air.  A missile had hit a major European city.  Dark thoughts verbigated around the bus.

Even the most drunk oaf would understand that report.


Steve St John felt a shiver go up his spine.  Several faces seemed to look at him.  The bus looked bigger than before.  It glowed slightly pink.  Then when the traffic lights hit green, stunned humans watched the bus leave the ground.  Then fly towards the nearby railway track.  It entered a very dark tunnel, with a brilliant spot of light at the far end.


Steve St John looked down at his hands.  The palms were red with power.  Notion filled his senses.  While strangers on the bus paled at the situation, six others accepted it.  The tunnel was now raised towards space.  Stars and planets raced by.  Eons of time elapsed into nothingness.  One of his Sentinel comrades, the science geek Bob Braden, explained that they were now in Subspace. 


The now Space Train shuttled them far away from the Earth.  Something inside all minds, foretold, other human beings were at the end of this long trailing time tunnel.  The Seven Sentinals had now transformed.  All typical space had gone.  The bus now drifted though space that was more like water but as dry and free moving oxygen.  The machine seemed to come to a halt at a nearby bus stop.  The driver opened the door and everyone stared at the very weird place.



A sign somewhere read, Spacetown.  Steve and his team noticed humans looking at them.  Along an odd street lay cars, huts, caravans, parts of ruined buildings and other floating aircraft.  Inside all these things humans were living and surviving.  The Sentinels and the others on the bus kind of swam to the people and brought them onto the bus.


Somehow they were mending the Earth and the human race.  Like Noah and his Ark.  The Seven Sentinels were saving all they could from a very bad day.  At that point all paused and waited.  Not know what to do next.  Steve tried to explain, that Spacetown was some kind of safe zone.  The radio crackled out a positive tune.  The passengers waited for it and the nightmare to end.

* * *




The special six appeared in a Northern town (forgetting its name) with none of the other bus passengers and refugees of Spacetown on another long bus journey.  The gang were locked up for nothing but just being there.  There was a diving contest.The pretty girl Sam South won.  Even after her costume became caught on the water slide.  She did a kind of cartwheel mid air into the pool.  So she won.  The team were freed.


They were allowed to get the bus homebound.  Steve and his friends stopped for a burger.  He took some fries from the burger girl.  She was kind but her boss or assistant, was not happy.  Steve had taken fries that had been left too long for consumption.  But they seemed fine to him.  Yet he had to pay for another lot of fries.  Bob Braden thought they were in trouble again for nothing.  The Seven Sentinels beamed crimson, they each woke up, in their own beds, before they could be locked up again, for trying to have some fun.  Yet it was all quite a friendly atmosphere, throughout this strange, Dreamland.


Steve St John wiped his face.  Was this reality or was it part of being a Sentinel.  The radio, beside his bed raved about the red sky that had appeared.  It was then that the world was returned to normal.  From Spacetown to Dreamland.  Planet Earth had experienced the Resurrection of Reality.  This was the Rise of the Sentinels.



* * *















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