The Angel and the Demon

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The light and the dark, the Angel and Demon, the boy who loves me and the one that I love, we all sing the same song.

Submitted: September 23, 2012

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Submitted: September 23, 2012



The shadows of dusk occur to me

They tell me exactly what I could be

Darkness and tears and death and hate

Are at one end of the debate

Havens and songs and endless love

Are the things they think I will belove

The Demon's offer sticks with me

While the Angel's offer could just be

the end of my eternity

The Demon's offer shows to me

That at the end one is alone

With grief at the eye of ones cyclone

When you finally subside to grief

Why do you love when it is brief?

The Angel's offer can offers me

A chance to be with him, but he

Cannot be mine, it would be pain

To force him to love, he would abstain

So why try? Why not delve in the dark

Where I can be free with my remarks?

I ask the Demon, being curious

Hoping not to sound furious

What could I possibly gain

With cutting the Angel, what could I attain?

He simply said, "Everything.

You could live with me as king.

You shall be my queen, and if

You decide to be stiff

I shall comfort you in my own way

I shall love you anyway

It may not be perfect, but please

Realize to my appease

That the Angel's offer is short lived

Not long at all could it have survived

Light is only the absence of dark

Are what I have heard on my embarks

It could be the other way around, but

What I am trying to say is what

Is the point of light if it dies

When darkness finally applies? "

He has appeased to my often thought

I think he has my conscience bought

But I must talk to the Angel yet

But the Demon will likely win the bet

I ask the Angel, being curious

Hoping not to sound furious

What could I possibly gain

With cutting the Demon, what would I attain?

She simply said, "Nothing.

Nothing that you couldn't bring

By yourself, without assistance

You could make coexistence

Something regular in the world

Something not able to be curled

You could be the goddess of peace

You could make Death cease

To those who deserve it, or maybe don't

You can love those who won't.

Love you can find, maybe in

The boy whose heart you wish to win

It could be yours with a single word

None of this could be absurd

Just choose the light over the dark

And go on your own embarks."

The boy who's heart I wish to win?

Thats what I want, thats what its been

For his heart, I would give mine

For he is just god-like, divine

With this bribe i choose the light

Crazy? I just might be, but I will agree

If there is a chance for him to love me.

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