The Last Romance

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Something for any romantics.



They held their hands for the last time.  Sensing the end of the other.  They had seen many things in their time, together.  The War, the Divorce and the Cancer.  It was not their troubles that got them through the good and bad times.  It was not the love of their child and all their friends.  It was the love that had bound them together for fifty long and short years.  It was the love that conquered all.  The love that found them as children in war torn London.  This was not a very flattering place for love to blossom.  But this was, the Last Romance.





At the end of 1944, a bomb had dropped on the site of an old Orphanage.  Scores of people flocked to save, who they could.  Among the helpers were two children.  John Smith was a slim snake like lad.  Black hair and black shoes.  Wearing tarnished rags that were once trousers and jacket.  He dove and weaved among the fallen timbers and bricks.  Nothing could stop this almost superhuman kid.  He pulled out several other kids.  Including some adults that he did not really like.  But they would like him after the war.


Also there was petite Ann Brown.  With long red hair platted into pigtails.  She scuttled about the smoking ruins.  Picking out the littler kids and odd dolls.  Most were her friends there.  Wearing a mostly green, girls’ school uniform, she scraped and bruised her arms and legs all over.  But that did not stop her, saving the lives of the other orphans, in the place she called home.


It was the Chief Air Raid Warden, who took in the daring teenagers.  Never before had he seen such, wary kids.  He saw something special in these two.  He was quite shocked that they did not know each other.  But learned later that it was the first day there for John Smith.  The Warden, Bob Black made sure they would stay together with him for as long as he could allow it.  Besides he could use them again, if the war did not end.


So the scene was set.  The Warden only lived down the road from the Orphanage.  Part of the site still remained.  It survived the war too.  When the sirens would sound, Bob ordered them to run to his digs, every time.  Then they would join his team.  The F team were used to find survivours, after a bombing.  The small gang became of seven, became untold heroes.  In a forgotten part of London.  Just as the two teenagers, grew closer together.  In a spirit they called, Love.


One day of the Blitz a doodlebug landed on a RAF office.  Ten men were trapped inside.  Including a man from Downing Street.  It was not officially revealed.  But the bald fat man was saved by the steely eyed teenagers of the F team.  John remembered the old man stuffing a half smoked cigar inside his jacket pocket.  Amidst the soot and chaos, the man others called Winston, stared at the young red and freckly face of Ann Brown.  I will never forget this moment.  Remember, both of you.


The war went on for another year.  The young couple had grown up together.  To strangers they appeared to be a mature loving pair.  Alas they were only sweet sixteen.  Still, life went on.  And so did they.  Bob Black had his seven in a line.  Parading after the war.  The first five were given military medals, for bravery in the face of war.  To John and Ann, a special badge was pinned on.  It showed to hands gripped in friendship.  This Bob breathed, was a symbol of rememberance from a man they had saved.  The Prime Minister, Winston Churchill.






After the war, the Orphanage was repaired.  In a quiet part of London, yet it was deemed bombable by the enemy.  The happy couple still lived at the home for children.  Thanks to the help from Bob Black, the right people made the place as appealing as possible.  John Smith and Ann Brown decided to get married at 21.  But the old Air Raid Warden had other ideas, for the useful couple.


Chief Black had become a known assistant to the British Intelligence.  And troubles were brewing in the Russian States.  His old F Team was reunited.  To rescue bomb victims in any required situations.  It was a rewarding job for the agile gang. The couple from the home, held hands before going into a crumbling structure.  Their love merely grew for many a year.


Then one day in the early sixties, the pair divorced after a short row.  John was sent on a daring mission to Moscow.  A building had been blown up near the Kremlin.  The lone F Team agent was sent to find and retrieve a secret document to do with Government Secrecy.  John almost was killed.  Yet returned alive back to his worried Ann. 


On his return, after months away, his son had been born.  The marriage was back on.  The couple held each other on one dark and cold winter.  Vowing to never leave each other again.  The Spymasters were back in business.


The 1980’s arrived.  The son James Smith was growing into a fine lad.  He lived with his parents, still at the Orphanage.  The old life was over for the aging parents.  John became just the handyman in the London childrens home.  Ann was the dinnerlady.  No one would believe the tales, that the quiet happy couple were once, secret agents.  Everybody frowned at the thought.


John and Ann often walked hand in hand.  With James the teenager in tow.  The lad had grown into a man.  After training, Jimmy was the caretaker at the orphanage.  He slowly watched his parents growing old.  If only the wrinkles on their brows could talk.  They could tell him of the secret love they had.A love that would never die.  Love that was eternal.  This was a spiritual love.  James was the witness to the Last Romance.




In the Eighties James was in his thirties.  He had move away and had his own family.  It was his son, that was visiting John Smith in 2015.  Jack Smith was 20.  He stood with his dad at the bedside of both his grand parents.  They lay together in the same ward.  It was the same place where they first met.  The orphanage that was once for the living, was now for the dying.  The small family were witnessing the final whispers of a magical love.


Eightyfive was not old for every senior citizen.  But after sneaking a lifetime through old and demolished buildings, a dark cold had gripped the hold of the pair.  Arsnic and other vile poisons were less heeded for the F Team.  This daring seven, feared nothing.  That was their secret.  Love shone on this special unit.  And also on the special couple. 


John Smith murmurred to his son and grandson to come closer.  His voice croaked, as his hands held onto his dearly frail wife.  ‘We have something for you.  It is all our, love.  Look after love wisely, and it will look after you.  Take home what I have with you and remember, our Last Romance.


The old man and old woman, breathed their last breath.  The clocks all stopped in the home.  The night came and went.  The curtains were drawn one more time.  Both man and younger man, held on too.  It was then that they found something.  The couple had never shown it to family and friends.  It had kept them alive along with their love. 


Jack looked at his hands.  In them were two, old silver medals.  A single red ribbon bound them as one.  They were the medals of honour from Winston Churchill.  Many years ago.  A special enscription read,



The father and son silently walked out of the room, then both looked back one more time, to witness and never forget, the Last Romance.




Submitted: January 18, 2016

© Copyright 2021 bloodman. All rights reserved.

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