lost souls found



Three lost souls here are found,

Large and small, thin and round,

To sew and we seed,

Here, in the ground.


No cheek to kiss,

no lips to taste,

No heart for loving,

not even a trace,


No one to hug,

no arm to swing,

True love lost,

no more pulse to sing.


Three lost souls gone forever,

Deep down in the now and never,

Lie down now, on your grave,

All are one, none is saved.


Love is gone, in the wind,

Life is over, for the sinned,

No more worry, all is fine,

Three Lost Souls are now Devine.



Three found souls for God to keep,

To hold and cradle fast asleep,

Three saved souls cuddled and free.

Loved and caressed so carefully.


Life is over for these three,

Three more ready for all to see,

Pink and perky, blue and shy,

Three Happy Souls now do fly.




Submitted: September 21, 2016

© Copyright 2023 bloodman. All rights reserved.

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Just Mike

Nice, well written, and with a happy ending

Thu, September 22nd, 2016 7:29am


thank you

Thu, September 22nd, 2016 7:49am

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