Lion's Revenge

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Lionstar has passed and Wolfstar has risen again. Foxpaw, the kin of Lionstar has also fallen but his son, Lion will rise and fight for the freedom of the other cats.

Submitted: July 20, 2013

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Submitted: July 20, 2013



Lion’s Revenge Prologue

Lion ran through the fighting cats. Their battle moves different than a loner’s like him. Lion searched for Wolfstar, his kin who had killed his father and father’s father. He spotted Wolfstar’s blood-stained pelt, the blood of the suffering cats. He ran towards Wolfstar feeling power pulsing from his tail tip to his nose. This was his moment of revenge. He leaped at Wolfstar with his claw unsheathed but Wolfstar had already detected him and dodged with a heartbeat to spare. Lion quickly scrambled to his paws but Wolfstar was soon on top of him. Lion attempted to kick him off but his weight kept him on Lion. He went for a bite to the neck but Lion was quick and clawed a deep wound into his stomach. Wolfstar started running towards the old SkullClan camp and Lion quickly chased him. Lion made a leap because he knew if Wolfstar got into the camp he would have an advantage. He failed to get onto Wolfstar but tripped him. He quickly leaped on Wolfstar after he fell face-first on the ground. “Please don’t kill me!”Wolfstar meowed. This was Lion’s decision. Kill him and avenge his kin or spare him and drive him out of the forest.

Lion’s Revenge Chapter 1

Lion stayed low to the ground. Ever since Wolfstar took over all the clans and territory it was never safe. Getting caught could make you a slave or killed. He had to hunt for his sister Moon, her kit Streak, and his mother Strawberry. “I can’t believe we have to patrol LeapordClan territory at night!” Lion heard a faint noise. He crouched down and saw a patrol going up the hill to the area he was in. Wolfstar was in the patrol. The cat who killed his father Fox and his father’s father Lionstar in a battle to save the clans. His father went to live in the barn after he “killed” Wolfstar. He couldn’t handle knowing he killed his own kin. Crack! A twig snapped, the patrol was getting closer. He slowly creeped away until he heard “Loner!” from one of the cats in the patrol. He started sprinting to the barn. No! If I go there the patrol will find us! He thought. He turned to RiverClan territory and started running. “Gah!” Lion fell down to the pain of teeth in his leg. One of the cats in the patrol had caught up to him and bit him. The whole patrol was surrounding him now. This won’t go well! “What do you want Wolfstar.” Lion meowed. “I want to know why you’re here” Wolfstar replied. “I was hunting for my family… they’re starving.” Lion said. “Heh well where are they I can surely help you all.” Wolfstar meowed. “Never Wolfstar I know you and I know you know my father, Fox.” Lion snapped back. Wolfstar held his claws to his neck “Tell me where they are or you will be forced to work for me!” “Never!” Lion replied. “Well come on then you fool.”


Lion’s Revenge Chapter 2

Lion was thrown into the SkullClan camp, which used to belong to BreezeClan and feel in front of Wolfstar’s mate, also the deputy of SkullClan. “Get up!” She hissed slashing his muzzle open. As blood welled out she said “Go help the other slaves bring feathers to the camp for bedding.” He silently followed the enormous line of slaves out into the forest. Patrols were following them every step of the way watching them silently. Lion climbed up a huge tree and slowed climbed to a bird’s nest. “Hurry up!” A yowl from below startled him and left him hanging on to the edge of the branch. He quickly climbed up and kept on climbing up to the nest. When he arrived he gathered everything in it and leaped down. “Return it to camp and then come back to get more.” A patrolling cat said. When he walked into the camp he saw Wolfstar’s daughter Buttertail arguing with her father. “If you think that way than off to work as a slave!” Wolfstar yowled at her. “Fine then I am not afraid of your punishment!” she snapped back. He hoped that she was against his beliefs unlike her littermate Owlflight. He actually had a spark of hope and a spark of love at the same time. He knew she was a beautiful and hard-working cat who knew right from wrong unlike the cats that support Wolfstar. After Featherstrike her mother scolded her and told her what to do she padded towards him. He slowly passed by and placed the feathers down. I need to help all these cats fight for their freedom and their lives.


Lion’s Revenge Chapter 3

(4 moons later)

Lion was very excited this sunrise because Buttertail, his mate was due to kit today. He had cancelled his nightly training tonight where he taught the slaves how to fight and a developing plan to take over SkullClan and free everyone. “Get the medicine cat Buttertail is kitting!” Featherstrike yowled. Even though her daughter went against her evil beliefs she still had love to her daughter just like every mother would. He saw a cat run to the Nursery. Assuming it was the medicine cat he slowly padded away to his do today’s duties. He always kept close to the nursery to check up inconspicuously. He had heard she had 2 tom kits and 2 she kits. She had named a tom Darkkit and a she Brightkit. Featherstrike came out and padded towards Lion. “2 of your kits have died a she and a tom” She told him. As she silently padded away tears started to slowly drop from his eyes. He silently padded to the slaves’ open area where they slept and rested. He dreamed about a new world where no evil would dare come near it and all the cats and animals where happy and peaceful. Where no blood had to be shed and everyone were friends. A place where borders could never separate anyone. When he awoke he knew it was a dream that he had to make come true.


Lion’s Revenge Chapter 4

(18 moons later)

Lion’s kits were now warriors, Brightfur and Darkclaw. Buttertail and Lion were very proud of their strong kits that chose to be with them as slaves against Wolfstar’s ways. Lion had taught them how to fight and the plan as he did to the over slaves. It was time for them to free themselves. They had to go with patrols and collect reeds from the RiverClan camp. When they got into camp Lion yelled the signal and some slaves made a wall so no patrolling cat could get reinforcements and succeeded. They had finished phase 1 and proceeded to the camp. The weaker fighters stayed in the bushes around the SkullClan camp while the strongest attacked the camp. Before they had executed the plan Lion had asked Buttertail “Do I have your permission to kill Wolfstar or Featherstrike?” She had replied “Yes you can.” He ran in remembering her answer and charged into Featherstrike. He knew if he destroyed what Wolfstar loved the most he could get him to surrender with less bloodshed. Owlflight was not far behind distracted by other attackers. Lion was lucky because Owlflight was fierce in fight and showed no mercy. He couldn’t fight 2 of his enemies at once. As Lion bit down on her arm she yowled in pain and kicked him off. After awhile of fighting she fell dead to wounds.

Lion’s Revenge Chapter 5

  “SkullClan stop fighting now Featherstrike is dead!” Wolfstar had yowled. Lion thought of what to call him group of cats. “BreezeClan stop the bloodshed!” Every cat in the clearing had stopped fighting and looked at Lion. “Today we win Wolfstar and soon we shall free the forest from your tyranny as my father set on!” Lion yowled to Wolfstar. “We shall see who wins Lion your kin have failed and so will you!” Wolfstar replied. “BreezeClan follow behind me!” Lion yowled as they padded out of the SkullClan camp. They had reached the barn and he told them to rest in the stables. He looked around for his sister Moon and found her running towards him. “Lion you’re alive!” she shouted. After they had talked for awhile and Lion explained the situation she showed him her kit Streaks a strong muscular cat. Moon and Streaks had joined his fighting force and he was happy about it. Buttertail padded to Lion “Who are these cats?” She asked him. “That’s my litter mate Moon and her kit Streaks” He had replied. It was a happy reunion and they prepared for a long day of training for the final battle. “All cats old enough to catch their own prey gather around the high ledge for a clan meeting!” Lion felt like he was already a clan leader. “Starting tomorrow we shall begin planning and training for the final battle to save the clans!” All the cats in the clearing had cheered “We are BreezeClan!”

Lion’s Revenge Chapter 6

(12 moons later)

All the cats took their positions for the battle. A group of cats around each border and all the other cats in the bushes around the SkullClan camp. Lion had slowly walked in the camp. “Wolfstar Lion is here!” A cat yowled. Wolfstar came out with his claws unsheathed and came in front of Lion. “What do you want from me want to kill my new deputy Owlflight?” He hissed “No nothing like that I’m just coming to ask for you to surrender and free BreezeClan before we destroy you.” Lion calmly replied. “That won’t be happening Lion” Wolfstar snarled. “BreezeClan attack!” Lion yowled. The cats poured in from all sides of the camp and fought with all their might. After SkullClan found themselves getting cornered a cat yowled “To the RiverClan quickly!” All the cats started to run towards the old SkullClan border but all of the BreezeClan cats stood their ready to fight. All of the cats stopped then Owlflight yowled “Attack!” After that all the cats began to fight in a frenzy of tufts of fur, blood, and dead bodies.


Lion’s Revenge Chapter 7

As Lion held Wolfstar to the ground with the decision of his life or death he meowed “Lionstar and Fox would have killed you and become as good as you,” Lion sheathed his claws “But I’m different and will spare you.” “Thank you!” Wolfstar said as he limped away. “On one condition Wolfstar,” Wolfstar turned around listening to Lion “You must take all your followers and leave the lake immediately.” “Yes ok.” Wolfstar replied. I did it I finally did what my kin could not, I have saved the forest. Lion looked up to the sky “I did it for you Fox and for you Lionstar now you both are at peace and I hope I did the right thing to spare him.” Lion went to the SkullClan camp now BreezeClan camp. “Lion I know you will lead BreezeClan greatly but I will go and reestablish LeapordClan.” Darkclaw told Lion. “I understand Darkstar.” Lion replied. As Darkclaw padded away some cats followed him. Lion expected them to be the LeapordClan cats that were enslaved long ago. As Buttertail, Moon, and Streaks padded up to Lion. “You will be a great leader Lion” Buttertail told him. “Fox and Strawberry would be proud of you Lion” Moon told him. “Thank you Lion, for going through all of this to try to feed me and Moon when we were all hungry and scared.” Streak meowed to him. He had saved everybody and would become a great leader in return. I shall be Lionstar soon. I have finally won the battle my kin could not.

Lion’s Revenge Epilogue

Wolfstar awoke in the medicine den of the BreezeClan camp. I thought I was killed by Foxpaw. “Wolfstar are you ok!?” He saw Featherstrike’s worried face. “Yes I’m fine now where is that mange-pelt Foxpaw?” Wolfstar replied. “Well after Foxpaw had sliced your throat open and looked at you like he killed you he ran to the barn.” The medicine cat told him. “How in the world do you know this information” Wolfstar asked “I was waiting in the bushes for any wounded.” He replied. Wolfstar got up and slowly left the camp. He asked Featherstrike “Where is Lionstar’s body?” “It’s somewhere in the battle field but I don’t think it’s safe to go out now.” She replied. “I’m going out to throw it in the river; those pieces of fox dung think they can win this battle.”  He meowed to her. “What would that do besides alert them that their leader is dead?” She asked. “It would make them retreat knowing they have been defeated; watch my back while I get to it.” He replied. Foxpaw ran to the barn and went into a stable. He saw the shadow of a cat about his size nearing. Oh StarClan please let that be a friendly cat! He though. A she cat had jumped into the stable. “Who are you?” She asked “I-I’m Foxpaw.” He stammered. “Well welcome to the barn Foxpaw, I’m Strawberry!” She replied cheerfully. Strawberry sniffed him “You smell like one of those forest cats, can I trust you?” “Y-yes you can trust me Strawberry” He said. It was the beginning of a lifetime together.

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