The Final Battle for the Lake

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Brightstar has rose as the new leader of BreezeClan and the cats of the Dark Forest have arrived to destroy the clans. But when StarClan shows up do they actually have a chance of flushing out all of the Dark and Evil cats?

Submitted: July 20, 2013

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Submitted: July 20, 2013



T.F.B.L Prologue

Rockfire held his claws to the SkullClan leader’s head. After he took him out he would take leadership then could finally avenge his father. His claws sunk deep into his neck and his body went limp. He returned to the make-do camp with the body and made up a story. He had finally taken leadership as Rockstar. Far away back in the old forest Brightstar walked with her patrol to fourtrees. Only 3 moons ago another clan was introduced and lived in the forest. It was called AssassinClan. Only the strongest and stealthiest cats were in it and they were peaceful and helpful to both LeapordClan and BreezeClan. Also only 19 moons ago her father Lionstar had died from wounds in a battle to end SkullClan yet she felt danger looming around the clans. She and her clan had reached the island and Deathstar had just started to speak. Far away in the sky StarClan lay. Lionstar father of Fox had disappeared due to living in StarClan for a long period of time. Lionstar son of Fox and Fox himself stood beside each other. Moon, Buttertail, Darkstar, and Strawberry also stood beside them watching the gathering. All of StarClan were preparing for the trouble the leaders down in the clans sensed. The Dark Forest was rising and they had to be prepared to fight beside the clans. Back in SkullClan territory Rockstar had a vision from The Dark Forest. It was time to return.

T.F.B.L Chapter 1

Rockstar walked with his clan mates to the barn. Back in the familiar lake territory he was content. He knew when it was time the Dark Forest would be by his side. The battle was very soon and would be very long. The Dark Forest also warned him of the new clan in the area with their leader Badgerstar. Not far away in BreezeClan territory Brightstar woke up startled. She had just been warned by StarClan what was happening. She had to warn the other clans and her own. She leaped up onto the high ledge and yowled “All cats old enough to catch their own prey gather around the high ledge for a clan meeting!” All the cats went into the clearing and sat down facing her. “SkullClan is back with Rockstar as leader with the Dark Forest by their side!” She meowed. “We have to warn the other clans before it’s too late.” She continued. “Swiftfoot head to LeapordClan and warn them.” She ordered. “Redstripe head to AssassinClan and warn them,” She ended “You are all dismissed.” A short time later the whole of LeapordClan had passed moving to AssassinClan’s big camp so their defenses were higher against the upcoming threat. She also ordered her clan to follow due to needing all the fighting force. After all cats had entered the AssassinClan camp she settled down in a den and slept.

T.F.B.L Chapter 2 

(2 moons later)

The three united clans walked in front of the barn. They had their set plans and had all StarClan warriors by their side. On the opposite side of the barn the SkullClan cats stood with every single cat from the Dark Forest. The fate of the clans stood here. The battle yowl was sounded and all cats went to fight.

Rockstar ran towards his first target, the StarClan leaders. He spotted Lionstar’s sparkling pelt and ran after him. He crashed into him and bit into his tail. He showed pain but no blood had squirted out. He knew because he was already dead no blood should show but this might mean he could never die. He looked at the battle field and saw dead Dark Forest and StarClan bodies fading. Now he was sure to go for the kill. But Lionstar knew that because of his strength it was time for him to transform. He pushed Rockstar off and his eyes closed. He altered to his Lion form and hit Rockstar a far distance into the lake. Rockstar swam to shore and lay there tired. Lionstar kept fighting in his second form to fight off cats quicker. All the Dark Forest cats held to his pelt but he kept knocking them off. He had got help from his father Fox in his second form too. But he was being overrun and he had to retreat to another position.

T.F.B.L Chapter 3

Brightstar held onto Rockstar’s back fur. He was trying to shake her off. She kept sinking her claws into his pelt until he collapsed because of the pain. A Dark Forest warrior unfortunately came and saved him. She kicked and fought with him but the warrior was too ferocious. Lionstar came in his regular form and hit the warrior off his daughter. He gave her a quick nod and headed back into battle. SkullClan warriors surrounded the LeapordClan cats. She wanted to help but she knew that she couldn’t do it alone. Unless she tried her power which she didn’t know what it did she wouldn’t be able to. She ignored the thought and returned to fighting. She charged towards the SkullClan deputy but Rockstar dashed into her before she reached her target. She and the SkullClan leader fought until she fell down with wounds everywhere. She was bleeding from a deep gash on her flank. Use your power Brightstar. A voice whispered to her. She closed her eyes and a bright light beamed all around the clearing. Her wounds were slowly sealing up. Rockstar knew he could kill her while she was weak but before he could Fox held him down. He clawed but Fox was biting into his shoulder. His clawing became weaker and weaker until he stopped attacking. Fox them bit him deep in his neck. He killed the SkullClan leader but they had Streak to kill next.

T.F.B.L Chapter 4

Brightstar woke up in the AssassinClan medicine cat den. She quickly hurried to the battle field before someone stopped her. She ran past the lifeless body of Rockstar and saw Fox attacking Streak. Fox was heavily wounded from other fights and she knew he couldn’t win alone. She ran as fast as she could to save Fox but it was too late. Streak had bit into him and Lionstar came to finally end Streak. “It’s time to die Streak you have already killed enough cats.” Lionstar meowed to his kin. “No it’s time for you to die, permanently.” Streak replied. Lionstar dodged a fatal blow to the head and tripped Streak. He pinned him to the ground but Streak bit into his paw. Lionstar let out a yowl of agony and slashed his muzzle. Lionstar was now on the offensive. He clawed at Streak’s ears and muzzle. He leaped onto Streak’s back and bit into the back of his neck. Brightstar came in after Streak threw Lionstar off of his back and bit the tip of his tail. Streak lashed at her and clawed one of her eyes. He lunged at her neck but Lionstar held him back. “You won’t lay a claw on her!” Lionstar yowled. He grasped his tail and through him into the lake. Lionstar dived in the lake and held Streak into the water. He knew drowning himself would kill Streak. He had to do it to save his clan. After struggling to swim back up Streak went limp and so did Lionstar. Their bodies bobbed at the surface of the lake.

T.F.B.L Epilogue

Brightstar spotted her father’s dead body in the water. She dragged it to shore and pressed her muzzle into his fur. He sacrificed himself another time to save his clan. His sparkling body started to fade to dust and she backed away as she watched him disappear from existence. She yowled assuring the victory of StarClan and all the Clans. Streak was finally dead and all the evil in the lake territory had disappeared. Every SkullClan cat was killed at the expense of brave cats dying. StarClan returned to their home and so did the Dark Forest. The clans returned to their camps and started recovering. But the story doesn’t end here. Lionstar, the kit of Thunderfoot and Brightpelt, the brother of Wolfstar and Lightpaw led his kin to a great future. All cats lived what Lion had dreamed. Also Fox, father of Lion and son of Lionstar had started the first rebellion against Wolfstar dying bravely.  Lion had followed in his path and his kit had led LeapordClan as Darkstar. Lion fought for the clans an endless amount of times and killed Wolfstar and Streak. This bloodline was something that cats that are part of it should be proud. But the ending of this story doesn’t mean that these brave fighters will be forgotten. Their stories soon continue. With the lake secured from evil we will delve deep into their lives and learn their stories.

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