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Time to make some pie!

Submitted: May 26, 2013

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Submitted: May 26, 2013



The rain tapped on the window as Gwen slowly opened her eyes. The room was very dark and she soon realized, she was not in the same place she was a little while ago. She tried to sit up but was restrained by straps. The restraints were holding all of her limbs down. She tried to raise her head and it was pulled back down by a pair of cold hands.

“Not so fast. You don't want to miss the party do you?” the voice behind her said in a very happy, excited tone. Gwen recognized the voice, it was that of one of her best friends, Sammy. Sammy held Gwen's head down as she placed another restraint on her, this time on her head. IsaGwen could feel tiny spikes along the band and became frantic. She thrashed her arms and tried to wriggle her way out. “Don't be to hasty. You might hurt yourself,” Sammy told her. Sammy walked around the table Gwen was strapped to so that she was at the foot of it. Gwen had stopped thrashing around. The spikes were digging into her forehead. Blood ran down her face as the weight of the table was shifted to stand upright. Gwen was now face to face with Sammy.

“What are you going to do with me?” Gwen spoke in a little more than a whisper. Sammy did not reply she only looked at her with a very confusing face. “I thought we were going to bake some pie?” Gwen remembers meeting Sammy at her house because they were going to bake some pie for there class tomorrow.

“We are, silly! I ran out of my secret ingredient and I need you to get me some more!” Sammy pointed to Gwen.

“Well, I bet if you undo these straps I can find it for you,” Gwen said in a trembling voice. She was trying to sound convincing but it was difficult.


No, you don't have leave to get it”


Well, why not?”


Because it's already here!” Gwen's face was mixed with a combination of fear and confusion. Sammy cocked her head to the side then straightened back to her normal position. “Do you want to know my secret ingredient? Well, I will tell you anyway, it's... YOU!!!” Gwen's eyes widened in fear. She tried to pull her arms out but didn't accomplish anything. “Don't struggle! Just stay still. It won't be that long. You won't feel a thing!” Sammy goes over to Gwen's right side. She rolled a surgical tray so that it stood in front of her. Sammy removed the cloth that neatly lay over the tray. Gwen's eyes filled with horror as she looked down at the array of surgical instruments. At the end of the row was a syringe full of a clear liquid. “It's time for my special treat! This will be just a pinch,” Sammy said with a smile. She picked up the syringe and walked over to IsaIsaGwen. She writhed and trembled in utter fear and horror. She had no idea what was in that syringe and what it could do. Sammy grabbed her arm and swiftly injected Gwen with the clear liquid. She gave a slight squeal as the needle entered her arm. Sammy pulled the needle out of the arm. A small bead of blood formed where the needle had entered. Gwen's arm began to tingle and become numb. This sensation went through her whole body as it became numb. Sammy smiled as she watched Gwen's expression gradually change. Gwen could not feel any part of her body she couldn't even move any limbs.

“What's going on! Why are you doing this Sammy? Please just let me go I won't say a word to anyone! Please! Just let me go!” Gwen shouted as loud as she could hoping someone would hear. She tried to scream but she was cut off by a cloth being shoved into her mouth. Her screams of horror were muffled and hardly audible. Sammy smiled as the taped Gwen's mouth closed. She then turned her back to Gwen and faced the tray.

“Hmm. So many to choose from” Sammy said in an almost excited voice. Gwen closed her eyes as she started to cry. Tears mixed with the blood that was on her cheeks. Sammy turned to Gwen with a pair of scissors in her hand. “Don't cry; it will only take a little while,” Sammy said in a reassuring tone. Gwen opened her eyes and saw the scissors in Sammy's hand. Sammy quickly grabbed Gwen's shirt and started to cut away at the shirt. Gwen became so scared she had passed out.

Gwen's eyes fluttered open as she woke. The feeling in her body had started to return. She felt a weird sensation in her chest. She looked down and saw that the layer of skin covering her internal organs was completely stripped away. Sammy was standing in front of her. She had blood covering her face and arms. She looked at Gwen and said, “Oh, goody! Your awake just in time to do my favorite thing at a party!” She then took a scalpel and cut the muscle that covered her organs. Blood poured out of Gwen's body and covered Sammy. Gwen became very weak and once again passed out.

Sammy went through the gash she had just cut and started pulling out Gwen's organs. She placed everything in a silver bowl. “We won't need those for the pie, but I have a better use for them,” Sammy said to herself. She left Gwen's heart and lungs intact. IsaGwen started to slowly come to once again. “You know it's not polite for party guests to fall asleep at a party,” Sammy said to Gwen. She looked up at Gwen, who returned the look. Gwen saw what Sammy had done. She tried to scream but couldn't. “I left your heart and lungs so that you stay alive for the best part,” Sammy started to sound more serious now. Gwen was beyond crying and fear at this point. She knew what was coming. Gwen closed her eyes and ignored the flaming pain coming from her opened body cavity. Sammy turned to the tray and picked up what looked like bolt cutters. “Open your eyes. I want you to see this,” Sammy said sounding angry and demanding. IsaGwen did not do what she was told, instead she closed her eyes even tighter. “If you won't open your eyes I will open them for you,” She said through gritted teeth. She forced Gwen's eyes open then grabbed something off the tray. Gwen saw the glint of metal and felt sharp pain surge through her eyelid. Sammy stitched both of Gwen's eyelids open. Gwen Kept trying to scream but nothing would come out. “There we go! All better,” Sammy stepped back as if to judge a piece of art. Gwen cried hysterically and kept trying to scream. Sammy went back up to her and once again reached into the body cavity. She grabbed both of Gwen's lungs. She then pulled them out taking Gwen's heart with them. Gwen's whole body became limp and blood spurted every where.

“This pie is the best one you've ever made, Sammy!” said one of the children in her class. “I want the recipe. Can you give it to me?” Sammy shook her head.

“Nope it's an old family secret. It's for me to know and you to find out!” Sammy smiled at her classmates as they continued to eat her famous pie.

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