The Night Haiku

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I had this dream one night about a race of people who feared the day world more than the night. When I woke up later on, I realized why. This is a Poem that I'm using to explain it.

Submitted: June 19, 2010

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Submitted: June 19, 2010



Long ago, in a world far from this one

A race of man lived with the Night

People embraced it with open arms and love

They lived in it and with it, working together

with the power of darkness and The cool air of twilight

They were fearless and ruled with mother moon

in grace and promise

But this race of mystic beings had a flaw;

their world was full of turmoil, as is our own

Pain, suffering Misery

and E




The F



L of man would soon come

to this flaw, the fear of these beings

They loved and cared for mother moon

for she protected them from seeing

their worst fear; the Day.

 The day posessed the brightest star in their world;


The Sun, in their eyes; was pure evil.

It shone over their entire world;

exposing the world for its flaws.

The pain, suffering, hunger, the quest

for power that destroyed and destroyed and


The sun was bright, and shone so bright it

showed all of these things to man;

it showed the true state of their world;

that it was dying and wilting, and it was man's fault.

It will get better, they hoped falsley.

It will go away in time

Time will heal the world, but destruction continued.

During the day, the destructive cowards hid and slept,

away from their problems and responsibilities.

The world became a dry, lifeless wasteland,

but the beings did not see this during the night.

They could not see the world's flaws in darkness,

nor their own. Everything was perfect at night, beautiful and magical.

THE WORLD ENDED. Turmoil finally took over.

And ever day. the Men of night prayed to mother moon

for the suffering to end.

Mother moon refused to do something for men who

destroyed themselves.

And so, one by one, the suffering and hunger increased,.

Thousands died every day, and the moon and sun

could start to rebuild the world that man had destroyed.

In memory of the men of the Night.

Damned to the deepest pits of Hell.

May mother moon have mercy on their souls.

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