Vengeance is Mine

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic
This gripping saga is about an assassin who has a secret. He is a werewolf who stalks the town called Hell's Garden killing people he has a grudge with. You'll see his successes, his failures and how he uses his abilities. This is Fang-Fang Kenshin.

Submitted: July 25, 2015

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Submitted: July 25, 2015




Big Johnny was returning from fishing when  a sudden movement in the water caused him to stop, frozen in his tracks.  

"Just a croc," he mumbled to himself quietly, worried what creature laid in the water.

 A creature arose from the thick swamp, exposing its pitch-black skin. The swamp was so thick  the beast   trudged through the pathway to Hell's Garden. Its   pupils were crimson, filled with a chronic crave for blood. The grotesque appearance of the brute caused Johnny to gulp in fear, making the monster turn its head in his direction. It smiled, revealing its gleaming canines that bore a striking resemblance to polished knives.

But, the brute ran quicker than an Olympic sprinter and its muscles tensed in every step. To be exact, it was a changeling. Its human form was an assassin by the name of Luke Kenshin, but now he was a changeling, his name was Fang-Fang.  It is known as SlipClaw to  the people of Hell's Garden because the people couldn't capture him as he was too slippery. He tore the muddy floor with his six inch claws. SlipClaw  needed to kill the Mayor. And quick.   Grey, towering doors were now in plain sight and SlipClaw decreased his pace to a regular, constant walk. He was at the gate.

 Months before (when Fang-Fang was still human), the Mayor hired him to kill his sworn  enemies. Luke always had his blade on him and observed the victim to create an assassination plan. The victim's name was Jeffrey Collins, and he had swindled the Mayor many years ago. The night of the death, Jeffrey was home alone. Luke didn't bother wasting time. He kicked the door open, startling Jeffrey. Walking towards him, Luke showed his sword. He used the sword like a paint brush, stroking it gently across the victim's neck, causing blood to spurt out. Jeffrey was assassinated by Luke.  Then, like a ghost, the assassin slipped away unseen by anyone.  He thought.

 He didn't know that there was a witness nearby the crime scene. Her name was Eve Morrison, the step daughter of the victim. She was a shivering wreck. Eve ran to the Mayor's office and informed him of the horror she had watched take place. The Mayor assured her, "Don't worry, I'll take care of it".

 Meanwhile, Luke ran into hiding, worried for his life. He later went to the Mayor, seeking for help. The Mayor talked to him, comforting him ,until there was a knock on the door and a voice yelling "Luke, you're under arrest for murder. Come out quiet, so we don't have to use aggression!". Luke sweated. His heart was pumping faster than light and  his teeth was rattling with fear.  Realising the Mayor betrayed him, Luke jumped out the window and ran off, swearing revenge on the Mayor. 

That same night, he found a book written by his grand-father in a nearby cabin. It explained the Kenshin family's ancestry and revealed that they were from a long line of shape-shifters or werewolves.  Astounded by the information in the sacred book, he dropped it and his katana fell from his scabbard. Blood covered it perfectly like a chicken piece  marinated in sauce. The moon gleamed at Luke and he felt something in his body change.

It felt like something was ripping  out of his body. It was as if a knife was protruding out of his chest. A prisoner kicking down a door. Luke yelped. Strangely, hair began to grown on his body, teeth enlarging to the size of baby tusks. Its  height increasing to 7 feet, muscles developing fast and claws growing to the height of rulers! When the pain stopped, Luke realised he had embraced his true nature; he had turned into a WEREWOLF!!!!

Fang-Fang finally reached the village. However, the town was dark.  Although it was impossible to navigate his way, the moon was a torch as it shone a passage to the Mayor's residence. Luke was a sheep as he followed the light, unaware of where he will be lead. After what seemed like ages, he reached the house and entered through the window. He climbed up the wall with his claws like a human climbing a mountain. Careful not to alarm anyone, he pushed the window open and entered. *Thud!* He landed on his tiptoes. Then,  Fang-Fang was a mouse as he cautiously crept through the room looking for his target.  It was across the room, snoring. His prey. Again, tiptoeing and claws extended, he went to his bedside. He raised his claws, ready to strike when he suddenly tripped over a tripwire. 

A shrill alarm rang. It sounded like a baby's scream as lights turned on, the sound of  voices grew and Fang-Fang heard footsteps. Scared, the beast tore the quilt but there was no one  there. There was a record of snoring; his plan had backfired. He'd walked into a trap.  The distinct sound of footsteps grew louder. He barricaded it with the bed and looked to the window for an escape route. A posse of hunters were there, arms occupied by rifles and pistols. Fang-Fang breathed, took a run up and then leaped out the window.  He flew as did the bullets of the firearms. None of them hit him, except 1 bullet that hit his calf. The creature landed in the forest.

The leader of the group screamed "SlipClaw has escaped, get him!!!". A yelling response made the group run after Fang-Fang. Despite, the brute smiled. He had escaped, he decided he'd let the Mayor have a few more days to live but when he found him, it would be brutal and bloody. He was impervious to the moon that was ever so slowly falling. Distressingly, Fang-Fang was oblivious to the wound on his leg and ran. He was also unaware that the posse had torches and what an amazing invention torches were. Whoever created it deserved a reward because torches use their light source to show things camouflaged. It would be Fang-Fang's blood that created a trail for the posse to follow...

Meanwhile, Fang-Fang was sprinting through the forest, when an arrow flew past his ear. Then a dozen flew past his body and he realised they were reaching him. Nervous, he tried to increase his pace, but he tripped again. Before he could leave, the hunters ganged up on him. He was a mere fly to a gang of loathsome spiders. Scared,the monster closed his eyes so he couldn't see the malevolent snarls they gave at him. One hunter slammed something hard against his skull and he felt himself drifting into unconsciousness. But, before he became unconscious, he heard sounds of slashing, screaming and pistols being fired. Question was, why were the hunters shouting?...

Chapter 1: Family Reunion

*Thud!* The sound of a cleaver making contact with a wooden board, brought Luke out of his repose. Scanning the room, he realised he didn't know where he was. Then it happened, the memories flooded back in. A failed assassination attempt at the mayor, escaping from the posse and someone helped him.

 SOMEONE HELPED HIM!!! Who helped him?

 Suddenly, a man broke into his thoughts by entering the house. His facial features would be described handsome: a chiselled jawline, perfectly slicked hair, hazel eyes that melt into yours and gleaming teeth. But, Luke recognised him. Shockingly, the saviour was his brother.

The brother was Kevin Kenshin. Smart, strong, popular and handsome. When they were younger, Luke was Kevin's shadow. Sadly, that was how people perceived them. Luke was on the side unfortunately. People seriously despised Luke as he had serious attitude and physical problems. Constantly getting into fights, Luke made his older brother look bad. Luke would get rude to anyone he wants, not caring about the consequences. However, the two had their unbreakable bond. Whenever one was in a problem, the other would help him out. 

"Still getting in trouble I see, you can't help your violent nature," said Kevin, tutting. 

"What're you doing here, you idiot?" Luke gruffly asked.

 "You never were smart, were you brother? I saved you!" taunted the older brother.

 Luke was silent. Kevin? He was the one causing the commotion? HE killed the hunters? "Umm, a thank you would be nice," laughed Kevin.

 "If it weren't for me, you would've been slaughtered and hanged up like a trophy or a glory prize for the Mayor to laugh at," exclaimed the brother. Silent, Luke saw his shoes across the room. He slowly walked towards it, put them on, then sprinted out of the house, not looking back. 

"Where do you think you're going?" Kevin called out.

 "To finish him off once and for all!" answered his younger brother.

Meanwhile, at the Mayor's reception, stood a bossy Mayor shouting at whimpered pups of soldiers as they were fearful of him. 

"How in the blazes can a posse of skilled, armed hunters be killed by a bloody werewolf?!" screamed the Mayor. "I'm sorry. I'm just annoyed that our best men were slaughtered. You're our only hope," he apologised.

 When the soldiers left, the Mayor went to his office and began flicking through his mail. "Speak out at Big Johnny's party? Ha? I'd be an idiot to do that.  Help donate money to the orphanage? Please. I'm not a walking ATM!" laughed a selfish ogre.

 "Ooh, everyone wouldn't like that." said  a voice.

 "Show yourself!" demanded the Mayor, slightly scared. There was a movement behind the chair where the Mayor was seated. Fearful, the Mayor turned. The intruder was Kevin.

"Who in God's name are you? A reporter? Cos I got nothin to say to you!" the Mayor yelled, eased by the  non-frightening appearance of Kevin. "I'm someone who believes you should relieve your hit squad from their duties," answered a laid-back Kevin. "Or what?" the confident Mayor challenged. "Or you'll face the wrath of Luke," replied Kevin. " How does that no-good assassin Luke have something to do with SlipClaw?" questioned a confused Mayor. "Wait, they're the same person!" figured out the Mayor.  "Yeah, and you're not  telling anyone," threatened Kevin.  The Mayor being  an obedient dog nodded and revealed a Taser that he fired at Kevin. Like a deer that had been hit by a menacing hunter, Kevin dropped.

Luke was sprinting. Abruptly, he stopped when he recognised the familiar voice of Cpt. Prudell. He was the number one police officer with the most arrests.  He didn't intimidate Luke, but he made Luke shiver because of his stern looks.  Silent and still, Luke waited till the voice faded away, then proceeded towards the Mayor's office. Surprisingly, no one was out. Then Luke remembered, the townsfolk were to stay indoors until SlipClaw was killed or captured.  Invisible to everyone, Luke prowled throughout the  city until he came to the gate.  He sneaked past the receptionist and came to the big, brown door. When he entered, Luke saw his brother tied up to a chair and unconscious. Shocked, he sprinted towards his brother and began to slash the tape, until he heard a barrel click. "On your feet. NOW!" yelled the Mayor.

 Luke rose. "I can't believe you are the infamous SlipClaw!" chuckled the Mayor.

 "Now you're gonna die a criminal," said the Mayor.  However, the Mayor didn't see what happened next. Luke whipped out his sword and spun it knocking the gun out of the Mayor's hand. He then preceded by sweeping  his enemy's legs causing him to fall on the floor. Crying, the Mayor laid on the ground, his neck close to the edge of the katana. 

 "Please, spare me!" whimpered a cowardly Mayor. Luke twisted his face as if he was contemplating what to do.

 "Please, I'd do anything!" wailed the Mayor. "Anything?" questioned the assassin. His enemy nodded.

 "How about you call of the hit squad and depict me as a good person to everyone you know? I can't be seen as a bad person any more," said Luke, looking down in sadness. 

"Fine, but it will be hard as everyone thinks you're bad. I'm  unsure if I'm able to do that," said the Mayor.

 Sighing, Luke held the Mayor by the collars of his perfectly ironed shirt. "I'm guessing you don't care bout your useless life, ya punk!" said an annoyed Luke.

 "I do, I do. Don't worry. I'll do it." said the Mayor, panting. 

Luke stood.  He said to his brother "Yo, let's leave Kevin." Luke motioned towards the door. His brother, who'd been silent for the whole time, nodded and left. They left Hell's garden, ignoring the ice -cold stares of  the townsfolk. When they passed through the gate, the posse  returned too. Surprisingly, they walked past each other, silent. 

One of the posse members asked with his Southern accent "Hey isn't that that wanted dude Luke Kenshing?". One of the other members told him that his eyes were playing tricks on him and not to be rude to strangers.

Once the brothers returned to their hiding place, Luke went to settle down in the hut. "What do you think you're doing bro?" asked a confused Kevin. 

"I'm chillin you jerk," spat Luke. His older brother laughed. 

"No you're not. I don't know if you believe the Mayor's going to  help you cos I don't. We're moving town. Now," 

Chapter 2: New Dawn, New Day

" Havenmount? Why'd you  move here? Place looks  a total dump," grunted Luke.  Despite Luke's negativity towards their new home, Kevin still wore his  

 "A dump? This place is amazing. Imagine what you could do here," he said, unloading his luggage from the van.

"How'd you even get this van? You got no money," insulted his younger brother.Chuckling at his brother's comment, he pulled out a wad of cash and wavered it over his brother's face.  Speechless, Luke stared at the money, unable to think of a way his brother had earned it. 

"How'd you get that? You live in the middle of a forest," he asked.

"Well, I  work every day," Kevin answered.  Without warning, a family approached them, smiling. 

"Hello, we're the Perkins. I'm Vincent, my wife is Aria, my son is Montgomery and my daughter is Alyx. Nice to meet you," said Vincent.  Luke gave a smirk while Kevin shook hands. Alyx approached Luke, offering her pale hand. She tried to receive  mutual eye contact but Luke was oblivious to it. 

"Hey, what's your name?" she asked, intimidated by her new neighbor. 

"Luke Kenshin," he replied, ignoring  her hand. 

"Nice to meet you, my name is Al-," said Alyx.

"I know who you are," interrupted Luke.

She left as she knew there would be no friendly greeting from Luke, she left him,  annoyed by his rudeness.  Luke entered his new house.  It was clean and Luke found this peculiar.  His brother had entered the house, so he took a brief tour of the place, trying to find a room for him.  Kevin called out. "Hey, you're not so friendly with the neighbors," he said. 

"So? That Alyx girl is annoying and reminds me of you," he said.

"Come on bro. They're our neighbors, we should be nice," said Kevin. He walked upstairs and found his younger sibling in his room, lying on his bed. Covered in white wallpaper and a cream carpet, the room looked dull. 

"This room is dull," Luke groaned, one earphone in his ear and the other dangling off his jumper. His rap music blared so loud, Kevin could pick up every word.

"I suggest painting your room, to make it more suited to you," Kevin suggested. 

"Maybe, I'm unsure. I will if you help me though. Whaddya say?" Luke asked, putting on a fake smile to persuade Kevin to help him. Kevin groaned and nodded. Luke cheered in response and ran past Kevin,  towards the bathroom.

"Hey! The Perkins invited us for dinner at a restaurant today!" yelled Kevin.

"Guess what? I don't care, I'm not going so make an excuse for me!" shouted Luke. 

 Kevin kicked the door open, scaring Luke.  "Oh you're coming brother. Get ready. We're going now", demanded Kevin.

The brothers arrived at the restaurant called "La Mange". The exterior was old-fashioned, yet the interior was modern and posh. Kevin entered, carrying his smile on his face, while Luke entered, smirking at the waiters. The brothers sat at the table where the Perkins sat. Luke realized Alyx had scrubbed up. She'd used foundation to disguise her spots and used eye-liner and mascara to bring out her blue eyes. Montgomery was  on his iPhone. The familiar sound of piano notes implied he played Piano Tiles. 

"You arrived," greeted Vincent, replicating the same smile Kevin had.

"Yep, we're looking forward to getting to know each other. Aren't we Luke?" replied Kevin, nudging Luke. 

"Huh, yeah, yeah. Amazing," mumbled a bored Luke. 

" How are you Luke?" asked Aria.  Luke ignored her and listened to his music. Aria began  to ask him again, but her son interrupted her.

"Mom, I believe  he doesn't want to be here," interrupted Montgomery. 

"Your son's right. I'm bored as hell," Luke confessed. Kevin gave his brother a stunned look and yanked him by his ear to a nearby corner. 

"You go  there and be nice. They're your neighbors for god sake! If you're rude to them, prepare to face the consequences," threatened Kevin who had a menacing  face. He  was fuming. Kevin's warning terrified Luke, and he realised he   needed to play his cards right. With a painted smile on his face, he returned to his seat. 

" Sorry for my rudeness, it's not  my usual behaviour, I guess I'm  nervous of being in a new place," he apologised.

"Oh don't worry, we'll help you settle in," assured Vincent. His family nodded in agreement. The waiter came to their table and asked for their orders.

"Come on guys, let's eat," declared Luke.

When the neighbours finished their dinner, the brothers had to leave. "Thanks for the dinner," said Kevin. "I enjoyed getting  to know each other," he added. They were walking back to their house when Luke suddenly stopped. 

"What's wrong brother?" asked Kevin. Luke looked up  as did Kevin. Noticing the full moon, he gasped. 

" Stay inside the cafe until I come back with a car," he ordered, with a serious expression on his face. 

" Me? What are you going to do?" questioned Luke.

" I can control it, you can't now listen and go!" barked Kevin. Luke ran into the cafe and  sat at a table occupied  by drunk pigs of men. Alcohol and sweat was absorbed by their shirt. Their slurred speech sounded like a ghost's moan. One of the mans grabbed at Luke's leg and Luke swatted his hand away as if he was a mere fly. The drunken man  tugged at Luke's wrist. Infuriated, Luke punched the man's nose. He cried out in pain, attempting to retreat but he fell to the ground. 

"Hey you! Get out," yelled the cafe worker. 

" Umm, I can't, I need to wait for my brother here," begged Luke. The cafe worker proceeded towards him with an aggressive stance. 

"Please, do not  hurt me, it will hurt you more than me," warned Luke, deciding how he would retaliate. The cafe worker chuckled like a maniac.  He must've believed Luke was bluffing. However, he soon found out he wasn't.  Yelling like a madman, the worker attempted a punch at Luke. Luke dodged it, grabbing the man's wrist and twisting it. The worker yelled in pain, tears were erupting from his eyes and blood was leaking from his nose. Suddenly, someone knocked Luke towards the ground. He turned to look for his assailant, but the shine of the bright light in the cafe blinded him. A hand reached out to him and Luke took it. The hand was his brother's. 

"You attacked me!" spat Luke, surprised by his brother's action.

"I had to, you were hurting the worker. You're darn lucky I arrived then, otherwise the cops would've locked you up," said Kevin.

Silent, Luke entered the hired car. They were near their house when Luke yelled for his brother to stop and reverse. Kevin obeyed and was shocked; a thug was mugging Alyx in an alley. 

"Shut up, pretty girl. I ain't gonna hurt you. I'm waiting for someone to come," said  the thug, breathing down her neck. 

"Who could you be waiting for?" wailed Alyx.

" The famous SlipClaw, a monster  who's moved to your town  my sources say," announced the thug.

"Monster, the only monster in Havenmount is you, now let go!"  the girl yelled. The ruffian laughed, grasping her sleeve and taking her into the darkness. A  shriek rang out in the street.

"Did you hear that? I think Alyx screamed," Kevin asked. 

" Of course , Alyx needs your help bro," said Luke, not caring.

"Seriously, you ask me to help, last time I checked I wasn't the professional assassin," his older brother accused.  

Luke nodded. He went to a corner, stared at the moon and began to change.

 Cautiously, he advanced towards the alley. Alyx had bruises on her face and struggled to move. Her attacker was standing above her. The thug stopped attacking her when a figure  reflected on the broken window caught his attention.

"You're back," cheered the thug.

SlipClaw was growling, his claws extended. Its teeth illuminated in the moonlight like a disco ball. The thug retreated while SlipClaw advanced towards him. He gulped, sweating. Speechless, he dropped to the ground. Teeth chattering, he tried to call out for help. The tables had turned; he was now the victim.  

"SlipClaw, don't. I was only fo-fo-following or-orders," the thug stuttered. But, SlipClaw raised his claws and ran it through the man's face. Ear-splitting screams erupted from the man. Alyx, who had been silent for the whole time, screamed as blood  jumped on her silver top. The monster grabbed her, smearing blood on her arms. Alyx whimpered, her heart racing. She started hyperventilating. SlipClaw wiped the blood of her face then leapt into the air. Alyx began to breathe normally again once the beast left.

"SlipClaw, interesting," she said as she whipped her name tag out. The tag read: Alyx Perkins Journalist at Havenmount Daily.

Chapter 3: Conspicuous

"NO!" yelled Kevin, as he read the headline report. 

"Shut up! You will burst my ear-drums, you idiot," spat Luke. Kevin chucked the newspaper at Luke's chest. He caught it, then brought his eyes to the report. 

The headline read: SlipClaw the Werewolf: Friend or Foe  by Alyx Perkins

Last night, while I was walking home in the peaceful night, the unthinkable happened. I was suddenly whisked from the familiar streets and forced back into a grimy, waste land of an Alleyway. I was certain I was to be mugged. Then, my attacker spoke. He spoke words of a creature so large and so violent, that I had assumed he was making up stories. He had said that I was bait, for this particular beast who went by the name SlipClaw. Apparently, he had 'sources' that had tracked the beast down to our quaint little town of Havenmount. A beast that I didn't believe existed. Couldn't possible have existed. That was, of course, until the beast himself arrived. As dark as night, he was. SlipClaw slashed the guy's throat despite the thug's apologies. It made me realise how merciless it was.Then, the beast left quicker than he had arrived. All of his actions throughout the small period of time that I had been able so observe him, be saved by him, only make me wonder. Are SlipClaws intentions for the betterment of our small town or downright evil? All that I can say for sure is to the people of Havenmount...There is a beast lurking in our town.

" Damn, that little wench discovered my ability. She needs to go-" started Luke.

"No! You will not kill her, we know her family for god-sake!" demanded his older brother.

"Fine, but I'll make sure she stays silent," Luke threatened, grinding his teeth.  He arose from his seat, grabbing his coat. 

" You won't kill Alyx, right?" asked Kevin, worried for his neighbours' safety.

"No. I will visit our friend, the Mayor. It seems as if he didn't keep his promise," said Luke, fists balled.

Running towards  Hell's Garden, fire raced through Luke's system. He thought. The Mayor, that stupid git. When I get my hands on him, God forbid what I'm gonna do. As he carried on sprinting, the familiar gates, came into plain view. He entered, breathing loudly.  People avoided him like the plague, as he made so much noise, perhaps Kevin could hear it. Then, he saw the Mayor's house. Now silent, he ran to it, full speed. Kicking the door, he sprinted past the receptionist, into the Mayor's office. Startled, the Mayor gasped. 

"What do you want?" he whimpered as Luke grabbed him by the throat.

"You didn't keep your promise,  punk!" growled Luke.

"What do you mean? I did," wailed The Mayor.

"So how do you explain the thug in Havenmount?" questioned Luke, breathing heavily.

"You live in Havenmount? Thug? I know nothing about a thug, I promise," said the Mayor, scared. Unsatisfied, Luke grabbed a pen, raising it. The Mayor carried on whimpering, protesting he didn't know about the incident.

"You really don't know about the thug, don't ya?" realised Luke.

"No, it's what I tried to tell you," the Mayor moaned. Finally, Luke dropped the pen and walked in circles. 

"So if it wasn't you, who was it?" asked Luke.

"I don't know?" admitted the Mayor, recovering from his near death experience.

"Do you know anyone who would want me dead?" inquired Luke, desperate to get answers.

" One thing I  know is that there's a man who has petty thugs as his henchmen," confessed the Mayor. 

"What's his name?" asked Luke, curious.

"Sorry, nobody knows apart from his men," said the Mayor.

"Don't worry it's fine. Thanks. If you're lying, you're dead idiot," warned Luke, before leaving the Mayor, stunned.

Again, Luke ran back to Havenmount, thinking about the information he had received. Someone is out to kill me. Whoever it is, prepare yourself for a bloody death.

At last, Luke reached his home. Kevin was waiting for him at the front door. 

"Got what you were looking for brother?" asked Kevin.

" I got more than I wanted. Turns out, a man wants me dead," Luke replied.

Kevin gasped. "Well, I'll make sure he won't get to you," he announced.

"Thanks, you runt but don't worry, I can handle myself," assured Luke, smiling.

"I'm not worried about that,  I'm worried about your stealthiness," muttered Kevin.

"Don't worry, I got it brother," Luke guaranteed.

"Whatever, but remember I will always protect you," notified Kevin.

"Feel free, but just don't be attaching, get it?" asked Luke. Kevin nodded, then went out. Luke went to the Perkins' house. Quiet, he knocked thrice. The door opened, and smiling  was Mr Perkins.

"Luke, how good to see you," cheered Mr Perkins. Luke nodded in response, then looked round.

"Is your daughter here?" muttered Luke.

"Oh no, she went to work. She'll be back soon. I can tell her you came by if you like?" asked Vincent.

" Nope, it's fine. I guess I'll just wait for her," replied Luke.

"Can I ask why you need her?" questioned Alyx's father.

" I want to know more about her work," lied Luke, desperate to get away from his neighbour.

"Oh, well like I said, she'll be here later," repeated the neighbour.

After a moment of silence, Luke shook hands with his neighbour then went back to his house. Kevin still hadn't returned. Luke found this peculiar, so he called him.  No response. Then, Luke's phone received a voice-mail. He rose his phone to his ear and pressed the play button.

 "You want your precious brother, come to Havenmount warehouse in wolf form," the audio screeched. The voice sounded like an ordinary thug. However, the man knew about Luke's abilities, which intimidated the assassin. The only person he trusted was his brother. Now someone had kidnapped his brainy brother, Luke didn't know what to do.  Five minutes later, he'd plucked up the courage to get up and do something about Kevin's disappearance. Thinking like an ordinary human, he went to the police station.

"Someone's kidnapped my brother, I need help," cried Luke.

"Do you have any proof that someone took your brother," the police officer asked.

"Of cour-" Luke started. Then, he thought. The police will know about my secret, they will definitely arrest me. 

"Sorry, but I was lying. He isn't kidnapped, I  wanted to waste your time because I'm bored," added the assassin.

" You want to waste policemen's time? Well here is the consequence," snarled the receptionist, getting his shackles out. The cop shackled Luke, laughing.

"How about you spend a day in a cell, if you're so bored?" the officer teased. The policeman dragged Luke  to a cell where his cell-mate was reading.

"Who are you?" he asked, with his South American accent. Ominous tattoos disguised his facial features. Some resembling skulls, demons and gang symbols.

"I'm Luke, who are you?" asked the assassin, deepening his voice. He was hostile, he wanted to intimidate his cell-mate.

"I'm Carlos Santiago, why you here?" questioned the criminal, not releasing eye contact off Luke.

" Murdering a gang leader," lied Luke. Carlos raised his eyebrows in shock, then sniggered.

"I'm a mass murderer, only here because I handed myself in," admitted Carlos, looking down in remembrance. 

"You're a nut-case," insulted Luke, smiling. 

"What you say, punk?" Carlos yelled, rising from his seat, balled fists.

"You better sit your ass down, or else," threatened Luke. A staring contest brewed as the mens' eyes locked onto each other, not moving. Carlos kissed his teeth, then walked to his bed.

"Hey, I didn't mean it in a rude way. I said it because you've killed many people," apologised Luke. 

"Okay,  just don't say that again," said Carlos, offering his hand. Luke took it.

"Hey, do you know of any famous gang leaders?" asked Luke, remembering who ordered a bounty on his head. 

Carlos sat and pondered. "  I know of a guy by the name of TK. Nobody knows where he is, apart from his henchmen," he told.

"Do you know any henchmen?" said Luke.

"No, but an ex-member of the gang lives on the streets. He goes by the name of 'Mad Dog' because he is messed up yet violent," informed Carlos.

"I appreciate your help," thanked the assassin.

"Why'd you wanna know so bad anyways?" asked Carlos, curious.

"I'm thinking about joining a gang when I get out of here," said Luke, smiling.

"Dude, you must be crazy," laughed Carlos. 

Suddenly, a cop came to their cell, muttering a few words under his breath.

"Hey you, you're being released," said the man, opening the cell door.He took Luke to the office and stopped at the reception.

"You need to fill in your personal details," he informed.

"Can't be bothered. My name is Luke Kenshin, I'm 20 and that's all you need to know," whispered Luke. The receptionist gasped under her breath when Luke mentioned who he was.

"Got a problem with my name?" asked Luke. The receptionist shook his head in response and Luke left.

Realising how late he was, he pulled over a cab and asked for the driver to take him to Havenmount warehouse. Once he was there,  he paid the driver, then ran towards the entrance. Kicking the door open, he found his brother, tied up in front of his captor. The captor had a familiar slender body shape. Luke immediately realised who it was.

"Are you being serious?" asked Luke.

"Hey, it's not my fault you're so obvious," smirked Alyx.

"Untie my brother now!" yelled Luke.

"Or what? You gonna change into the freak you are?" teased Alyx.

"You're a naive, little girl and if you don't listen, you'll be joining that thug," growled Luke, anger flaring.

Stunned, Alyx untied Kevin. 

" All I'm saying is that, you're not discrete. I'm not the smartest in Havenmount," she told Luke.

"If you want to do your crusades, try not to be too obvious," she added.

"I'm not obvious!" yelled Luke.

"Yes you are, you two  moved,  the same day a wolf arrives in town," Alyx laughed.

"Also, you spend your whole day at home. Who're people going to think is the Werewolf?" she asked.

Luke was silent. She was right. He was too conspicuous. 

"Whaddya suggest?" asked Luke.

"Hobbies,  jobs,  be socially active," she said. Luke nodded.

"By the way, Kevin, I'm sorry," she apologised.

"Don't worry," Kevin replied, smiling.

The two left, but Luke stopped at the police station.

"You here to tell us another load of bull?" snarled the receptionist. 

"No. I'm here for a job," said Luke.

Chapter 4: Police

"You're kidding right?" asked the receptionist, glaring at Luke.

"I'm  not," Luke replied.

"Hey guys, this loser wants to be a cop," teased the  second receptionist. Everyone in the room laughed at Luke.

"This punk is laughing, yet I can beat his weak ass," insulted Luke. *OOH* sounds filled the room as he challenged the receptionist.

"Kid, go home. He doesn't want to embarrass you in front of everyone," warned a cop.

"Embarrass who? I'm gonna break his jaw," said Luke, grinding his teeth.

"OK. Come outside," laughed the worker. Kevin brought Luke to a corner.

"Don't do this brother, I don't want you getting hurt," whispered Kevin into his brother's ear. However, Luke gave Kevin a "I got this" look and followed the receptionist. Luke took off his jacket, preparing himself. Meanwhile, the worker wore boxing gloves.

"I will hurt you bad," threatened the receptionist. Teeth clenched, he ran at Luke with his fists balled. Luke dodged it, throwing a punch of his own. Hard, it hit the man's mouth, and the worker recoiled in pain. 

" Do you want to give up? Because I don't want to embarrass you," provoked Luke.  Stupidly, the receptionist went back for more. Luke jumped in the air, extending his leg. His foot connected with his opponent's throat. 

"Dave? Are you OK?" asked a cop as he saw Dave choking and spluttering. Dave didn't answer, he carried on choking.

"Hey, what the hell? He's choking!" yelled Dave's friend.

"So? Give me my badge," demanded Luke. The worker's friend stood still, clutching the badge in his hand.

"I don't want to grab it off you, so give it now," spat Luke.

"Luke. Ask nicely," told Kevin. His younger brother sighed.

"Please," he whispered.

The friend threw the badge at Luke's chest. It read: HPD officer.

"Thanks," said Luke as he turned to leave.

"Hey! Where  are you going?" asked Dave's friend.

"Home," replied Luke.

"No, you're not. You will train, now" informed another cop. His name-tag read Michael. Michael directed Luke towards a shooting range room.  He handed Luke a gun. *BANG*. Luke fired the pistol and missed the target. *BANG*. *BANG*. He fired twice  and missed again.

"Well, I guess you're not a shooter huh," realised Michael.

"No, idiot," spat Luke. Kevin appeared in the doorway and called Luke over to a corner.

"Yo bro,  you were going to look for that Mad Dog guy," reminded Kevin.

"Oh yeah," remembered Luke. He went back to Michael.

"Hey, something came up. I got to go," Luke told his colleague.

"Okay. You better be back later," he grunted.  Alyx was at the reception too.

" You need to find a homeless guy and I'm your  guide," she notified with a smile on her face.

The three left the police station and walked through the streets, following Alyx's directions.

"He's across the road, on the bench," she said.

Silent, Luke and Kevin approached the beggar.

"Greetings, Mad Dog. You have news for me," welcomed Luke.

The homeless man lifted his lolled head. He rubbed the grit off his eyelashes and wiped his nose with his woolly hat.

"I got nothing to say to you," he groaned.

"Umm you do, you once worked with TK right?" Luke asked, sitting next to Mad Dog. The tramp's body tensed as he heard "TK". Luke noticed this.

"Did I hit a nerve? TK. Why did your body tense when I said his name?" Luke questioned. Suspicious, he analysed Mad Dog; his lips were trembling, eyes widening as big as golf balls and the loser was gulping multiple times.

"Tell me what you can about TK," pleaded Luke.

"You wouldn't want to know," Mad Dog cackled. Luke flashed a fraction of his blade.

"If you don't tell me, you'll be human sushi," warned an angry Luke.  

"I'm Lawrence, I think. When I was young, I joined TK's hit-men corporation, believing I'd find a family," he explained.

"But, I didn't know how evil he was. He was the Devil," he continued.

"We don't understand. Please get to the point sir," sighed Kevin. Mad Dog turned his head as if he thought someone was watching them.

"I messed up one day. TK used my colleagues to torture me, I barely escaped. Now, I live in fear they'll come back for me," he cried.

"Are you looking for sympathy? Cos you ain't getting it," snorted Luke.

"Give me important information," Luke added.

"Be careful who you trust in your pig department," advised the beggar. Luke realised he would not get important information, so he left.

"Thanks," said Luke. He and his brother began walking to Alyx when Luke saw a shadow going to stab Kevin. Mouth agape with shock, he pushed Kevin into the road. The blade plunged into Luke's chest.

"No!" yelled Kevin. He bashed the tramp's head against the wall. Mad Dog slumped to the floor, unconscious.

"Why did you save me?" asked Kevin.

"If you're going to die, it will be over my dead body," coughed Luke.

"But you're bleeding," wailed his older brother.

"I'm a werewolf, idiot. We heal fast," reminded Luke.

"What happened?" whimpered Alyx.

"Tell you later, call an ambulance," ordered Kevin, trying to stop the bleeding.

While the ambulance were on their way, Kevin stayed with his brother.

"You should go, I'll be fine," assured Luke.

"No, you're my brother and I will always protect you. No matter what," Kevin defied.

The ambulance arrived and Luke was taken to the hospital.

"I think Mad Dog is dead," said Kevin, sitting beside his sibling in the hospital bed.

"I don't care, he deserves to die. That piece of scum," snapped Luke.

"His advice was to trust nobody in the police department," muttered Kevin.

"I think there's corruption. TK must have undercover men," Luke suggested.

"That seems probable, so be wary," said Kevin.

"I will and I feel better," yawned Luke as he got up.

"You can't leave, doctors will send you back," his older brother said.

" I'm not going through reception" Luke said, directing his eyes to the window. Luke opened the window and jumped out. Speechless, Kevin watched his sibling land on a rubbish truck. 

"Ow!" howled Luke. He limped away towards the gate.

"Hey!" yelled a guard, advancing towards him. 

"Leave me alone, I'm a cop," slurred Luke, raising his badge.

"You're  unfit to work, come back sir," demanded the guard.

"I'm fine you idiot," growled Luke.

"Whatever," the guard sighed and walked off. Luke walked out of the gate and a car appeared in front of him.

"You're slow, get in," laughed Kevin. Luke entered.

"Take me to the police station," he sneezed. While Luke was driven to his workplace, who was corrupt, were the topic of their discussion.

"Hey Michael," greeted Luke.

"You're back," said Luke's chief.

"Yeah, what's the latest crime?" Luke asked.

"Sorry to disappoint you but you're not eligible enough to be on patrol," laughed Michael.

"For now, you can just explore," he added on.

Sighing, Luke walked around the station. He found the records room and went inside. Another cop was there. His name was Paulo. 

"Newbie, what you need?" Paulo questioned, observing Luke.

"I'm just searching for-" Luke began. He was going to finish with TK, but he remembered. Trust nobody.

"- the deadliest criminals," he finished.

"Okay, check," said the cop. 

Like a detective, he ran through the records until he found the one he wanted; TK's. It turns out TK was an arsonist, a hacker and a thief.  His whereabouts were  unknown. The police didn't know how he looked like so they left a question mark.

"What's that you're looking at?" inquired the man.

"TK. It's weird he got no picture. Who is he?" asked Luke, hoping to get information.

"He's  a dangerous nut-case. A word of advice,  don't get into things you can't handle," Paulo said, stern.

"I won't, I promise," guaranteed the newbie.  Paulo nodded, then left. 

"I know about your little secret," spat Dave.

"Secret?" said Luke.

"Yeah, the dangerous secret, I'm going to tell everyone," threatened Dave.

Chapter 5:Hunted

"Secret?" asked Luke, worried if Dave knew he was a werewolf.

"Yeah, you're that assassin in Hell's Garden," sneered Dave. Luke breathed a sigh of relief.

"Please don't tell, I've only just joined the force," pleaded the new cop.

"Guess what? I've just lost my job, due to the injury YOU gave me!" shouted Dave.

"Also, I'm having surgery soon, my neck-bone could be shifted. I'm telling everyone," he added.

"Fine. You leave me no choice," Luke growled. He threw Dave to the wall.

"You're not telling anybody, otherwise I WILL shift your neck, OK?" he grunted.

"Y-Yes," Dave whimpered.

"Hey, what's going on here?" Michael asked as he entered. He stopped in his tracks when he saw Dave and Luke. Frozen, he rose a chubby finger to point at Luke.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Luke is HG's assassin," Dave screamed at the top of his lungs. Instantly, Michael whipped out his pistol.

"Luke, leave Dave and surrender," advised Michael.

"Will you let me go?" asked Luke.

"No, you need to be arrested for your murder," Michael replied.

"No deal then," snarled Luke. He brought his katana out.

"Now you listen. You can let me go and you keep your lives," Luke said.

"Or?" questioned Dave.

"I kill both of you and leave, your choice," the assassin threatened.

"Go!" yelled Michael. Luke nodded and walked out the door. *BANG* BANG*. Michael fired shots at Luke. 

"Be taken in, harmed or unharmed," he said. Luke grunted. As Michael fired shots at Luke, the assassin would deflect them with his sword, advancing towards Michael. Michael retreated towards a dead-end.  Luke was steaming mad. He felt a flame ascend through his body. Michael was a rabbit in the headlights as he couldn't escape. His face went  white with fear and he repeatedly gulped as he supposed he would die.

"I warned you," roared Luke. 

"Stop Luke!" yelled a  voice. Curious, Luke turned around to see the person who shouted at him. It was his brother Kevin.

"Don't do this, many cops are upstairs. You kill Michael, and they'll kill you," said Kevin. Luke lowered his blade and walked to Kevin.

"Please Michael, I'm begging you, let my brother walk," begged Kevin.

"We can't," said Michael.

"Is there anything we can do?" asked Kevin.

"Yeah. Surrender," snorted Dave. Kevin sighed.

"Luke, run," whispered Kevin. Luke sprinted . He saw a colleague who attempted to greet him but he pushed past him.Now, he was outside and ran as far as possible. Remembering his brother, he ran back.

"He needs to be caught!" screeched Dave.

"Officers, come in. Luke Kenshin needs to be apprehended," barked Michael. Kevin ran. He needed to find his brother before something bad happened. 

"Where are you going?" asked another cop.

"I'm getting out of here," replied Kevin, barging past the cops. Running, he came to a halt when he bumped into Luke. The sound of metal boots clanking on stone floors, signified the cops were drawing nearer. They ran across the road into a nearby alleyway. 

"We need to leave Havenmount," insisted Kevin.

"That's obvious but where do we go?" asked Luke.

"I don't know," admitted his sibling.

"I've heard of Infernoss," suggested Luke.

"No, I heard from another werewolf that  many vamps are there,"  said Kevin.

"What about that town Lucifernoshire?" asked Luke.

"Alyx told me many satanic cults practice their teachings there," said the older brother.

"Speaking of Alyx, maybe she can help us," proposed the assassin. 

Then, like  stealthy snakes, they slithered throughout the city, averting the beaming lights of the cop's torches. Luke led Kevin to a wall, and they stopped. A cop was in front of them, smoking. His intercom received alerts to apprehend Luke and Kevin. The man went in his police car and drove off.

*KNOCK*. Vincent Perkins opened the door.

"Hey, is your daughter here?" asked Kevin.

"Yeah, she should be. Alyx you got visitors,," replied Vincent. Alyx came downstairs

"We need you Alyx," Kevin said, motioning towards the door.  Alyx followed the two.

"Alyx we're being chased by the police," declared Luke.

"Why?" she asked.

"Well, someone brought up something from our old town," said Kevin.

"So what do you want from me?" Alyx demanded.

"Recommend any places we can stay," said Luke.

"No, you're facing TK first," she added.

"Well, we're being hunted," Kevin said.

"Not any more, I'll tell them you went to Infernoss," assured the female.

"Where would we stay?" asked Kevin.

"My house," she said.  The brothers followed Alyx as she went into her house.

"Unfortunately, we have no more rooms but we have sleeping bags," she avowed, pointing towards them. The basement wasn't atrocious, but it differed from their rooms.   Luke inspected the place. Gloves on, he ran his finger along the wall. He grimaced when it had collected a ball of dust. As he blew it off, some of it landed on his eyes. 

"Let's go sleep Luke," advised Kevin.

"Wait, I need to use the toilet," said Luke. 

"Go on then," said his brother. Luke walked up the stairs and left the room. But, he returned as quick as he left.

"Bro, bad news. Cops are here," he squeaked.

"Really. Damn. Listen to their conversation," ordered Kevin. His younger brother obeyed and went to the door. Luke listened.

"So do you know where they went?" Michael asked.

"Yeah, they're in my basement. Be quiet so you don't awake them," murmured Vincent.

"Shoot, Mr Perkins ratted us out. We gotta get out of here," said Luke, grabbing for his blade. He opened the door and he and Kevin crawled to the back door. 

"Try to be quiet," whispered Michael to another cop.

 The brothers left the house and leapt over the Perkins' garden fence. They ran until they came to another street. All of a sudden, a car pulled up towards  them.Kevin couldn't see the car because the night camouflaged it. Nor could he see the driver. 

The car's window opened a fraction, and a voice said "Get in if you want to live!". Stupidly, they obeyed and entered the car. The face of the driver was masked. Luke thought to himself. I'm such an idiot. Why am I entering this car? I don't know where I'm going. If he tries anything, I will kill him. As Luke thought about stabbing the driver, he hid his katana.

"Where are we going?" asked Luke.

"You'll see," replied the driver.

"Listen punk, if you don't tell me, I'll kill you," the assassin threatened, holding a screwdriver to his neck. The driver howled with laughter. Luke didn't know why until he felt something pressing  on his ribs. It was a muzzle. He sat back. The journey resumed and Luke was silent.

"We're here," said the driver after ten minutes. Luke and Kevin got out of the car. The driver  led them to a spacious building. The design of the exterior was brutal yet abstract; walls painted with blood, knives hung on the walls like pictures and patterns made with bullets. The place was familiar to Luke and Kevin noticed this.

"You recognise this place?" asked Kevin.

"Not fully," said Luke, trying to remember. The driver stopped walking when they were in a hall. The exterior had an old-fashioned design.  Then, Luke recognised the motto on the wall. On a wooden board, "Kill a stranger, you're a friend, kill a brother, you're an enemy" was etched.

"Shoot," he said.

"What?" Kevin asked.

"This is where I learnt to become an assassin," he realised.

Part 1 of Chapter 6: History

"This is where I learnt to become an assassin," Luke repeated.

"Yes, it is!" boomed a voice. A tall man entered, smiling. His face was deathly thin as if his parents were under feeding him. The man's pencil moustache that rested on his stretched, upper lip. Also, his eyes were an unfathomable shade of grey. So mysterious, you could be hypnotised by gazing at him. He wiped the dust off  his collar as he stood next to Luke.

"Luke, you're back," cheered the tall man.

"I'm Jeffrey Davis or the Ringmaster," he added.

"Why have you brought us here?" demanded Kevin.

"You're wanted in the Dynasty Room," declared the Ringmaster, motioning towards a door. They entered and Kevin gasped; the room was brutal yet majestic. Solid gold plaques were on marble statues of legendary assassins. Kevin saw his reflection on the floor. Silver frames were on the windows and hung on the wall were diamond encrusted chandeliers.

"Amazing place, right?" boasted the grinning Ringmaster.

"That's an understatement," said Kevin, filled with awe.

"What do you want with us Ringmaster?" demanded Luke. 

The Ringmaster chuckled. "Not me, TK," he  said.

"He wants Kevin," revealed Jeffrey, frowning. Luke thought to himself. What does that low-life want with Kevin? If he touches him, he will die. And so will the Bloodshed Alliance.

"Luke?" Kevin asked.

"Huh, what?" mumbled Luke. His revenge plan had engrossed him so much, he didn't hear the others talking to him.

"Whaddya say?" he added. The two looked at him in bewilderment.

"Mr Davis asked you to leave now," said Kevin. Luke sighed, then walked. Unfortunately, he couldn't help but envy Kevin. How could he be chosen over me, the great assassin? My brother has no skills. He's so soft, he wouldn't even hurt a fly. The assassin grunted and trudged.

"This idiot Luke," insulted a voice. Luke whipped his katana out. 

"Same old, useless katana," insulted the person. 

"Show yourself, punk," spat Luke, eyes darting around the room.  A figure emerged from the shadows. The person's moustache stretched as he smirked. He wore a  maroon suit and wore white gloves. The foundation he wore disguised the knife scars on his cheeks The man's red hair was so untidy, it resembled the top of a mop.

"679," laughed Luke, shaking his comrade's hand.

"Please call me Derek," 679 moaned.

"How are you 232?" the werewolf asked.

"Good. You've disappeared," complained Derek.

"I'd things to do," admitted 232. Derek and his friend walked out the door. When the two were rookies, numbers were given to them as "code-names".  Luke was a celebrity as other assassins would raise their head in awe to look at him. One hit-man staring at Luke, dropped his cleaver. His mouth dropped when Luke smiled at him  The two companions went to the gate.

"Dude, you need to leave Havenmount," hissed Derek.

"Man, stop messing with me," teased the oblivious Luke.

" Something  is happening. You don't wanna stay," said 679. Luke looked at him, expecting Derek to crack and confess it was a lie. But, when Derek's warning eyes remained the same, Luke realised his partner wasn't lying. The red-headed killer handed a rucksack to the assassin. Mr Kenshin looked through the contents and saw dollars, bread and water.

"You need to leave Havenmount," hissed Derek. Luke nodded, then turned to leave.

"Take care, friend," said 679. 


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