A Booklet of Halloween Stories: Several are Based on Real Life Events

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A dark tragic story about several campers camping in the forests of Mount Pali. It was 6th grade Science Camp and many don't know much about survival of the fittest. Most are weak and stupid, while others are gorgeuos and strong. Most will die trying to survive against a beast. Others will die trying to hide. Few will live escaping. That is only one of the stories.

Submitted: October 31, 2008

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Submitted: October 31, 2008



The Deadly Forest: A Halloween Story: Based on Real Horror Stories

"Calm down people it's only a flat tire," the bus driver screamed loudly.

It was his first time on the job and already he hated it. He looked rather young and dashing for his age, but really he was only 40 years old. His brown hair was shaved off his bald head and instead is ony his upper lip making a moustache. His white shirt was stained from the Big Mac he just ate. Lucky for him, he had a blue jacket that had a name tag that read Albert, but he perfers the name Al. He was wearing old blue jeans and black glossy shoes.

The kids were first totally freaked out by the rough ride, but then the noise ceased to a down drums of wispers.

"Where are we?"

"Are we dead?"

"When are we going to get there?"

"Hopefully today!"

"When is it going to snow?"

"I hope we can eat when we get there!"

"I'm starving."

Al stepped out of the bus and went to expirement on the tire it was of course flat, but how? He flicked on the switch for his flashlight. It was only 6 p.m. and already it was almost pitch black. He sighed in disgust when he saw that the tire was cut open by a pocketknife. He didn't know how it got there, but it didn't matter to him as long as he got his pay check. SO he walked to the bus and grabbed the spare tire and started to fix the bus. It must have took a long time because the kids inside the bus started to moan. Suddenly, one of the girlsbravely stepped outside. What he saw was the most goryiest thing she has ever seen. The bus driver's head was carved just like a pumpkin, but even more worse. Then, she felt her clothes getting taken off. She tried to move but couldn't. She got knocked out the next second.

The next day, officials including the SWAT team went looking for the youngsters and the bus driver. All they found was a pumpkin and naked guys and girls costumes. When they finally tried them on, they realized that they were the children's skin.

Three Licks of Deathly Signs

Two sisters were driving in a car coming back from High School. Prom was coming up but they couldn't get ready just yet, because something interupted their conversation.

"Becareful people, there is a maniac on the loose," the radio said. The jailhouse was near their town as well.

"He was put in jail for murder and and for torturing. He is known for coming at night and killing with the victims own knives. Be aware and just in case we will have some SWAT members on each street of this town."

"Oh God," Alison said driving the car.

"This is so going to ruin our prom this year," Alison's sister, Claudia, said.

"We better go and tell mom."

"I'll text A.j and Dylan."

When they reached home, they told their mom and dad about everything. They bought two bull dogs that were trained for protecting. They were also tought about communication. If they lick them once then that means warning, two licks means get ready, three licks means danger get out of the house immeadiantly. Their dad also gave each of the girls a small pistol just in case.

A couple days later, the town was perfectly safe for now, but other towns have been alerted by several stabbing murders and others. Prom was almost here and Alison and Claudia were getting ready. It nearly midnight when they finally stopped AIMing and went to bed. Alison slept ontop of the bunkbed and Claudia slept on the bottom. Claudia was sleeping soundlessly until one of their bulldogs Mike licked her once. Oh God he's here, she thought. Claudia began to panic. Then, Mike licked her twice. Claudia grabbed her pistol that her dad gave her and got up from her bed. She woke Alison up and told her to get ready. Then came the other three licks and it was time to leave. They silently, opened up the side window that their dad opened just for emergencies and they climbed down.

"Wait, we need to tell mom and dad," Alison wispered.

"No he might have gotten them," Claudia wispered back.

"I don't care I have to warn them."

Alison tiptoed to their mom and dad's room, on the way their, her bathroom door opened slowly revealing her other bulldog hanging from the showerhead dead. Alison began to sweat cold drops of icy water. Then, she opened the door showing her the most weirdest thing ever. Her mom and dad were ripped to shreds probably by a knife. Then, she felt something stuck in her back and she fell to the ground dead.

Claudia stepped down from the ladder slowly but then she slipped and fell on a pool of something wet. SHe looked down and she saw dark red blood. She shreiked and got up slowly, but before she could react the ladder fell on her. What Claudia didn't know was that the ladder was covered with their kitchen knives.

The Dark Clown

A dad of 6 was watching t.v. alone and happily. He wanted to get his kid a good brithday party, but didn't have the right money. Until he saw a commercial about a clown that brightened people up.

"Are you bored and too stupid to anything," the commercial said, "if you said yes than you need your super Clown! He comes with everything you need and packed with fun.

The dad quicklydialed the number on the screen and the Clown is ready to come.

The next day............

Full of kids and adults int he backyard. People were having fun, and Bryan the special kid of the day was joyful and curious about the suprise his mom and dad set up for him.

"Don't you remember Bryan hates clowns?" Celin, Bryan's mom, wispered.

"Well, maybe he grew out of it?" Bob, his dad, retorted.

DING! DONG! The clown finally arrived.

The clown looked nothing like the real one on T.V. He was dark, his hair color dark blue, and his smile was dreaded with evil. The Clown reached at Bob's neck and squeezed it until his eye balls turned red and lifeless. Then, the Clown walked in and blended into the darkness. Bryan wasn't aware of this tragic event and wanted to tell his father something. He skipped down the hallway where the Clown was cutting off Bob's head. When Bryan finally arrived, he shreiked with horror. The Clown was turned toward Bryan clutching Bob's head. Bryan looked into the clown's malicious eyes. He looked deeper and soon lost his soul completely. Bryan, who was now fully possessed, reached into his dad's pocket and drew out a pocketknife. He walked over to his mom smiling. His mom slowly turned slowly to her son and saw scars.

"Do you know how I got these scars?" Bryan said smiling. His teeth were smeared with blood.

"Yes I do," Celin said grinning. She knew what happened exactly.

Cell Phone


"What do you want?" Sarah asked answering the phone.

"Look, can we talk?" Matt her boyfriend asked sighing.



"No, No and again NO!!!!"

She hung up and turned to her kitchen. She was cooking a delicious turkey for a party later on at night. She cooked it at hot temperature to keep people toasty and warm. The weather man was wrong once more and instead of a bright sunshine day, it was a breezing, hailing day. People were pissed off and hoped that he was fired. Sarah placed some salad with some delious salad dressing that she made herself on a massive plate from Hallmark's. Then, she palced the roasted turkey over it and covered the turkey with some BBQ sauce. She carried the tin foil box with the food inside into her car and put her key into the ignition. She started it and drove away to her friends house.


"OH MY GOSH I SAID NO!" Sarah shouted at the top of her lungs.

"When you get to your desination you will find a suprise," a voice said.

"Matt?" Sarah asked. "Matt that's not funny. Nice try, but that doesn't scare me at all."

The person hung up. Sarah thought something, but then shook it off and continued to drive to her friends house. When she got their she almost threw up. People were ripped to shreds and thrown onto the building like a person teepinging someones house. The odor was appalling.


"What did you do?"

"You have five minutes to do what I'm about to tell you."

"What is it?"

"Run and don't take the car."


"You take it and someone dies."

Sarah took off running, but then one of her heels on her shoes broke. She took them off and tossed them and sprinted away from the house.

"Now you have five seconds to listen to this tone."

Sarah brought the phone closer to her ear.


It was a kid's voice she can tell. But it wasn't a kid she knows.

"Stop it right now!"

"You like it do you?"

"Why are you doing this?"

"Why does everyone always ask that stupid question?"


"Because it's life."

"You little piece of....."


"Please stop!"

Sarah started to cry and she stopped running and collasped to the ground. SHe didn't know what's going on and she was petrified.

"Then, you need to come visit me at the graveyard."

Sarah knew the voice now. At that second she stopped moving. The voice belonged to Matt.

"Nevermind. I can just kill you right now."

Sarah fell down dead. Behind her was a dark shadow throwing a cell phone aside. There was a text message sent to someone. It read: redruM.

That spelled backwards is Murder. That saying was from the book and movie The Shining.

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