An Icy Scene

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Uh its about ice! TRUE STORY!!

Submitted: October 08, 2008

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Submitted: October 08, 2008



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Have you ever been in an incident where you had to ski down the wrong lane by yourself and dead alone? It was a ravishing day in Mammoth when I was sitting on the ski lift alongside my dad. I just learned how to ski and was about to face an enduring challenge bigger than picking up moist dog poop on damp, dirty grass. It was only right before reaching our destination I started to sweat chilly drops of salty water.

“Are you okay, Eric?” my father asked looking at me with his beady, concerned eyes.

His staring made me even more nervous than before.

“I’m not okay, I’m great,” I said lying.

It was only a couple seconds when we finally get to touch the mushy, powdery substance called snow. My heart pounded like a young kid pounding a door with a mighty hammer, but I tried to remain as calm as ever. I pushed off and started to slide. I tried to stop myself but couldn’t. I slid down a dangerous route that was only meant for professionals. My dad tried to yell something to me, but I barely heard him.

“-going until you reach the bottom,” my father said sliding down another route.

I started to ski down the slope fast and in control. It was nearly impossible for me to ski down this slope when the snow turned into ice. I slid down fast and always gained speed. Suddenly, I messed up and tumbled down the mountain of ice, until I hit a small rock. The impact knocked the air out of me and I felt a fairly big bump on my head. My right ski flew off and landed somewhere for away from me. I didn’t know what to do and started to panic and cry. I had to get out of here, but I’m just not good enough. Do you want to stay like this? No. Then, get up and don’t be a wimp. I got up from my laying position and sucked in some cold, icy air. I was scared I had to admit, but I just had to get over my fearfulness and ski for my life.

I got up and slid down the slope. This time I was ready, I saw my ski and quickly reached out and grabbed it. I didn’t put it on until I reached the bottom of the slope, when I knew I was safe. I stood up and pushed my hefty boot into the ski. Click! It was the first time out of the whole day that I smiled. I got something achieved and was proud. I took of my beanie and fixed my hair, and fixed my goggles so they felt comfortable. I made sure my skis were properly locked in.

Now I was ready again. I pushed off and started to ski “professionally”. At times people would pass by and stared at me like I was Tom Cruise. I just ignored it and kept on skiing. It felt like hours, it probably was, when I finally met the end of the tremendous mountain of snow.

I saw my mom and my sister, Britney. I quickly limped over and greeted them.

“Hey guys, is dad here?” I asked looking around.

“No he isn’t,” my mom said, “isn’t he with you?”

“Well, we were together until I went on the wrong lane.”

The three of us walked over to the ski lift and waited for our dad to show up. Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock! Time passed by and still, our dad didn’t show up. We were getting worried. I walked over to a nearby worker.

“We are missing our dad can you go find him, please?” I asked sweating once more.

“Um, just wait for a couple of minutes and see if he shows up,” she said turning away and got back to her job.

We waited and yet we still didn’t see his appearance. This intensity started to burn like the sun was hanging right above me. I started to walk back to the worker again, but finally saw our dad ski down the slope, waving at us. I waved back to him, and ran towards him. I gave him a delighted hug.

“So you weren’t scared huh?” he said smiling.

“Who said I was scared?” I asked.

He gave me a funny look.

“I was terrified,” I said looking up into the bright skies.

“So you wanna go home?” he asked checking his watch.

“No, I want to go again!”

We both laughed in unison and got on the ski lift. This time, I won’t mess up.


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