Divine Love

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Jack never knew anything. Until now.

Submitted: August 20, 2008

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Submitted: August 20, 2008



Author's Note* This story is more like a fantasy/ romance.

Two Divine Paths

Jack was having a suckish day at the academy again. He was a great wizard, but many were not. He was an excellent fighter with magic. A true wizard. His parents both died protecting themselves. Love. Jack didn't get it. What was so important? Why was it so strong?

Jack passed another corridor. Suddenly, there was crackles. Then, his body felt a sudden burn. It was Marcus. He was the ganster here at the academy. His followers, the pimps. They blasted every pain spells they could do. Jack fell to the ground. Nearly dead.

"HA! What a weako. Give me that knife and lets stab the nerd," Mark said taking a pocket knife and jamming it into Jack's chest.

"But sir, what if the teachers find out," Steven said who was the Jr. Master of the gang.

"No one cares about Jack Nobody. He was left here to die. His parents didn't care about him. The principle pield about the stories. He just wanted Jack to feel better. Well, look what happened to him!"

They slowly walked away giggling. Girls and guys walked by and laughed looking at Jack. As if he was a freak. No one helped him. Jack slowly closed his eyes. Numb all over the place. The pain has took over him and seized his body towards death. The reaper was standing next to his body looking down at him.

"Are you sure you want to give up and die," the reaper asked Jack. It didn't seem like words it was more like wispers of wind.

"I'm sorry, but there is nothing here for me. I'm stuck between my pride and my promise, but I can't hold on to your promise. I just can't," Jack said barely living.

"JACK," someone yelled across the room.

It was Amy. She was a girl I kind of liked, but she was a jerk the first time I met her.

"Are you okay? I heard what happened to you and just rushed over here."

"You care about me," I asked spitting a little bit of blood.

"Yes a lot of us do," she said.


Tons of guys and girls walked over to me.

I felt a so happy for a second. Then, I slowly closed my eyes.

I'm Sorry if it didn't make any sence. But Yeah.

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