Just One Chance

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A poem

Submitted: January 08, 2010

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Submitted: January 08, 2010



It's a rainy day and I'm laying in my bed,

I want to but I just can't get you outa my head,

It's the things I've done to make me wish I was dead,

I feel so sad because of my cold heart,

Kinda like the day we had to depart,

I bring the razor across my wrist,

You don't how much I missed,

As I felt the jagged blade against my skin,

The room turns black & white and starts to spin,

It feels like I'm shootin' myself,

Just killin' myself,

All i want is some help,

As I walked down this hallway,

I remember when I had nothing to say,

You said I was just too akward,

I tried to save us with note card,

The very next day you said we were done,

The thing I pointed to my chest called a gun,

I pulled the trigger with a rattattat,

I saw everyone's faces so sad as I hit the mat,

My last words just fell out of my mouth,

Go leave me take your boyfriend and head down south,

I looked up high and saw the shimmering light,

I saw a man asking me to join and fight the sorry,

I took his head nad joined the undead army,

As we departed I looked back at you,

I saw your lips 'I really did love you',

Then why did you leave me full of sorrow,

You should've loved me like there was no tomorow,

But I guess it's already too late,

Maybe this is just fate,

Look at you poor oh you,

It's okay because I really did love you too.

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