The Thing That Ate Our Souls

The Thing That Ate Our Souls

Status: Finished

Genre: Horror



Status: Finished

Genre: Horror



A thing. A terrible thing. That made us die. In a second. So fast and furious! I couldn't help it. I just want it to go away before it killz us. Oh god please help us!
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A thing. A terrible thing. That made us die. In a second. So fast and furious! I couldn't help it. I just want it to go away before it killz us. Oh god please help us!

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Thing That Ate Our Souls

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A thing. A terrible thing. That made us die. In a second. So fast and furious! I couldn't help it. I just want it to go away before it killz us. Oh god please help us!

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 17, 2008

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: September 17, 2008




Have you ever looked at your shadow and thought about how it would always follow you like it was about to kill you? I never thought of the same way after I saw the Shadow Killer. It was a demon from the stars. Demons come from everywhere. This one came from the stars from the galaxy. Many die, and turn to dust. Others fight together as one to kill those who try to mess with us human beings. We will finally fight with one of our biggest foes in the world.Not even a nuclear missile can kill it. So what can?

Chapter 1

It was another quiet, burningafternoon in the small city of Foothill Ranch. Everyone was inside there house with the air conditioning on. Of course no one wanted to go outside unless they were going to the pool to chill out because this was probably one of the hottest summers ever! Everyone wore shorts and a t-shirt. Just like that. But at night, it was freezing. At that time everyone wore pants and a long shirt. Usual schedule. Just plain and boring. Black and white. Same thing every single day. It was another hot Sunday morning to other people, but when Sora woke up and looked out the window. It didn't look like another ordinary day. Hesaw a shape in the sky. A cloud shape in particular. He thought he was imagining things. He always did. He wasn't the smartest boy in the community, but he was still a pretty average guy. He was in high school and is only 16 years old. The magical 16 number. He thoguht omething strange was going around him lately, but now it has been going crazy. Good things has happened. Good, but really strange. His luck changed all of a sudden. His life turned from boring to amazing. It wasn't as amazing as Peter Parker's life from Spider Man, but it was still pretty damn cool! People started to admire him. He didn't get it, everyone used to call him names like nerd, and geek, and loser, and so forth. He didn't get it now. But as he stared out the window he knew his life would change today. What he saw out his window. Was a skull. A skull with cross bones. Sora just shook the strange feeling off and changed into his usual clothes. Jeans, a Linkin Park shirt, his black Converse, and a black and blue checkered beanie. He walked downstairs to see his parents sitting at the diner table. He walked over to them and saton awooden chair.

"Sup pops, sup mom," Sora said looking at them.

His dad was just sitting there reading the news paper. As for his mom, she was sitting down staring out the window. Sora was shocked. His parents were always so pumped with energy and were always excited and always greeted him in the morning.

"Dad? Mom?" he asked again.

They didn't even budge. Not even a little. This started to get under Sora's skin. He was a bit startled now. It seemed like they were dead or something. Could they be possibly stunned my something. Sora walked over to his mom and stared out the window as his mom did too. Outside was a big giant hole. And it was sucking things into it, houses, cars, people, lamp posts, and more things.

"Crap," Sora muttered.

Then, someone banged on the house door. Sora ran immeadiantly to it. He unlocked it and swung the door open. It was his best friend Trevor.

"Dude! My parents won't move," Trevor said like he was totally creeped out.

"Mine too, but I think it has to do something about that black hole up in the sky," Sora said.

"What black hole?"

"The one up... Nevermind I'll show you follow me."

Sora walked outside into his front yard. Then, he pointed up into the sky. Trevor finally realized what happened.

"Oh my god!"

"I know. It scared the crap outa me too."

"What do we do now?"

"I have no idea. Maybe we should wait for something epic to happen."


"I mean, maybe we should wait for something good to happen."

"Well okay."

The two of them stared up in the sky waiting for something to happen. As they did they saw everyone else in their neighborhood came outside to look at the black hole. Then, something unusual happened. Lightning and thunder boomed near the black hole. After, something shadowy came out of the black hole. In fact, hundreds of them came out of the black hole. One of them came totheir neighborhood. It was like a black stick figure. It looked around it and then directly at us.Sora and Trevorgot up, in casethey needed a fast break. Suddenly, one of our nierghbors fell to the ground dead. It was Mr. Brookhurst. He was a very old, but kind and gentle man. He used to letthem come in his house and letthem pet his puppies and let us eat his very own chocolate chip cookies with his own recipe. They were so delicious. And nowthey saw him dead on the front yard just laying there staring into the skies. His skin turned pale.It was just such a sad feeling they couldn't take it. They just started to cry. It was like losing there own father. They knew now that the stick figured shadow was here to kill us. Sora and Trevor took of and ran in the house. Locking the door immeadiantly.

"I don't think those guys are going to help us," Trevor said. His chest was coming up so high and fast Sora thought he was going to have a seizure.

"I don't really know," Sora said too shocked to do anything.

"Oh God. Poor Mr. Brookhurst. He was the nicest man I know."

"I know, but we have to leave that to the past. Right now we have to find a way to get outa here."

"Well, okay. Hey! Jimmy's dad is a cop. Maybe he has guns there we can use!"

"Yeah. But how can we get out of this house when that thing is outside waiting for us to fall into that thing's trap?"

"Good point."

"Wait! Jimmy came to my last birthday party! He gave me a hand gun! Yes!"

"I knew he would give you a gun someday." He winked.

"I'll go get it. It's in my room."

Sora walked up the stairs and into his room. He looked under his bed to find a small silver case. He grabbed it and opened the case. Inside was a beautiful traditional magnum 50 calibre. He took it out and practicaed aiming it. Then, he walked softly to his bedroom window. It was totally dark outside. Only the street lamps were on. Other than that, it was pitch dark.


Sora twitched. What was that?


No sound.

"Trevor you there?"

Not even the slightest sound.

Sora walked slowly and swiftly down the stairs, holding his magnum close to him. His heart was pounding loudly. Thump! Thump! Thump! He looked around. No one was downstairs. The front door was opened wide. Maybe Trevor ditched me. Sora walked to the front door. No one was outside. Not even a shadow. He carefully walked outside. No one is outside. Not even a bird. Sora carefully tip-toed to the front yard. No one single soul was here in this neighborhood anymore. The Shadow took them all. There was nothing except a ton of dead bodies. Sora checked and none of them were Trevor. If he's not here. Then, where is? That question haunted Sora. Finally, he knew. Jimmy's house.

Chapter 2

Sora jogged down the street towards Jimmy's house. Still, he saw nothing except dead bodies. He didn't realize how lucky he was to survive. Even though he lived, he sill felt unfortunate to live without seeing his parents ever again. It was a hard thing to ignore. Especially when it happened in the morning of a bad day. Anyways, while Sora jogged down to Jimmy's house, Sora clutched his heart in pain. Later, he couldn't take it anymore. He fell to the ground and sobbed. He sobbed about how his parents are gone. He sobbed about how Mr. Brookhurst was gone. He sobbed about how Trevor was gone too. It seemed that mankind was begining to die. We were all going to turn into dust.

Sora finally made his destination. But Jimmy's house seems to be dead. By dead, I mean the house seems quiet. Which meant, no one seems to be there. In fact, that house seems to be darker than the rest of the houses. Sora refused to believe that. He cocked the magnum and aimed it ahead of him. Then, he slowly walked toward the house. He started to sweat, but that didn't stop him. Sora made it to the front door. He twisted the doorknob. Luckily, the door was open. Inside, Sora saw the most disturbing pictures in his mind. Even though it was dark, Sora could still smell the horrid stench in the room. The stench of blood and guts. Sora searched blindedly for the light switch. When he finally found it and turned it on, he turned it off almost right away. Everywhere inthe room was guts. The walls were painted red of blood. He saw Jimmy's head connected to a gut which was hanging right above Sora. Sora closed his eyes tight and cried. It was such a horrible sight, but he had to use his eyes for searching weapons. So he turned on the lgihts again and opened is eyes. He ran up the hall way to see a stairs. He ran up them and saw a door that read: Jimmy's Room. Knock Before Coming In.Sora didn't even think about knocking sinceJimmy was dead.He barged in and searched around carefully. This kind of reminded himself of a wolf tracking down his prey. Those deadly dark eyes, and its long sharp claws, and it's rumbling belly. Sora was kinda like that.

There seemed to be no trace of any guns. Then, he opened the closet. It was the most interesting closet Sora has ever seen. In there was guns. Tons of them. Sora only picked the regular hand guns since machine guns and shotguns had to much of a recoil. He picked out a Sig Moquito, a berreta 9MM auto, a glock, and a colt government. He wasn't really experienced with guns, but he's going to learn a hella lot about them now. Sora still had his magnum out, the rest were in his pockets eager to kill someone.

Now Sora was ready. He stormed out of Jimmy's house and ran to the streets yelling. Sora was pissed and he was ready to kill.

Chapter 3

Sora ran down the street to search for any of those Shadow creeps. He wanted to blow one of those heads off so badly. He wanted to let them feel his agony. How he was just so miserable at the moment. It was too dark to see anything. What if it's behind you, a voice said in his head.

"Of course it isn't," he muttered.

It felt like hours as Sora drowsily walked on. He had to find a place to rest for the night, but it also had to be a safe place. As he slowly paced on. He saw a house. With light. Survivors! Sora ran with glee. Maybe Trevor is in there! Sora was about to bang on the door, when he suddenly realized if the people inside weren't friendly. Sora walked back a few steps. Instead, he went through the side door. He walked slowly and carefully. He didn't want to attract any noise. Sora started to crawl under the windows afraid the people inside were going to see him. CRASH! The window right besidee him cracked into millions of pieces just like the world. Sora's eyes widened as the thing that crashed through the window was a human being. Sora's heart thumped so loud he could've sworn he heard someone banging a hammer. Unexpectedly, someone shot a gun. There was tons of gun shots. Sora didn't care if the people inside the house would shoot him. He just had to get the hell outa here. He got up holding his magnum with hisweating hands. As he ran to the front of the house, hehada disquieting moment in his life once more. In front of him, stood thousands of people. It may not sound weird, but it was. The people around Sora were suppose to be dead. They were all zombies.

Sora closed his eyes and shook his head.

"Please make this a dream God," he muttered under his breath.

He reopened his eyes to see them still there but way too close to him. They began to circle around him. Making him the direct target. Sora raised his gun.


With that one word he fired his weapon. He saw a head fly off as the bullet soared through the air and smacking tons of the zombies in the head. The recoil to the gun was so heavy Sora flew back a bit. He cocked the gun and fired again. He kept on shooting until he ran out of bullets. Then he pulled out his glock. He fired one bullet and already took a couple out. The bullets ricochet off of the zombies. With each hit the zombies groaned as if they were about to throw up or soemthing.

"Kid, if I were you I would duck," a voice beyond the zombies said. It sounded like a muscular man around his 40's.

Sora didn't care whoever said it. He just ducked because he was sure the person was going to rescue him. Or so he hoped. There was a loud sound like a car engine turning on. Then, Sora saw tons of zombies tearing in half. There was a man holding a chainsaw. He was wearing a Kobe Bryant jersey and blue jeans. He had brown hiking boots and a black goatee. He was bald and was german by his accent. He was pretty short for his age but that didn't bother Sora a bit, as long as he's saved from those "death creatures".

"Run!" he yelled.

Sora didn't fight back. He ran away from those monsters as fast as he could. He saw a giant red truck.

"Get in the truck now!" the guy yelled.

Sora swung open the door and got in, safe fromt he dangers around him. The man got in not much later.

"We damn lucky we got away from those aliens," he said jamming his keys into the car. Then, he turned on the engine with a roar. The two of them smoked away from the zombies. Away fromt he horrors they just saw.

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