To Kill Or Be Eaten

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A real nightmare....

Submitted: August 30, 2008

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Submitted: August 30, 2008



The picture.... the picture looks tooo real. Too real to believe. Like the Mona Lisa but more bloody. More gory. One of the eys were hanging out. Half of the head was eaten or rotted away. Her jaw was barely hanging from mere flesh. Blood dripped down from her face. I wished, I hoped it was fake. but it was a real nightmare. The whole country. The whole Continent. No, the whole World faced it. A world for hunger. Hunger for flesh. Human Flesh. That person was my college friend. She was with me from the start of this damn thing. But they took her before i knew anything. Last thing she told me was to blow her body up. Into ashes. And so I did with my 2nd to last grenade. She is in heaven now with most of the world. She is with her family and in happiness. While I'm am still trapped in this train wreck place.

I turned a corner and passed the sheriff's place. Blood steined windows as always. I held my pistol close to me while i watch the gory streets. Making sure its clear and nobody. Nothing, is on it. If there was, there should be more of those things. I hit the window with my pistol and crawled through. Thank goodness there was some pistol clips in this office. And a bonus! A shot gun. I'm gonna kill fine tonight! I grabbed the clips and put them in my pocket and put my pistol in my back pocket. And equiped the shot gun. And the msot horrid sound I've hated fromt he start of this thing. Came to my ears. Not music, a horrible sound much worse than a person scratching a chalkboard with there own fingernails. This sound was a groan. A groan which means hunger. A hunger for human flesh. Zombies.

I immideantly ran outside. I quickly grabbed my combat knife to shank tose bastards if i had to. I wanted to conserve my ammo for later. To my suprise there was only 5 or 10. There was usually thousands of them. I quickly ran to the direction of my house. It was 5 blocks away. I could make. I cut clean through a zombies head. But the zombie was still moving somehow. That's the thing. Once you cut or shoot them as many times as possible they never die. Maybe if u blow them to pieces maybe. I sheathed my combat knife and took out my house keys. I jammed it into the lock and opened my door. I ran inside as fast as possible. Good. They were all here. My buddies. My combat friends. My teammates.

"OH MY GOD," a girl with beautiful blonde angel hair said walking over to me and hugging me. "We thought you were gone. I see u found a shot gun!"

"Yup I got a shot gun," I said. "And what did u say I was?"

"Nothing," She said kissing me on the lips.


"Well, since Binda is gone all we have is Me, you, Tiffany, Cindy, and Josh," said Judge. He was a man with the big muscles and will own all the zombies with his chainsaw and shotgun. He was African-American and shaved his head.

Tiffany was the hott nurse we found at the hospital. She was really experienced and we could really need her with wounds and stuff. She was armed with a pistol just in case. She Frenchand she had this cute accent when she talked english.

Cindy wasmy sexy girlfriend and she is great at mysteries and crime. She took a class on it and she aced it. And it was the honors class! She was Irsih but she's still hott!

Josh is a police man we found. He was wounded a bit and Tiff bandaged him up and hes fine now. He's equiped with a Ak47. We were lucky to find that in someone's garage. He's hispanic and could speak both languages. English and Spanish.

As for me, I was lifting weights, jogging laps, and excersizing as much as possible. I was going to sign up for the US army. But it's too late for that. I don't know where i came from. I was left in an empty cabin when I awoke. I was 13 years old back then. I don't even know my real parents. But when I leep I have these strange dreams about experements. They arn't testing them on me but I can see the whole procedure.

A couple seconds passed and already the zombies immeadiantly started bang on the windows, the doors, and anything else they could find. Like always we were sorounded. A couple zombies broke down a window and crawled through. I aimed for the zombies head and blew it up. There is always gore with these guys around. All our backs were against each other. All of us facing another direction, and shooting the damned things. I hope I had enough ammunition. I looked around and saw Tiffany was out of bullets.

"Tiff! Have my gun," I said tossing my pistol to her.


I took out my shot gun and shot a zombie that was aobut to rip my face open. There was millions of them.

"I think it's time we used the secret weapon guys! Open the underground safe way! Let's burn this baby up," Judge said taking out a lighter.

Cindy Got the latch and struggled to open the door.

"It's jammed," she said scared.

She was still trying to open the door. Not giving up!

"Cindy move out of the wat," I said.

I shot the door once. Cindy pulled the door open.

"Everyone get inside," Judge said.

"What about you," I asked shooting a zombie.

"I have to do this! For Binda!"


"Take my chainsaw and shot gun. I won't need them. And now u can hang around with both girls huh?" He winked at me.

"I'll miss you big guy."

"Don't worry about me. Take care."

"You too man!"

I don't know but I think I was tearing up. He saved my life once and I won't forget it. We went to the boot camp together. We were teammates at boot camp and kicked everyone's ass. We owned. And now the friendship is gone. No! It's still here in our hearts.

I went through the door to the underground. It was dark and freaky as I walked down the steps to the underground safe way. But towards the bottom there was light. And Tiffany and Cindy, and Josh were all waiting. Suddenly, there was an explosion upstairs. And I knew exactly what happened. I will always miss that big guy. When I finally reached the bottom of the stairs I couldn't believe where we were. In a labratory. A zombie labratory. People were testing on dead people and on real people. There was perhaps ten scientists there. We had to stop them. It was a small place, and it seemed as if there was no gaurds.

I looked at my teammates. They all held up there guns ready. I ran at them and took aim. I Fired my first bullet. And a scientist flew in the air as I shot him. We killed them all in a few seconds. I unlocked all the trapped alive people. They seemed to be in good condition.

"Who are you people," the guy we unlocked ask.

"We are the people from Racoon City. Who are you," I asked looking around once more to make sure it was safe.

"I am Richard Nichols."

"Can you walk?"


"Can you hold a gun?"


"Good your coming with us."

Suddenly, a loud crash came. Zombies were everywhere. How did they follow us so fast? But that's not the question I should be saying. It should be how are we gonna get out of here?

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