War Gone Too Far

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a war poem

Submitted: June 28, 2009

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Submitted: June 28, 2009



Let the rain come,

Let me cry and let no one see,

The clouds of rain I have summoned,

It's the time where I can finally just be me,

Rain falling on creator's death lands drumin',

I cry until pain takes me and I fall upon my knee,

The lighting that I know is comin,

Only us can we unlock this with our lives is the only key,

Cannons and guns is boomin',

The conquerers sitting in mansions drinking tea,

The soldiers with rifles come stormin',

The fallen lay helpless and plea,

The love that we hold is crumblin',

They can't anymore let us be,

Now we are all going to die from what we have made,

Let the shining open up and let us laugh with glee,

The love we should have just stayed,

And now I'm done,

Down on the ground of the rain to stun,

I am finally finished off under the barrel of a gun.

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