Love in Vain

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By Christa Heatherly

Submitted: August 22, 2012

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Submitted: August 22, 2012



By: Christa Heatherly

January 15, 2010


Dear mom,

I'm sorry that I didn't please you,

with all the "bad" things I did.

I'm sorry that I'm not more like my sister,

The good and golden kid.

I tried so hard to do good for you,

but I guess it wasn't enough.

I asked for help and comfort,

But you're answer was "tough'.

Dad wasn't much help either,

He followed you like a blinded sheep;

While you had you fun elsewhere, unaware,

In my room I would silently weep.

I thought you were supposed to be there

When I needed someone to lean on.

Wheren't you supposed to be loving and caring?

Most of all, shouldn't you act like my mom?

I suppose that dad is no better.

Since he's supposed to be the role model of my life.

Dad's should be there for you in times of darkness,

not somewhere kissing up to their wife.

And what about my little sister?

The one who's supposed to look up to me.

She's busy telling me how unperfect I am,

All this time I've wanted to get away,

To just kick, scream, and shout.

It'll all be over be over soon though,

Daddy left his gun laying out.

I'll cry not tears for you,

When I put the muzzle between my teeth,

And I hope that someday you'll lift my pillow,

To find this letter underneath.

Hard as it is to believe, I still love you,

My sister, my mother, and my father.

All my love in vain,

Your badly broken daughter.

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