What I wanted to hear

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By Christa Heatherly

Submitted: August 24, 2012

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Submitted: August 24, 2012



By: Christa Heatherly

May 20, 2009


Tears of scarlet escaped the slit,

Those tears fell down my wrist,

I tried to bleed all the pain out,

So many times that I'velost count.


Everyday it's the same words I always hear,

"I wish God never sent you here."

"It's all your fault for this."

"If only you disappeared we could be in bliss."


Those words had sharp edges,

Making scars on my heart and making my mind make pledges.

I always scream aloud inside my head,

"I too wish I was dead!"


Everyday it was all those words,

That made my tears burn,

Always making me wish I was never born,

So that when I leave no one would mourn.


I wrote my suiside note and placed it on the door,

I hope everyone is happy when I breath no more,

But before I pull the trigger,

I hear my phone playing it's ringer.


I put the gun to the side,

After this it's gonna be time,

But when I pick up on the third ring,

Something inside my head dinged.



A voice that I will always know,

"Hello? I know what your doing,

It's a huge mistake,

Don't kill yourself,

I knowhow much pain you have felt,

Please don't do it,put the gun down,

I want your to know that in this hell there is love."


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