Rebellious Blood

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Centuries ago, the werewolves of the world divided into 2 packs- those who vowed to protect humans and other animals and those who made it their life to torture inferior beings. A few years ago these packs collided with devastating consequences. When these two packs collide yet again crystal is torn between her heritage and her love.

Submitted: April 23, 2008

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Submitted: April 23, 2008



It was another dreary and miserable day. I sighed as I looked out the window; my breath turning into little water droplets as it hit the cool glass. I twisted a strand of blonde hair round my finger then pushed it behind my ear and let my head fall onto my hand. The summer weather was gone and with its departure it had left nothing to do but sit indoors, watch re-runs or go to school. I let my eyes wander around the room, stopping at the silver photo frame, just visible behind the stacks of paper and books on the desk. I slid off my bed, crossed the room and picking the picture up, lightly skimming the edge of the frame. A nine year old version of me smiled happily from the picture, sat next to a dark haired, middle aged man who had his arms wrapped around me laughing at the person taking the picture. Smiling to myself I thought of that day. It was taken seven years ago, a few weeks before we were due to go on holiday, I’d packed my bags weeks before in my enthusiasm. We’d had a picnic in the back garden of our old house. The whole family crammed onto our little fenced off patch of grass. Unfortunately my brother, Micheal, had ruined that day by eating too much cake and throwing up on gran. That was the only partly happy memory I had of the time before the accident. I blocked out the sudden overwhelming images of the hospital, the numerous tubes scattered over the frail unconscious body and the blood splattered sheets.

I shoved the mess of paper further across the desk, clearing a space for the picture. I placed it down as Micheal entered my room and leaned tensely against my wardrobe.

"What do you want?" I frowned at him.

"Mum's leaving in five minutes" he replied then hesitated. Seconds dragged by and I frowned harder.

"If there's something else spit it out, otherwise get lost" I retorted, getting annoyed at the fact he wasn’t just coming straight out with it.

"Ok, ok" he held his hands up as a gesture for me to calm down. He seemed worried and nervous, which was odd for him. Normally he‘d be pulling pranks and making me remember my most embarrassing moments over and over again. Another odd thing was he had seemed to grow more muscular over the last week, yet he’d never been to the gym. His light hair seemed longer too. It’d grown out of his short spiky style in a matter of days and he was more paranoid, unable to walk down the street without looking around warily.

"Mums arranged for you to go to Aunt Sue's house in two weeks to stay for a month or so". My jaw dropped in shock. What did he mean mum had arranged for me to stay at Aunt Sue's! For a month! Why me! I thought. Why was I being dumped with the creator of crazy antics and zero design taste? Wearing an apologetic smile, Micheal turned and left me in my shocked state. After a few seconds I slung my bag over my shoulder and pounded down the stairs. Micheal stood at the bottom pulling on his shoes, watching my expression uneasily. Mum lingered at the kitchen door, eyes focused on the carpet. I shoved Micheal out of the way and threw the front door open, stepping out into the chilly morning air.

I walked to school, my arms folded tightly and my hands balled into fists, trying to fight the urge to break something. Living with aunt sue was going to be hell. Correction, hell is nicer. I met up with Taylor on the way and relaxed slightly as she started rambling on about her boyfriend’s cute nicknames for her. When she’d finished I told her about my prison sentence. She listened almost quietly then began arguing that it couldn’t be as bad as I’d described and I argued back saying she was right, it was much worse than my description. We arrived at school; a big rectangular structure surrounded by a grassy verge, painted a dull grey with only one level and lots of windows and continued arguing about it during class but got sidetracked into other things like building a five storey mall on top of Aunt Sue’s house.

Mum tried to explain that aunt sue was lonely and could do with some company on the journey home from school but I didn't want to hear her excuses. I questioned her on why it was me being sent away and not Micheal and about school, she replied lamely that aunt sue could do with some girly time and that missing a little bit of school wouldn’t hurt. She expected me to go a whole month without school or anything for entertainment. She was willing to let my grades suffer because she couldn’t bear to let her favourite child go away. Just like always, I was second best compared to Micheal. That was the real reason I was being sent away and everyone knew it. Scowling out the window, I saw Micheal tighten the grasp on his backpack and lower his gaze to the floor from the wing mirror. I started to wish dad was here but stopped, trying to fight back tears and the flood of memories. The car slowed to a stop and I jumped out, slamming the door and ran to my bedroom.

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