Sitting in silence, praying and hoping

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My step father has cancer, and it doesn't seem fair to me. Why such a good hearted person is suffering.

Submitted: March 02, 2012

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Submitted: March 02, 2012



Just one single heart beat, 

and its coming from your chest,

looking at the other faces in the room,

wondering if this is a test,

Holding yourself tightly,

Listening to them speak,

You can't open your mouth,

Not a single peep,


The dead are gone,

but they are not forgotten,

You can try to be strong,

You are still wishing and hopin,

No matter how much you want them to walk through that door,

No matter how much scream their name,

The tears will always poor,

And it will never feel the same,


How long do you think you can last,

In that painful room,

The couch you sit on,

It could perfectly fit two,

Your heavy heart,

it beats painfully in your chest,

missing the one person,

Who could out shine the rest,


The day you heard the news,

Something left your soul,

No one will know unless they are in your shoes,

exactly what it feels to be this cold,

The smile, the laugh, 

Their voice, Their touch,

It is sickenly sad,

That you can miss someone this much,


The love you shared,

You will now wait in patience,

Their life couldn't be spared,

So you sit in silence,

Cancer never choses,

It doesn't really care,

You never know what it's next move is,

Though it doesn't seem fair,


Fight beside them to the end,

Sometimes you can fight it,

But till then,

Love with all your heart,

You never know who the victem will be,

It is sad and it hurts,

I know because it has happened to me,


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