Soldiers (how they may feel)

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Some may feel this way, some may not.

Submitted: October 04, 2011

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Submitted: October 04, 2011



No one knows what it is like waiting,

No one will ever know their fear,

When you wake up from a nightmare shaking,

When you jump from everything you hear,

You think they are okay,

You think they don't feel a thing,

Yet they aren't okay,

And they feel everything,

When they come home,

They are scared,

For what they have seen is unknown,

Or the lives of their friends that could have been spared,

Don't judge them by the uniform,

Don't ask them how many they have killed,

In their mind it is like a horror film,

So their lips are sealed,

Unless you have been in their shoes,

Or know what its like to shake from nightmares,

It doesn't happen to everyone,

But it happens to the people who cares,

So I don't judge and I don't ask,

I just hold onto him tight and whisper I am here,

Then I think finally, at last,

I can hold him near.

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