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I woke up to the birds singing but when I turned my head to look out the window, the singing turned into cries of alarm. Then I saw it. Warriors. Hundreds of them marching towards this city.

“Tydoken!” I yelled, running into his room. “Tydoken wake up!” Our city was not surrounded by a high wall, but surrounded by a moat for once the wall gets knocked down, the city is basically destroyed.

“What is it?” Tydoken mumbled.

“Warriors! By the hundred! Marching this way!” I cry.

“What?!” He sat up and looked out the window. I glanced out too. They were almost near the moat. “Don’t worry. Their armor will drag them down.”

“Tydoken…” I said in a shaky voice. “Why is the bridge coming down?”

“The bridge is coming down?!” He sat up and looked. Sure enough, the bridge was slowly falling down. “Quick! Quick! Grab as many things as possible! Food and water are the key things!” I looked at him and ran around the house, collecting as much things as possible. I went back to him and all he carried was a box and his weapons. My weapons! I ran to my room and tucked in all my weapons. He was already walking down the stairs.

“Tydoken…” I whispered, fear in my voice.

“Deybuke, it’s going to be fine, trust me.” Then he lifted up the rug and opened a trapdoor. “Hurry.” I ran down and he placed everything the way it was before.

“Tydoken…” I said. “A few months ago, when we were fighting for the memetta and the Shrougen, you said that they had powers. What are they?”

“You’ll have to find out. It cannot be explained.” He suddenly looked at me sharply. “Why did you want them?”

“You’ll have to find out. It cannot be explained.” I mimicked. He glared at me, but said no more. Suddenly, we heard it. Footsteps upstairs.

“Are they going to find us?” I asked.

“No…” Tydoken exclaimed, but I felt his tremble.

“Tydoken…” I whispered and he slapped me across the face. I sat on the floor, shocked. Tears formed at my eyes but I rapidly blinked to keep them back. I glared at him, but he was looking up, focusing. Suddenly, I was aware of the sound of them moving things around.

“Next house!” we heard someone exclaim a few minutes later. “Go, go, go!” Footsteps above us ran out the door. Suddenly, they stopped abruptly.

“Sire.” A shaky voice exclaimed. “The soldiers are advancing.”

“No.” the first voice said. “No! Fredu said that he would stall them!”

I gasped. Fredu. The name sounded familiar. I glanced at Tydoken to see that he had stiffened up.

“Sire.” Another voice urgently spoke up. “Our soldiers are doing a good job fighting, but more and more are coming. I’m afraid we have to retreat.”

“We have hundreds. Let them fight.”

“Sire!” another voice squeaked. “The bridge! It’s rising!”

“Retreat! Retreat!” the general yelled. “Quickly!” The sound of swords quickly being drawn was heard and footsteps running out of the house.

“Fredu…” Tydoken muttered a few minutes after silence fell. “Fredu… Fredu! He’s the king’s daughter’s fiancé!”

“Yes… Yes!” I said, in shock. “I thought that name sounded familiar… but why?”

“They wanted something…” Tydoken said. “Let’s go up.” We went up and our whole house was trashed. There was not a person in sight, except for the dead bodies. A mother’s wail brought us to our senses. In the distance, a child was calling to his parents and some families who the soldiers had not raided their house, was crying in relief. Bodies were scattered everywhere.

“Fredu…” Tydoken spoke. “We have to corner him.”

“I have an idea.” I spoke up. “Follow me.” We put on the clothes of a fallen solider and threw their bodies into the moat. We walked up to the castle.

“Halt!” the shrill voice cried. “I thought all the soldiers were dead.” Fuck. Tydoken’s eyes darted my way.

“No. We are injured only. We’ve fallen and they thought we were dead, but… but we managed to get back up and now seek help for our wounds.” I spoke. Would they believe me?

“Uh…” one of the guards hesitated.

“I’m afraid I cannot hold on any longer.” Tydoken spoke up.

“Go on in.” the other guard said, nodding.

“Thank you.” I said.

“I can’t believe we made it in!” Tydoken gushed. I ignored him and marched straight to a guard.

“Excuse me.” I said. “Where is Fredu. We have an urgent message for him.”

“What is your urgent message?” the guard asked.

“We recently found out that he was going to be ambushed.” I said.

“Thank you.” The guard replied. “I will get that message to him as soon as possible.”

“If he has any questions, you must direct him to go the west wing, where we will be on watch.” Tydoken exclaimed. Brilliant. The guard nodded and we walked away.

“Excuse me!” the guard yelled. “The west wing is that way.”

“I~” I started.

“We need to tell the gate guards something!” Tydoken yelled back. We walked towards the gate, hid, walked back towards the west wing, giving a slight nod to the guard.

“I can’t believe we pulled that off!” I whispered. Tydoken was breathing hard.

“How are we going to get the guards away from the west wing?” was his reply.


“Guards?” Fredu’s voice came from behind up. “Your message.” We waited until his footsteps got closer. Then I sprung, my dagger at his neck.

“What do you want?” Fredu gasped.

“What do you want?” Tydoken asked, ignoring his question. “Why did you let the soldiers past the moat?”

“I did not!” Fredu said.

“We heard.” I said. “The general himself spoke your name.”

“It was not me!” Fredu cried. “I swear!” It was all I heard before an arrow pierced my back.

I came to in the dungeon. I’d be better off in heaven.

“You’re awake!” Tydoken cried, sweeping me into a big hug. I groaned, clenching my teeth.

“What happened?” I asked.

“His servant, who came to check on how he was, shot an arrow in you. Fredu turned around and the servant shot an arrow into his head and he died. The guards came running in and the servant blamed me and claimed he didn’t know how to use a bow and arrow!”

“They aren’t supposed to know how!” I said. “Wait… they aren’t suppose to know how to shoot an arrow…” We looked at each other.

“Tydoken.” I said, my voice now shaky. “We… we have to get out.”

“No.” He said, rolling his eyes. I punched him in the shoulder.

“I have an idea.” I said.

“You’re full of those, aren’t you?” Tydoken teased. I took it like an unprepared punch to the stomach.

“Fine.” I said, tears in my eyes. “What idea do you have?!” Then I turned my back to him and ignored everything he said.

“Deybuke. Deybuke!” He wined, shaking my shoulder. He was suppose to be 7 years older than me?

“Deybuke.” He said. “I’m sorry! I was joking!” No really.

“Deybuke! Please! Stop being mad at me! I’m sorry! I told you I was joking! You have great ideas!” Why thank you.

“Deybuke. Come on!” Tydoken said. Suddenly he hushed as footsteps came closer. The servant came down.

“I know you two have it.” He growled.

“Have what?” Tydoken said.

“Have the memetta and the Shrougen.” He servant hissed. “Give it to me!”

“We don’t~” Tydoken started.

“Yes, yes we do Tydoken. We do have both the memetta and the Shrougen.” I said. “Give it to him!”

“No!” Tydoken said, his eyes blazing with furry.

“Listen to the girl!” the servant said. “Give them to me.”

“Never!” Tydoken yelled, his voice echoing across the chamber.

“Tydoken.” I snapped. “Give it to him before I wrench it from you.”

“Try me.” He hissed.

“Fine.” I said. “I’m sorry. I’m afraid he won’t give it to you. Come in and get it yourself. He can’t take down both of us.” I watched him open the cell and I whipped out my dagger and pointed it at Tydoken’s neck. The servant gasped at first, but now laughed.

“Come get it!” I said. “I can’t hold him any longer!” The servant came closer and closer. I threw the dagger at his stomach and pulled the very surprised, and sweaty, Tydoken out the cell. I really can’t believe the servant was stupid enough to fall for the trick.

“Guards!” the servant choked out. “Guards!” Tydoken grabbed my hand and pulled me to the left and the footsteps got heavier and closer. Suddenly Tydoken stopped.

“What?” I gasped. He gave me a shove and started to run back towards the cell.

“Tydoken!” I yelled, grabbing him and pulling him away and out the prison just as the guards burst in.

“The diruskie!” He gasped. “He has the diruskie!” Tydoken ran back in and I had no choice but to follow him. We were surrounded by guards.

“I see you want to die, you ass.” I muttered under my breath. My hand rested on my dagger. Time to show Tydoken my true power. Not, the time I was drugged holding that heavy sword. I placed my hand on his dagger too. He didn’t notice. I started to hum. One-two-three-four-one-two-three-four-one-two-three-four-one-two-three-four. Introduction of song was over. I whipped out the two daggers, one in my belt, and the other in Tydoken’s belt. Still humming, I moved my body to the beat. Before the guards could react, I sliced two of them in the neck and they fell dead on the ground. Without missing a beat, I drew the two swords from the fallen body and threw them to Tydoken. He fumbled with them for a few seconds, surprised, then, he had a firm grip on both swords just as I sliced another’s neck and just as the guards drew out their swords. 8 guards left. I hummed, dancing out of reach and ran towards the wall. I ran up and pushed off talking everyone with force. I quickly searched the bodies for any treasures while Tydoken fought off the last guard. I had my pockets filled with some gold and gems. Even paper that might contain important messages on them. I heard the sword being thrust my way and tilted my head. Enough fun. I whipped back and stuck the sword through the last guard. I searched him pockets and dragged a very shocked/surprised Tydoken out of the prison. We ran up the stairs out into the castle grounds. I picked up a bucket of water on the way. When the guards tried to chase us, I threw down the bucket and water splashed on the marble floor. The armor made the guard yell and slip. We ran out of the door, ran to our house, and ran under the trapdoor once again.

“Deybuke!” Tydoken managed to gasp. “What the hell!” I glared at him, my mouth opening in surprise.

“Who was your master before!?” Tydoken said. “How…?”

“Eat. We’re all hungry. Drink too.” I took a big gulp out of the water bottle and handed him some food. He took it.

“What is it?” Tydoken asked. “It tastes familiar… No… You didn’t…!”

“I did…” I nodded, giving him a hug. “After you, I did not have any more masters. I’m going on my own adventure. I don’t need you anymore. You’ve taught me a lot these months. I promise, I will always be there for you because you saved my life, but, we are now enemies.”

“Deybuke…” He choked out as I cradled him.

“Also known as The Mist of Darkness, Black Light, Silverbells of Doom, Golden Explosive and many more…” I whispered in his ear. He looked at me, mouth opened slightly in shock.

“You….” Tydoken groaned.

He was fighting the drug. I leaned over and brushed my mouth on his cheek. He let out a sigh, and fell into a deep sleep. I placed him on the ground and took off my necklace and placed it in his hand. Then I searched for the memetta and the Shrougen. I already did my research. The diruskie and everything else wasn’t here. I got up to my feet reached into my pocket. I pulled out a tiny silver ball, something I got from my mother. I opened the silver ball and pulled out my outfit. A tight but comfortable legging that shone with sparks of silver and gold. A top of the same style. My shoes were the kind that makes no noise when I’m running. A mask dark as light. I shoved my normal clothes in the ball and strung it across my neck. I cleaned two swords and placed them on my belt. A dagger, a rope, some perfume, two ninja stars and a box of matches were hidden inside my suit. I left Tydoken with one dagger. I got out from the trapdoor and fetched a sword from a fallen solider and threw it to Tydoken, just in case they clear the bodies and weapons before he wakes up. I’m not a heartless person. I sprayed on the chocolate rose perfume. Here’s one fact about me: people don’t know wither I’m there to help them, or destroy them. I ran towards the moat. I was aware of guards by the moat. To make an epic entrance, I ran up some rubble and jumped down. My sleek black hair blew back in the wind as the sunlight illuminated my figure. I landed with one hand on my hip, one hand on the sword, right in front of the guards, but a few meters away. They gasped, not knowing what to do, for they did not know if I was there to help them, or attack them. We stared at each other for a long stony silence.

“Move.” I commanded. They moved without complaint.

“Why is it that you’re guarding here?” I asked. Silence. I was standing right in front of the moat, half the guards on my left side, half of them on my right. I flicked my eyes left and right.

“Answer!” I boomed, impatient. I recognized some of the guards.

“Brilo!” I said, without moving my body, only my eyes. “You. Tell me.” The guard gasped.

“Your… your… your…” He stuttered and I wanted to laugh. He didn’t know what to call me and I wasn’t going to offer it either. “We… we were sent to make sure nobody leaves or enters.”

“And why is that?” I shot out.

“It is because… it is…” Brilo stammered.

“I don’t have all day!” I yelled. “Just… just put down the bridge!”


“Don’t ‘but’ me.” I said, turning 180o to face all of them. “Put the bridge down right now!”

“Why don’t you fly over it, like you did when you came here?” a voice piped up.

“Are you questioning me?” I asked. “Do what I say! Unless you want to find your bodies among these ones.”

“I bet you can’t fight all of~” the same voice said.


“I can sense that you’re new here. Step out.” No one did. I swooped down and grabbed a sword from the nearest solider and threw it in my other direction. I heard the splash as the guard died and fell into the moat.

“Wow…” the voice said.

“Now who does the voice belong to?” I snapped, letting the bridge down myself.

“Me.” A teenage boy, no bigger than me, stepped out. “Will… will you teach me how you did that?” A few guards gasped. Before another breath could be taken, I reached over and grabbed him and dragged him over the bridge. Then I destroyed the bridge and dragged the boy off.


The boy dropped down beside the river, panting. I slapped him.

“You didn’t even run.” I confronted him.

“How would you like to be dragged around a few miles?!” the boy said. “How do you do that, anyways?”

“Where are you from boy?” I asked, ignoring him.

“Grudori.” He offered. “I’m not sure.”

“Oh so you’re stupid as well as weak.” I said and started to walk away.

“Hey!” Grudori yelled. “Hey! Don’t leave! You dragged me here!”

“So?” I replied, without turning around.

“So?!” Grudori announced in disbelief. “Are you heartless?!” I whipped around and grabbed him by the collar. I sighed and looked away, my mouth in a sneer.

“Tell you what.” I spoke up, finally. I sighed. “I’ll keep you. You can be my look out person. In the night if you hear/see anything strange, just wake me up.”

“Ok!” Grudori cried eagerly.

“How old are you anyways?” I asked.

“17.” He replied. “Y~”

“Don’t be surprised if you feel a dagger on your neck when you wake me up. Do. Not. Scream. Ok?” I said. Then I answered for him. “Ok.” I looked around and yanked him to his feet and nodded my head towards the left of me. We took off in that direction, walking. After a few more kilometers, I found a nice spot. A pretty big tree, looks comfortable. I jumped up and climbed the tree and motioned for the boy to follow me. He shook his head.

“I can’t climb.” He said. I shook my head. Tying the rope onto the tree, I swung it down for him. After the rope was safety stored in my pocket I snuck a peak at Grudori. He was ohh-ing and ahh-ing at the sight surrounding us. He sure didn’t look like a spy.

“So.” I said, calmly. “Ever heard of The Mist of Darkness?” He shook his head.

“Uh.” I tried again. “Silverbells of Doom? Black Light?”

“Yes! The Black Light!” Grudori squeaked.

“What have you heard about this Black Light?” I asked him.

“Only that she’s the most powerful person on the planet! She can do almost everything! You kind of remind me of her.” He looked away. “It’s fine. We don’t have to worry. She’s dead.”

“She is?” I raised my eyebrows, hiding a smile, interested.

“Yes.” Grudori said. “It was said that she died in a fight. There was also something that said she got poisoned. There are many rumors. The one that I like best is the one that says she’s still alive. My dream is to meet her someday!”

“Do you even know what she looks like?” I questioned.

“Well… no one told me… but I imagined it like this…” Grudori said. “A beautiful woman

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