Colours (1992)

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I wrote this poem when I was starting out a number of years ago- it was to highlight my personal distaste of racial intolerance in the world. I am not out to bash anyone or to hamper anyones beliefs, just meerely to say what i have to say through a nice verse. Comments welcome :)

Submitted: September 06, 2007

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Submitted: September 06, 2007



Think of black,

You see me,

Think of white,

You will hear me,

Think of Asian or Jew

Is it different to you?

Yellow and Brown

Are pigments of skin

Dark and rancid

Is the world we live in

Change must be made,

In actions and thoughts,

This land is prejudice,

We are all at fault.

When you might see

a "black baby" cry,

It's still a baby

Could you walk by?

If you listen closely,

To what I have to say,

You will see a division,

Between people today.

Racism lurks,

Behind every smile,

Practised by adult,

Copied by child.

Will you judge a person

Or the colour of their skin?

It's a tedious battle

That no one will win

This fight has to stop

I am sure you all know

Leave colours where they belong

In the peaceful rainbow.

Mikey McCormack- Written in 1992

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