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The story of how I met a man, named James.

Submitted: May 04, 2014

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Submitted: May 04, 2014



Believe me or not, this is all real. This all happened. Read on to find out how I met a man named James. 

It was like any other night. It was dark only lit by my closet light which I stared into. I remembered it was a sunday night where I felt as if I would never fall asleep. Something was different about that night, and I knew it. It was only until a few moments later until I fell into a deep slumber...

I was in a party. I saw the room to be filled with lots of men, most of them holding red solo cups which had alchohol in them. I looked around and saw a few other women, but not many. Most of them men there were from age 16 to 25, this was no place for me. I felt as if I was the center of attention and found a small bathroom and hid in there for a few moments. I looked up into the mirror and saw myself dressed in a shiny red jacket and shiny black pants. I also had matching heels at least 3 inches tall and I had straightened my wavy blonde hair. This was definitly me, but something was different. It took me a few moments until I realized I looked older. Maybe 16 to 18 years of age. My image shocked me and I soon thought I should remove myself from the bathroom before some drunk stumbled in.

I burst out of the bathroom and sat in a corner where a chair resided. I looked around for someone I knew, but I found no one. I sat in the corner for several more minutes, every few seconds a man would try to get me to go home with him, or do something ridiculous. I ushered them all away and rejected them. What was I doing at this party? I looked around for a door, but the room was closed off, there was no entry, and no escape. I kept looking around until I saw a man by a staircase that I didnt even notice the entire time. Something drew my attention towards the man and I stood up from the chair and followed him into the staircase.

I couldnt see the mans face because he had his head down, but he was dressed in red sweats and he had a matching red cap with a flat bill that rested on his head. He looked up and I then saw his face. His hair color I cannot remember. I truly to be honest, could not identify the full look of the mans eyes because the color was some sort of strange mixture of blue, green, and gray. He smiled and said "hello." I smiled and sat on the stair and he soon joined me and sat down. All of a sudden I could feel myself waking the man grabbed me and said "My name is James C-" I couldnt fully understand his last name because I could feel myself waking up. " Dont ever forget my name." He then let go of me and I awoke to the buzzing of my alarm clock.

The experiance was very strange and I never forgot it. Right after I awoke I grabbed a peice of paper and wrote down the name "Jamess" and tried to discover a possibility of last names that started with C, but I couldnt remember the last name. I didnt know what I was to do with the info, but I kept it safe. The only person I told was one of my best friends Elliana. We both are puzzled by this experiance...

It was about 4 months ago when I next met James again. I was in a strange building. I was looking down about 100 feet from a ledge. I was staring into an arcade like place were children ran, but I saw no parents. I looked away from the ledge and saw a group of 3 or 4 boys. I myself wore a pair of short shorts and a black shirt which had lettering on the front, but just like all my dreams the apperiance was very difficult to remember. The boys all wore jean jackets, possiblly from a rich school were you had to wear uniforms. They all were the same except one of them wore a red hat. This is when I realized it was James. James noticed me in shock staring and tried to come and talk to me, but I ran away in horror.

My dream continued until I found myself in a Walmart like place. I was just shopping until I realized that one of James friends, and James was following me. I started to walk away, faster and faster, but James started to run and caught me. He whipped around and I started to cry. "What the hell do you want from me?" I asked. James' friend left us for privacy. "I want you to look into my eyes and see me!" James cried. "Please, please dont forget me." He begged. I cried for someone. "What do you want?" I asked again. I could feel myself waking. He grabbed me again. "Please." He cried. "Dont forget me." I awoke thinking of him. "I wont." I said. "I wont..."

I told Elliana of my next encounter and she found it puzzling. We both didnt know what this meant. But we kept our eyes open for more clues. My last encounter was several months after that.

I was at my moms house. There was some kind of party going on. I was dressed in a blue lace dress and soon James came up to me and said "I picked it myself." Instead of running away or staring in horror I felt happy though. I noticed that James was dressed in a blue plaid shirt and blue tie matching my dress, he was wearing his red hat too. He never seemed to take that hat off. My dream continued on and I soon realized that apperently me and James were dating! Eventually I looked into his blue eyes and he kissed me. I had never kissed anyone at the time and to me, that was my first kiss, it felt so real. We walked into my living room when I felt myself awake. "Dont forget me" he said again. "Never" I replied. He kissed me goodbye and I woke up. That was my last encounter.

So now what? I had these strange dreams about a man, but I didnt know where to find James. I looked everywhere, and continued on with school, trying my hardest to find this guy. I didnt know anyone named James, except for my friends boyfriend. But they were dating. We were friends, but nothing more. I talked to him briefly throughout the school day, but nothing really more than that.

One day came where my friend collapsed in front of me with tears. I didnt know honestly what was happening. When I finally picked her up off her feet she told me that her boyfriend, James, was leaving the school and moving a few towns away, and they had to break up due to not being able to keep a long distance relationship. I felt sorry for my friend, this was her boyfriend. Not to mention, the only James I knew. This apperently just, wasnt my James...

James left the school and my friend moved on, though to this day she hasnt had a boyfriend since. I still chatted with James on Facebook and we kept in touch because, well there might be a chance he was my James, plus he was a good friend. My friend didnt honestly understand why we kept in touch, but he ignored her and continued talking.

After a while from when James departed from the school we stopped talking because I had to delete my Facebook due to family complications. It had been almost a year since I had talked to him. When I made a Facebook again eventually I found myself in a group conversation with him, me, and a friend of his, which eventually became my friend. It was a role playing group (im sorry, im a nerd, get over it) and after only a short amount of time our characters... kissed... and fell in love. And I envied my character for being in a relationship with this guy. I fell in love with James's character because it was the closest I could ever get to him...

Then one day, I gathered up the courage and I told him. I told him that I loved him. And he loved me too... And I soon took notice, that I was never in love with his character in that group conversation, I was in love with him. I was in love with James, and when he told me that he loved me too, I knew that I had finally found my James...

Savannah and James have been in a happy, loving, relationship since 2/07/15...

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